Hi guys, it’s Kelsey in Kendra So today we’re going to be doing our best of beauty 20:19 and most of you guys already know what this is But if you’re new to our channel, and you didn’t watch our yearly favorites last year It’s pretty much just our most used products of that year and last year. We did top 18 products of 2018 so this year we did 19 products of 2019, but I can’t remember if we did 18 products of peace or together I don’t remember because the video was long anyway Regardless yea though. I don’t really remember if we did total or separate Yeah, but yeah, it’s together together 19 products in total So yeah, we’re not gonna ramble too much because these yearly favorites can go extremely long I think the one last year was like an hour. So we’re just gonna go ahead and hop right into it You can pause it right quick. If you need to go get a snack something to eat. We’re gonna be here for a minute Okay We’re just gonna start with makeup and I’m gonna talk about my favorite foundation of 2019 and sight No I do not have a primer because I realized that primers are a complete waste of my time and I just prefer to use moisturizer. I feel like I get more oily with primers I used to like them but I feel like the older I got I don’t really enjoy Primers on my face so they don’t work like the extra step and I just don’t feel like I need it Honestly, I feel like they don’t work like they used to on my skin I mean either like I’ll put one on just to be safe Yeah, but and I’ve heard some makeup artists say that they don’t even believe in primer. That’s the label to makeup artists I’ve heard say this so I kind of agree at this point. So no it’s a primer for me. So foundation I’ve been loving the Estee Lauder Double Wear. I picked this up throughout the entire year It was my go-to in the summertime and if super full coverage is great for oily skin Is good If you have dry skin to just make sure you apply, you know extra moisturizer so you can hear like that nice barrier But I love love this one. I’m in the color 71 7w1 deep spice and it’s been my go-to lately. You only need a very small amount You can obviously apply a thin layer like over top of each other to be like an extra for full coverage depending on how long you’re gonna be wearing your makeup, but this was a bomb on vacation because you know, You don’t want your makeup to melt off. I’m not about that dewy foundation life or big little life This is it. You have that naturally. So I also have a foundation as well This is the only one that I have and y’all already know what it is. It’s the cover if it’s power-play Foundation y’all know I used this out this is excellent my third bottle of this foundation and I never go through a foundation that passed so that yes so that I already tell y’all How much I love this foundation this is the clean on sephora like it’s a four-link beauty Yeah, clean Beauty, so it’s really good If you have sensitive skin on the packaging is plastic, so it’s bomb for travel and I did travel with it a lot It’s not glass So sometimes it can be kind of tricky to travel with certain things as a blast because it makes your bag heavier So that’s probably one of the most annoying things about me wanting to bring my higher-end foundations They’re all in glass packaging like my Lancome foundation Dior is all glass Even though their bon foundations by I guess I was still safe for with got a little plastic container So this one is bomb is great for all skin types. I have oily skin and I love it It’s really lightweight easy to blend I’m in the color in 100 But I also use G 100 sometimes or I mix the two so I just loved it so much as bomb at first I wasn’t into like the little squeeze like bottle cuz I’m used to a pump. I’m just used to a pump I prefer that but after I got used to it, it was like no big deal. So Obsessed with this foundation one of my faves of all time from now on so for concealer I was living the k’kaw concealer. These are called her were these called? The name specifically isn’t on here. But this is the number 14. I think you just Doesn’t know anyone’s healer. No, that’s not it it’s camp concealers, but The name will be in the description box that exact name, but these are amazing Nothing compares to this formula in my opinion. I have used so many concealers over the years and I feel like I Found one that I kept going back to like this one. That’s really comfortable and missed the perfect color Usually if I find one that’s a good color formula Isn’t that great and then if I find a good formula the colors like way too too light and it’s just not you know it doesn’t balance out with my foundation well, but this one does both of those things and I’m obsessed with the fact that this has anti-aging properties in it so you can use it even when your alter because I know some makeup like settles into fine lines especially concealer under the eyes But this doesn’t do that and I’m just grateful they can’t make this because I’m so picky when it come to concealer that I just Pick up anything and just try to make it work But this is a must for me when I’m traveling isn’t gonna be taking pictures or you know Anything that has to do with a camera. This is nice It’s very thin the texture but it has a really nice like satin finish. It’s not dewy and it’s not super matte It’s like right there in the middle and it fits nicely with powder so I highly highly recommend The k’kaw beauty concealer and she has an array of shades. So many one for everybody So highly recommend so speaking up concealers. This is also about cover effects. This is their power play concealer So it’s the matching like it’s just from the same line. It’s the foundation. It’s just as good as the foundation I probably like the concealer even more I think Because I think I started using the concealers first before the foundation and I became obsessed with these first and that’s what made me want To try the foundation. So I love these I use about two to three different shades. It just depends on how I feel This is gd2, and I thank you Gd1, as well. Yeah, I think so. I mixed the two sometimes so I love these I’m obsessed with the formulation It’s very creamy very light easy to build up great for everyday or a night out So it’s just a really versatile concealer that you can do so much with You can use it by itself with the powder. You don’t have to use it with foundation either It’s just really easy to blend and I’m obsessed with the applicator It’s not a doe foot it gets fatter at the tip So it covers a lot like under your eyes, which I really like as well. So it’s just a balm concealer So if you haven’t tried this already because I’ve talked about it so much this year Then you might want to go ahead and do that. Okay, so moving on to lip products I want it to mention the only lip liners that I kept picking up over and over the most and it was the K’kaw beauty lip pencils. I’ve been obsessed with these the entire year 2019. I have two shades here I have new three which is the chocolate brown You guys know I can’t go anywhere without a chocolate brown lip pencil. You can put anything needs to be sharpened It’s very dull right now cuz I use it a lot I brought out my longer one because I have one that’s like this like a little nut But y’all would’ve been able to see it on camera, but I’m obsessed. I love how creamy it is It doesn’t feel like I’m like tugging on my lips like the matte one I’m obsessed with matte chestnut, but the formula is a little bit more drying, but it does last a long time But it’s just not very comfortable when you’re applying it on your lips. Yeah, that’s true like this one. This is very creamy very similar to the Kylie cosmetics one But I prefer This one for some reason because I kind of cosmetics when I was breaking on me and Kemp’s don’t fall out. Love them Yeah, I feel like any sharp in this one is like it’s more consistent I actually apply this with any lip combo that I’m doing This is the foundation for anything that I’m going to use whether it’s lip the lipstick Red lip nude lip anything this is going on first And the other one that I was loving was peach for actually have the lipstick to match this It’s just a gorgeous like terracotta peachy color is like the perfect nude like peach for a darker skin tone So I highly recommend peach for if you’re looking for like the perfect length terracotta peach look, you know like that color That’s hard to get if you see on someone’s lips. It looks like their lips but better kind of color Yeah, it’s very specific like that peach tone. This is if you cannot find it, so I love Kim lip pencils I actually use these with just blossom on top I don’t even use liquid lipsticks a lot of time with these because they’re so pigmented. So this is just perfect You’re tossing your purse with a clear gloss and you got a couple lip combo and glosses of 2019 I had to go with the Pat McGraw plans because these are phenomenal they’re very pricey But so worth every penny they are these are bomb in formula and colors like B They’re not sticky not sticky like these are in one quality lip glosses. So I have two here to talk about So the first one that I tried I got most of these are Sephora so actually throughout the year 2019 I think I got one at the summer one and another one at during the fall sale But the first one that I love is flesh six Which is this one and it’s like my favorite kind of gloss color like that Nice rich terracotta brown undertone kind of gloss. I’m obsessed with this You don’t need liquid lipstick with this because this is the color like you don’t need it. It’s not sheared They’re very opaque They kind of remind me of the Anastasio Beverly Hills lip glosses But I just prefer this formula and I also love the smell because they smell like vanilla cupcakes I’m so obsessed with how they smell they’re very like smooth and creamy like y’all so say they’re my sticky No, it was still like silk on the lips like very silky. Yeah, so love flesh six Yeah, that’s that one. And then this one COC actually introduced me to and I was obsessed Yeah, ever since actually I like it on your lips and then I was like I need it. So this is bronze temptation this is a like Iridescent gloves. This has like very fine gold glitters in it but it makes your lips look more plump and it’s amazing underneath those lip liners that I just mentioned a Bomb lip combo if you guys are looking for one because I felt like Chelsea Maggie Expo a lot about our Luke crumbles Especially when I’m wearing a gloss I get asked a lot This was it a lot of the times when you guys asked me last year I feel so we were saying last year because last year was two days ago but Pat McGrath labs the glasses Or bomber they are so I’m not gonna mention any lip products because when I think about it the lip products that I kept picking up the most I Already mentioned years ago So we’ll be repetitive. Yeah thing wrong with it lets me know you let them in the consistent product This is very true when it comes to my lips I’m just a creature of habit, especially when you’ve got a good combo You just want to stick with it cuz you always know I’d even take pictures of my combos cuz I don’t forget. I’m bloody But will you find a good lip combo? You don’t want to like mess it up? You just stick with that cuz you know, it’s gonna always turn out the same Yeah, so that’s why I’m just a creature ahead a little products Even though I do try a lot of good stuff for my lips, you know when you makeup Wow, I wasn’t yeah, I just kept going back to what I already knew So yeah, but something that did well me was this fancy Beauty bronzer I know y’all have been seeing these everywhere all over YouTube and for darn good reason Because they’re amazing and this color is in mocha. Mommy. I also have the other coast other color Cocoa cocoa naughty. I like that color, too But I like this one more because it’s like richer on my skin and where they’re in its great to control with as well if you want a contour because it is darker than that one, but You know warm enough switches Bronx with yeah, you can do both with it contour and bronze with it So it’s just like really versatile. It doesn’t have any like shimmers in it, which I like I don’t really like a whole lot of shimmer in my bronzer I love Mykel on terra cotta bronzer but that has a little bit like if you look at plus it has a little bit of shimmer and it’s more like Moisturizing it kind of leaves you a little oily a little bit It has some moisturizing factors in it that I don’t really like but that’s still one of my all-time favorite bronzers But this one is met so this is great If you have oily skin and you hates like bronzers that like make you look like, thank you I hate for all those that are highlighters. Like what is this? What am I using? Is that a bronze and how I don’t like that? I just want a bronzer match straight to the point That’s what this is pretty much. So we’re gonna be other thing with these they’re amazing. I’m obsessed MOCA mommy it’s where it’s at. And then my last makeup product that I use the crap out of in 2019 Is this whatever palette by color pop I mentioned this in a favorites, of course this year last year and It’s amazing It just has so many bomb colors in it that I’m obsessed with it Like a ton of neutrals a ton of peachy tones red undertones. That’s like burgundy – yeah, I like the burger. Me too I just feel like this appellate bitch You don’t have to do a lot of thinking when it comes to doing the looks with some palettes I’m like, okay, I don’t know where to start but this one is just like a go-to for me, I guess because I’m Ram It’s a no-brainer. Thank you because I’m used to using colors like this. I love peachy tones I love like a couple of pretty shimmers in there cuz you know, I love a good shimmer eye But yeah, it’s just an all around the palette super pigmented doesn’t have a lot of fall out I wish this palette had a mirror though for tribal purposes. But other than that, it’s amazing. I’m obsessed Love this palette. Okay, so moving on to the hair product We do have quite a few hair products because it wouldn’t be you know a glam twins best of beauty without a handful of hair products but keep in mind these are mostly curly hair products because kills I Don’t really switch up our straight hair products that often except shampoo and conditioner. You’ve been using the same straight hair products for years Yeah, I change it up shampoo and conditioner every now and then that’s it though, but the styling products they stay the same I’m constantly going back to the same stuff So but curly on the other hand dabbled and tried out a lot of things that eventually Kelsey Kelsey Very, you know adventurous when it comes to trying things with her curls me on the other hand I’m not gonna like I find something I like then that’s it. I’m sticking with it because I’m not doing watching the belly every two days. So like I was okay It’s just too much. So I’ll have two hair products to mention. Kelsey has more like four So we’re just starting so I’m going to start with my favorite gel of 2019 in there What’s the Camille Rose curl maker? You guys saw me talk about this all summer every curly hair video almost talking about jails. I talked about this I did have a like top 5 gels like I think I talked about my top 5 gels and this was definitely in that top 5, so Highly recommend this if you’re looking for a very consistent Jill for your hair, that doesn’t make it dry. That doesn’t flake something. That’s still Moisturizing something that smells nice. This is just it checks off all the boxes for me It’s felt price because this is not cheap. It’s like 18 dollars, maybe 21 depending on where you go, but it lasts a good bit This is 12 ounces and it has a nice pump. You can get it pretty much any drug store I always get mine at Target or you can order it online, but I’m obsessed with this product and Soviet It has marshmallow and agave leaf extract and it says if you’re finding jelly Enriched with smoothing marshmallow and agave extracts. This is a bomb I feel like my hair turns out the same every time I use it and I get compliments on this time I use it including Cal State. Yeah, I noticed the difference when you use it it all stops We’re just my curls so long guys It makes two it elongates them a lot the way the world began to some of my other Jill’s uh-huh Kind of like a texture to me kind of reminds me of the kinky curly curling custard. Yeah Let’s crunchy after yeah, it dried softer. Yeah, and the kinky curly. Yeah, so this I love this is my baby So I was obsessed all 2019 with this product. Okay So what since we’re on the subject of gels I have to to mention. The first I’m going to mention is by unjacketed This is their flex eat don’t shrimp flaxseed elongating curling. Gel. I love this gel I’ve gone through so many jars with this stuff I like it because I can find it at t.j.maxx and not having to pay full price Even though the full price is still not that bad. You know, I like the smell in a weird way not weird Okay. I thought I was weird for like four years. Now. It’s very clean because most girls are like kind of sweet Fruity, but this just smells very clean, which I really like fresh and I like this It’s a little because of course, it doesn’t leave any flakes Tanks and a flaky jail. That’s like a fluffy jail. Yes. This doesn’t leave your hair as it leaves It it leaves it defined but it leaves you with like like softer more like bouncy touchable curls. I prefer like the Tousled that’s yeah, you’re not just running out of bed curls because I look what day it is for me Yeah, but am I how wet right not also excuse that but that’s what I like about this You know, it just gives you nice definition, but it still gives you like the satisfaction of like looking effortless, you know Because I see like in the curler community is either the effortless like we don’t care We have friends and you like that peace breathing I don’t mind some fries, but I’d love like the majority of my head Now you like I like most most the uniform like that. I could get crazy in the slightest She doing it over and something that’s very important to that I noticed about this deal that I really like is that it has wheat protein in it Which is great for strengthening the hair shaft so you Struggle with like a lot of breakage and you’re trying to retain length this how you’re going to see the lengths people be is also Good to have heard good things. Yeah. Oh, yeah, it is good, but it has both in it So that’s like double like protection for your hair. It’s like seed and the wheat protein is a little good for your hair So not only is this like really nice styling product, but it’s also good for your hair So I love this, you know is born the next gel is Drugstore friendly in your pockets friendly and I did a video on all of these curl treats by Garnier But this in particular is their jelly shaping styler. So this is their gel and I’ve gone through like maybe four of these. This is the French jar. And for the longest time. I could not find it anywhere I feel like every target I have another they had the smooth movie But the jelly I cannot find anywhere and it was so annoying first one I use they send me in a package and I want to go get more I couldn’t find it anywhere But when I finally got my hands on it again, I remember how obsessed I was the first time I tried it and I remember the first time I shocked at how you tried it my hair turned out so bomb Yeah, I had like a 5 day like washing girl like my hair left it for like five straight days. No surprise it Shut up then never had this for me because like Y’all know it’s like when you like the effortless looks you have to do your hair more more often So it doesn’t last as long but with this my hair left is so long. My curls was still super bouncy and defined that I had this in my hair when went to the Millennium Tour concert and My cross still look bomb. This works. Great with a diamond brush if you like do my little trick So this is really really appeared with the dimmer brush to get your curls nice and bouncy Athenians Sometimes I want to go for that look sometimes I don’t but this is really good with the Denman brush and it’s super inexpensive Garnier is like in like Old Faithful like I love moving that stuff for years. Like I used it on my straight hair you stood on my curls the brand not this a Bit like Darby is just all-around. Really good brand Hanna. I feel like they’ve been consistent for a long time for us Okay so I’m going to go ahead and briefly mention my last hair product cuz Chelsea has a couple more to talk about and It is a hair oil that has saved my hair for the entire year Like I’m so glad I found this so I was browsing on Amazon Like I always am but I don’t need to be and I came across this hair oil This is from the brand America naturals. And this is their olive enriched hair oil. I also love the cactus oil This does have cactus in it. It has almond and cactus in it. It says to nourish and protect so this branch I think it’s like This dedica brand is like a Indian hair oil read I’m not exactly sure about I remember it was like in that category This product has made my hair stronger like it’s shinier. I’m obsessed with how tan it is It’s not like a super thick Sticky oil because even though olive oil is in here because y’all know actual olive oil is a lot heavier But this is not super heavy. So I love this product I usually put it on my ends at night and just put it up in like a loose satin scrunchie and My hair always turns out nice and soft and moisturized to next day and I felt like this maintains the health of my hair I’m a true believer in caring for your hair every night Like some people don’t really like take care of their hair like it They only like pay attention to it when they’re going somewhere But I still like to like make sure my hands are moisturized Even if I’m just like sitting around the house not doing anything If I feel like I need to apply like a little bit of oil in my hands I will and this does not win your hair down it doesn’t really have a smell it’s kind of like a faint smells kind of like an old-school oil smell honestly, but it’s not very Potent not loud at all and the cactus lends a lighter like lime green, but this is the olive one It’s a lot richer and darker in color Let they both work the same to me But I just figured I mentioned this to you guys because I don’t even think I’ve mentioned in any videos and I’ve been using it the entire year and Its product like that. Sometimes I should use all the time But you forget to like take it out of your bathroom cabinet cuz you it’s just always there like routine. Yes, like routine But yeah Get some like take it out to talk about our videos And I just wanted to mention this to you guys and I think it was like maybe like 11 12 bucks I’m at left over a long time. This is 10.14 four ounces this I’m upset with this stuff So my next hair favorite of the year, I have not mentioned in a favors this year So like this would have been like end of year last year Sorry last year, but this probably would have been mentioned in a December favorites if we would have done one But we have in our products. So this is a more recent favorite, but it made it in 2019 just at the end This is by Shea Moisture this is their coconut custard make it last wash and go curl primer and I’ve been using this for like the past like maybe like Three months maybe and I found it in Target. I had never seen it before or even heard of it Like I don’t know why but I saw it in Target and it comes with like a gel oil I didn’t mention that in this video I like the gel all alive but the packaging’s annoying as hell but I prefer this because it’s a little bit thicker and It’s easier to work with to me but it’s the reason this is called making Lance wash and go because you’ll wash and go alas at least my doing I can’t speak for everybody, but my washing girl lasts a long time when I you Just like a full seven days. Like I’m not even playing a job like a lot of people were asking me in that video on my Instagram where I was like You know serving looks what is in your hair. What did you use that day? And it was like six day hair and it was this watch him go live from shea moisture It was this in the gel oil Now the thing about the jail oil, I do recommend using it with this I have in my hair right now But it’s drying still the gel oil is annoying because in a jar and it’s so watery I feel like I should have put it in a squeeze bottle I’m like who idea was it in the conference room to put this in a jar because they don’t make no sense like you found yourself, like I literally want the jar and I pour it in my hair but They work great together But I just decided to mention this because I like the product and the packaging so need to do somebody And then my last hair favorite of 2019. I also don’t think I mentioned in a favor I can’t remember if I did it or not, but this is a brand new bottle I was just excited when I have a brand new bottle of something You do too close am I weird for that and toothpaste but this is like my third Bottle of this. That’s the only annoying thing about these Jesse’s products. I like pretty much changes like almost the whole bottle in one Washing go sitting which is annoying. So this is the honey curls and I Saw Evan ease curly TV used this and her curls in her hair. It’s just amazing see, I don’t watch her you late on no, what you doing go watch her, but she used this and I was like Oh maybe actually give that a try cuz I had miss thing getting target a couple of times but never thought to use it because Like as far as soon as Jessie’s I just stick to my goat cheese Which is my pillow soft curls and I really like the it’s another protein Multi-cultural curls those are my like top two for machetes, but this is like look there with those for me It’s a little bit thicker than those So it’s not as slippery, but it’s weird – when I first use it I thought it was gonna look exactly like honey, like clear and sticky but it’s not very sticky. I’m nothing like bigger phantoms But it works really really nice if super moisturizing is gonna be in jail when I gave it to Kelsey Yeah, it’s not a jail. I thought that too. I was gonna be like more techy stinky like but it’s not really like that It’s like a I’m like a smooth Like butter mixed with the cream. It’s hard to describe. I can’t describe you have to like try it out and see This describes it as the best darn honey hair of jelly period but I don’t get like a jelly Blanc Sensation from this at all, but it gives your curls like really really good moisture and it defines it too So I like to use this if I just want to use one thing and be gone, so that’s the one product watching Yes, this is definitely a one product watching go you don’t have to use anything with this Oh, yeah, this is a great moisturizing and defining product mom. Okay moving on to skincare I have one product to mention and I was loving the app in clinic Cleansing gel. This is their cleansing gel for oily blemish prone skin And when I tell you I will be using this cleanser for the rest of my life. I mean it because it’s so simple it’s not super like active because active cleansers when I say active I mean like salicylic acid cleansers or Anything with like chemical exfoliation and those are good if the rest of your skincare routine is simple But you don’t want anything extra active If you have a active product within the rest of your routine, so this I decided to get the pump I think it comes in a smaller size but I really wanted to get this one because I just had a good feeling about it this brand again is Really good for skin that’s very reactive and very sensitive If you have blemished prone skin, even if you have like normal skin, it’s a great brand They are well known for this spring water. It’s like this healing water in their products That they’re known for it’s called a thermal spring water or something It’s inside every single product in the event line and I’m obsessed with this cleanser I also have the hydrating gel cleanser, but this is the first one I ever tried and I love it So I’ve been using this only on my face it does says for face and body so you can use it as a body wash is will if you have like You know since there’s skin on your body but I only use it for my face because it wasn’t like super super cheap and I feel like how it would go fast if I use it on my body also So I’m obsessed and I really love the blue color – that’s a pretty it is soap free So it doesn’t over dry your skin even though it is a gel cleanser I personally prefer to use gel cleansers over like foaming cleansers or Mostly foaming cleansers are like creamy cleansers. I like gel cleansers out of all the kinds of cleansers out there And of course, I’m a double cleanse kind of girl So I do a little bit cleansing oil or bombed but for like my actual deep cleansing step I love a gel this is hyper allergenic and non comedogenic Which means it’s not going to break you out or make your skin react in like a crazy weird way So this is like an all-around product. You need to try it if you’ve been having problems looking for a great simple cleanser This is it. Okay, so I have one skincare product to mention as well and this category was kind of hard for me to narrow down because I feel like I’ve Found some really good gems for my skin this year you can in Kara I tried a lot of stuff like when I told you I spent so much money on skincare like When your skin is like not behaving well, you will like go to the end of the earth to buy something to work So I did a lot of research. I became a skincare encyclopedia and I just I just dealt all the way into it because I thought that when Something isn’t that working for you? You have to do your research before you go just buying anything So I came across Obagi and Obagi is a medical grade skincare brand and this is very poor therapy salicylic acid acne treatment toner and This is empty. I need another one. I think derma store having a sale I need to go get some more of this this I mentioned I think I mentioned this last year as well on my skincare story on my Instagram So you guys probably already saw this if you actually saw my skincare story on my page So you have like skincare questions about things that I use often on my skin It’s the story on my page and I mentioned this already but this toner is amazing. This is 2% salicylic acid So it is kind of drying and it is kind of strong because this is medical grade This is not something you can get at the drugstore so I give mine off of germ store comm you can go on there and they have a ton of Advising products of this is my favorite. This also comes in a acne set it has a cleanser this toner and a benzoyl peroxide lotion and I use the lotion sometimes if I have like a pimple, I’ll just put it on there. I tried the cleanser with this Yeah, my skin was so dry. And I had some oily skin. Yes. It was way too much my skin literally was I was so uncomfortably dry, but This toner is amazing. I use it probably three times a week. I don’t use it every day because I am using a written oil from the dermatologist So I did start using this before I even went to the dermatologist though But I still want to keep it in my skincare routine because that’s like it does a really great job of keeping my pores Really small and keeping my oils at bay and keeping my breakouts under control as well is a chemical exfoliant So I still feel like I need some kind of chemical exfoliant in my skincare routine and I choose this as mine Because I don’t like to use this on the same days that I use my retinoid. You don’t want to be mixing too many ingredients Because your skin will not react well to that so of the days that I’m not using my retinoid I do use this so two to three times a week I’ll use this So it’s amazing this pretty much helped like clear my breakouts about 80% before even going to the dermatologist So yeah, like don’t really have good insurance or you can’t get to a dermatologist Try this and see if it helps with your acne coz it definitely helped a ton with mine So that’s simple if I don’t use a bunch of extra stuff know if you use this But make sure you use like a holler ress Center and then like a basic moisturizer Well user active moisturizer with it with this That’s too much. Like I meant salicylic acid moisturizer cuz I see a lot of those like acne Remoting like acne fixes, they’ll show like salsa acid moisturizing toner with that in it cleanser. Yes too much. Yeah That’s my that’s why I noticed when I first tried this I said I used it in the sit first I knew your ceiling and I was like, oh, this is too much So I picked one thing out of everything and I think the thing that I leave on my face and it was this toner So yeah Try it, see how it works for you. It really helped me a lot before even going to the derm. Okay? Okay, so Candle of 2019 that I cannot stop burning was the white bar Bath & Body Works candle and copper coconut. This is my last one I’m kind of sad about it But hopefully this summer they’ll have more this like smells like the weekend glass of wine You’re watching like a nice cheap wig or like one of your favorite movies with it’s like a girls night thing I don’t know. Why long it’s very girly but it’s like very summery It’s like a coconut but still has like that stop like Cologne undertone. I’m obsessed with this child Oh you guys I hate the yellow packaging though, but I love The smell it’s like very warm almost has sound like a buttery undertones. Yeah, let’s go 7 Oh butter coconut Cologne like a bergamot butter coconut. I don’t know what it is. Okay, some of my popcorn to Get weight said girls, right is it? Yes, it’s so good though. It’s my sexy popcorn Yeah, okay, sexy pop come on. We’re good day. Okay So the actual candle says it smells like raw cope and the see sausage shells and soft. Amber So actually ever smelt like the girls night So I dislike a girl like a womanly with a feminine scent and then the sea salted shells I knew I smelled a little hint that explains the popcorn so I’m going crazy and then rock open it so I was burning this like OD all summer and then even some in the You know fall, huh? I just bring out my fall comes up, but this one stood out to me I will burn this year around actually Even though it has a summer extent but it’s a nice home sent to this. Very warm makes you feel very comfortable So I highly recommend this if it comes back you better come back because I need to wreck up So this was my favorite candle. I just couldn’t get this one out of my mind So in my last favorite of 2019 is a fragrance I didn’t try out that many new perfumes in 2019 And if I did I wasn’t obsessed with it But this one stood out to me and I was not expecting it to this is the k’kaw fragrance Diamond and this is the Courtney one so the yellowing one and I thought I was gonna like Chloe’s the the most loved when I was reading the notes, but Courtney’s ended up being the best out of all of them. I was surprised him stank Chloe smell like the basic you feel not bad and it’s not amazing. He’s like right in the middle Courtney. Wow this Is like this smell so good like a bubbler. I read the note though. It has whipped vanilla in it and when I saw that, I knew I would like it if smells very sexy woman leave soft but still In your face, so you wouldn’t expect that because the packaging got cute and dainty I love the back but it still is pretty no I love the pack up, but I wish that it was flat But you can’t sit it up like this you can you help me lay it down Yeah, but other than that like this pretty much gone when I completely gone this doll. I haven’t went through mine That’s Harley nothing in here It’s like right at the bottom and I only have this for what two months became when these came out on our birthday November eighth And this pretty much almost called. That’s all I know I really liked it because I never build a perfume use the way that alive. I never got the perfumes that fat She do I don’t does she use half the bottle. That’s not true. Can you do I use? But I don’t like I never use perfume too that fast because I don’t know I just I just don’t but this one I just use so fast, and I was obsessed with the kingdom. I’ll coordinate perfume That’s millet. Well a starts or remember the same like I started to get familiar with what it smelled like That’s all you would wear. I can’t help but I can’t talk because I was losing a lot – yes It’s so good and those are pretty affordable All Kim’s perfumes are affordable compared to other perfume Compared to the other ones that I got that I admission to y’all because I know a lot when I come perfume I like bougie-ass cents But I feel like if you want it to last You know, I have to put your coin out there perfume. That’s gonna last Okay So speaking of pricy perfumes the perfume that I have to mention Of 2019 that was like the showstopper and nothing compared to it and I heard Rosie I’m a bum talk about it and we have very similar taste and perfume She has very good taste in perfume, and she will not stop talking about this make st Francis courage on Paris baccarat Rouge 540 perfume it’s live. It’s Amazing this smells like money and it’s very pricey. So a good smell like money. Do you smell expensive? So this is not cheap, but it doesn’t smell cheap this it’s very sexy has a very cologne undertone, huh? But it’s very sweet. Yeah, like juicy in a way and you Smell it for hours when I tell you I do it the next day Maybe if I got a jacket on and I walk in my closet Smell makes me Francis like it’s only When I was led and last time I wore this I think I wear this on our birthday Yeah, we work together in the dress that I wore that night. I didn’t watch it and every time I walk in this section of my closet the Projection of it’s perfect lasts a long intense And when I say projection even if you don’t like smell it on yourself anymore other people can still smell it Yeah, and like they’ll be like you smell so good I do that’s smelling right now you need I Just took the top off. So it’s very thick. Don’t be alarming you go looking at the price. Just well nice You’re a knight because it’s too late but Alice I didn’t even want to mention it because the so didn’t Rose better than me cause if I just felt like this I would not Talk about it. I feel like so many people know about this at this point because so many girls have talked about this perfume I saw Danny Perkins talk about it If you are a perfume lover than you need this in your collection your collection if you’re not at the perfume and you like real Simple don’t get it. Don’t don’t waste your money But if you are into sense and fragrance and like smelling good like me And I have an obsession with perfumes. So I put a pretty big dent in this one, but I try to use it sparingly I use it mostly not at nighttime if I want to use this in a day, I’m not gonna lie It would be a little bit over the top of the budget The smell is very like not over-the-top in like a gaudy like strong way But just you you’ll know what I’m talking about when you go in very much fragile. It’s doing too much for day I mean I would wear this in the daytime, but I’m not like rich like that. I won’t wear this on a date Yes, this is a good date set him to remember you. I’m gonna leave a scent in his car. Yes. It’s a bomb Oh so good. It’s oh, yeah Okay guys, so that wraps up our best of beauty 2019 We will link all these products in the description box for you guys to purchase or read about But we hope you enjoyed it and love you guys We are hitting it out there that 2020 is going to be the best year. Yes. Yes I think it’s gonna be a great year. Not a good year a great year. I’m all reviewing we To do a cheer we have our wine here and we want to cheers with each other But with you guys as well to varying age Obviously we want to cheers to positive energy in 2020 and success in Your career your personal life your health your health all of that in 2020. Yes, so putting it out there Yes, it’s a new decade. I cannot believe we’ve graduated two years ago 2020 is about to be lit for all of us. Yes, so you better claim it right now. Yeah and cheers Cheers Let me play too Yeah, by the way you guys are wonderful we’re drinking this is a new wine, this is not in the favorites This is sterling bit nurse collection Merlot Just like this silver packaging blow good Merlot. So that’s your smooth, too So yeah, we hope you guys enjoy this favorite and we’ll see y’all next time happy 2020