so India is having one of its biggest
sale right now it is kind of like Black Friday except for the fact that it’s
neither black or it happens on a Friday here are some of the flagships which are
at a pretty sweet deal during the sale and worth checking out hey everyone mukul this the
first phone which I am looking at right now is the iPhone XR which comes at a
great price right now at at around approximately 40,000 rupees which after
card discounts would be for thirty-eight thousand rupees when it comes to camera
performance it is basically the iPhone 11 without the night side and a
marginally lesser front camera quality but the value is beyond any debate right
now so with the SBI card on Amazon India you can buy it for thirty eight thousand
rupees which which is actually the price which you would get if you were buying
the same phone in the US right now and it really happens that iPhone which is
in the u.s. right now comes at a similar price in India so this is a pretty sweet
deal and something which shouldn’t go amiss at all and because of this fact
you won’t have to ask your NRI uncle to bring an iPhone next time he’s coming
back from the states the other phone which is at a great price right now is
oneplus 7. it comes at 30,000 rupees and after all the card discounts you can
get it at 28,000 rupees go for this one if you’re an Android phone lover and are
on a tight budget the cameras perform almost as good as the latest Oneplus 7T and if I
talk about the 7T overall the pricing of the 7T specially in India is really good
considering the fact that it is around 38 thousand rupees right not and after
the SBI car discounted it would cost you around thirty six thousand rupees which
is a very good deal when it comes to owning the latest flagship model of
oneplus with just launched it has the latest Snapdragon 855 plus processor 90
Hertz screen 3 camera set upon it this is actually one of my favorite
recommendations right now the next one on my list which I highly highly
recommend buying right now is the Asus 5z it costs around 25000 rupees generally
and it is last gen esos flagship model and after all the discounts all the car
discounts on Flipkart it will cost you fifteen thousand three hundred rupees
the camera quality at this price segment is really good the build quality is
extremely premium so you cannot miss this phone if you are on a soup
tight budget and want to own a phone which almost feels like stock Android
and has overall great set of features it is also a way better looking phone then
the poco f1 – which is my next recommendation the poco f1. it had
made a lot of noise all around the world and a lot of people loved it for its
price and it is no wonder that Xiaomi is not selling it for 15,000 rupees and
after all the discounts you would get it for thirty thousand three hundred rupees
which is the crazy deal seeing those specs on the phone and
specially due to the fact that after putting Gcam on the phone the still
picture quality of the phone is so good it actually beat up and compared against
a lot of flagship phones from the last year so really worthy investment if you
are looking to own that phone do my next recommendation is also from Xiaomi which
is the Redmi k20 pro a lot of people cursed this new scheme and pricing and offers
which are recently coming on Flipkart I think the office will go live around 8
p.m. those who really bought the phone at there at its full price are no
cursings ami due to the fact that now they are suddenly ready to give 4000
rupees off on the phone and after the car discounts the phone would even be
more cheaper so we are seeing around the price range of 23 to 24 thousand rupees
for the 6 GB 128 GB variant it’s actually pretty new it just came out and
it also has no notch on it no name is also a great offer right now and the
pricing is really good considering how much you get from the phone 43 thousand
-2000 after card discounts owning a note 9 at 41,000 rupees is a sweet deal the
stylus in all the features and the 3.5 mm jack on the phone and also all the
recent upgrades camera updates on the phone for example the Nightside makes
the phone even a better investment I have been using the phone for the past 1
year I have been I’ve been really happy with the phone so far and it’s a big
deal saying that because even after one year of usage I’m still living a Samsung
device and I’m also making a video on it so do subscribe to know more if the
Samsung flagships now lag like how the older Samsung’s flagship so used to lag
after a few months or any rough usage another great deal Samsung is coming up
with on flip card as the samsung s9 plus model which is coming ad
price of 35,000 rupees if you want the best video recording cameras you either
go with the Samsung or an iPhone and owning the s9 + at 35,000 rupees – mm
more if you own the if you have the card is a crazy crazy D here it also has a
Jack I suppose which is a boon for many people like me I still love the Jack I
would still avoid a phone a flagship phone which doesn’t have a jack also
there is no notes on the phone like how it is not there on the note 9 the
battery of the s9 and the note 9 series was way better than the s8 and note 8
series so it’s kind of a future-proof investment when it comes to owning a s 9
plus or in note 9 right now my next recommendation is the pixel 3a which is
going to cost around 30,000 rupees – mm more if you own it own the card and I
personally have always felt that this phone should have been priced at exact
same price when it launched in India and due to the fact that it was ten thousand
rupees more against the price which it came up with in countries like us it was
really insane for Google to think that the phone will get a lot of sales yes
just because it was cheaper than the pixel 3 it did get some sales but not
much it was not being competitive at all in terms of sales in a country like
India especially with that pricing so this pricing is a great pricing if
you’ve always wanted those pixel camera setups in your pocket and after the
discounts it will be for 28 thousand rupees which is another great deal and
my next phone recommendation is the pixel 3 versus all again a pixel phone
the camera setups and everything are superb on it and I think owning a phone
like that isn’t going to harm your pockets now especially after all this
all the deals I think the offer price is going to be
around 42 or 43 thousand for the pixel 3- 2000 if you own the card so
pretty good deal on the pixel 3 the the Google flagship so just before the pixel
4 comes out this is a pretty sweet deal we all know that a pixel 4 wouldn’t cost
less than 60 55 thousand or 70 thousand rupees for the pixel for 4xl I suppose
so pretty sweet deal if you want the best camera setups on the own in your
pocket on the pocket another phone which not many would have heard of is the LG lg v40 thinq LG sadly is not gaining much popularity but that doesn’t change
the fact that it really makes good phones I have used as G phones in the
past and their UI and everything is extremely light and it provides you a
smooth and lag free experience on the phone
it comes with last gen snapdragon flagship model 3 camera setup and a
sweet 3.5 mm jack on it this one will cost you 28,000 if you have the card
discount and it is a great deal to not miss at all so now some of you might be
wondering which phone would I be getting and actually I’m not buying any of these
phones the iPhone 10 R did entice me but I didn’t feel that replacing my note 9
with the knife antenna is going to be a huge upgrade or anything I thought to
get the phone because it is at a great price and for making more video content
on iOS on iPhone it would be a good investment but right now I need a better
camera before I should invest on a phone so so if this video helped you do
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you liked my hand on finding the best flagship model during this sale a lot of
people buzz me and we were discussing a lot of phones so I thought
violet this knowledge go waste it could be of help to many of you up there so I
made this video I hope you liked the video and if you didn’t like the video
you can tell me you didn’t like the video and I will still thank you for
commenting I guess the video is definitely short but if it is crisp or
not only you can tell that or a good quality airtight packaging would tell
that. what. that’s all for today. MuBot out. Where’s my thumb.