Black Friday is almost upon us – and you
know what that means? Now is the time to find the best and trending
products for this year. Stick around for ten of the best to sell in
your store ! _____ Hi everyone, here’s Andrew from Oberlo. This is the third and final video in our Black
Friday 2018 series. We have already shared our six best methods
for getting sales on Black Friday. You can pick up our tips, tricks and great
app recommendations by watching this video here. And if you would like to learn some interesting
Black Friday facts that are useful for dropshippers to know, watch this video here. Today I am going to share with you ten great
products that you can sell in your dropshipping store this Black Friday 2018. All ten are available to dropship with Oberlo,
and I’ll leave links to them in the description below. We picked these products based on two criteria: One. Interest in the product has historically grown
around Black Friday. We check this using Google Trends. Two. The product has been selling well recently
and is particularly eye-catching. We can see how well a product sells using
the Order Count in Oberlo product statistics . Let’s begin with the first product on our
list, the mini LED projector. Help your customers take their Netflix addiction
to new heights with this nifty gizmo. Once connected to a device such as a laptop
or smartphone, the LED mini projector beams audio-visual content onto a large surface,
like a wall. This product is great for dropshippers. As we see from this Google Trends graph, mini
projectors hit peak interest on Black Friday. In addition, Mini projectors are much cheaper
and much smaller versions of the traditional projector, which is good news for dropshippers. It means these little projectors are eligible
for ePacket shipping. Consumers love to bag themselves a great deal
on tech products during Black Friday. If you’re looking for a tech product to
dropship, the mini projector could be a great one to get started with. Now for a taste of product number nine on
our list: the magic garlic grinder. This clever tool makes light work of chopping
garlic. Simply pop a clove into the slot and then
press out minced garlic. Kitchenware products like the magic garlic
grinder are ideal for video advertisements on Black Friday, as they are a powerful marketing
combination of practical and fun. We made a video detailing how you can market
and sell kitchenware right here. If you are interested in finding out more
about the garlic grinder or other great product recommendations for the kitchen, I suggest
you watch that video. But not until we’re through with our Black
Friday list, because next up is product number eight: the pet raincoat. This animal raincoat is lightweight and easy
for pet lovers to carry around. And when it starts raining cats and dogs out
there, they can quickly put the jacket on their furry friends to keep them dry. And it is proving to be very popular on Oberlo. This pet dog raincoat got hundreds of sales
in the last six months. And the people who bought them like the product. A customer rating of 4.7 stars from over 250
ratings is excellent news for anyone considering dropshipping this item. Another thing the pet raincoat has going for
it is the fact that it is unique and eye-catching. This makes it ideal for Facebook advertising,
because it is likely to grab people’s attention as they scroll through their news feeds. Combine your pet raincoat ad with an enticing
deal suitable for Black Friday, and there’s definitely potential there for sales during
the consumer rush. Now it’s time for a snazzy accessory for
the wrist, with product number seven: smartwatches. The smartwatch is a classic tech product that
begins to skyrocket in popularity around Black Friday, and hits peak interest just in time
for Christmas. This is the kind of product for which consumers
wait patiently to see special offers and deals. This is because tech products like smartwatches
tend to be relatively expensive. But during the Black Friday frenzy, consumers
know they’ll be able to grab themselves a great deal on a smartwatch, and so they
are happy to let the special offers come to them. That’s why we see steady interest in Google
trends throughout the year, and then a sharp increase in interest once retailers and merchants
start setting up their special offers. If you discount these watches or offer free
shipping, make sure to factor that in to your product’s price. That way you can maintain your projected profit
margins and make your customers happy. It’s the wonderful aroma of product number
six on our list: oil diffusers. Oil diffusers have taken off recently. This oil diffuser alone has generated sales
by the thousands. Which is promising news if you’re considering
selling oil diffusers this Black Friday. That’s because, as we can see in this Google
Trends graph, interest in oil diffusers hasn’t even begun to peak this year. That usually takes place in November and hits
the max around Christmas. If you’re interested in this product for
Black friday 2018 then you’ll be overjoyed to know that we also made a great video all
about how to market and sell oil diffusers. You can watch it by clicking right here. We’re halfway through our list now, and
next up: we’ve got Ponytail hats . Ponytail beanies solve a common conundrum
for long-haired women who want to stay warm. How do they fit their ponytail under a beanie? Until the invention of ponytail beanies and
caps, there was no good solution. But in 2016, ponytail beanies blasted onto
the market. Ever since, they’ve continued to peak in
popularity around the holidays. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the order count on these ponytail
beanies. Over 2,000 were ordered in the past 30 days
alone! The best part about selling ponytail beanies
during the holidays is that you prime your Facebook Pixel to make sales beyond. Here’s what I mean. As you sell ponytail beanies this Black Friday,
Facebook will learn more and more about the kind of people who buy from your store. These will probably be long-haired, athletic
women. When the weather warms up, you can use this
Facebook Pixel data to target that same audience and sell them… wait for it… ponytail baseball hats! Barring unforeseen haircuts, your winter customers
will probably want to buy your springtime product offering too. Our next product is proof that less is more:
Product number four on our list: the Wireless Speaker Why wireless speakers? It’s simple. People love listening to music, but they hate
wires. I will never know exactly how many times I’ve
neatly put away my earphones only to come back later to see they have somehow turned
themselves into spaghetti. That’s why wireless speakers are so great
for your customers – they’re portable, light, and tangle-free. Plus, from an entrepreneur’s perspective,
they’re golden. They’re relatively cheap to source and they’re
light so they’re simple to ship. Black Friday shoppers love deals on tech products. So if you dropship wireless speakers this
year, make sure you come up with a deal that’ll be music to the ears of tech consumers. In at number three: the chakra bracelet People are becoming more and more interested
in well-being and spirituality. And that’s exactly why we’ve included
chakra bracelets on our list of the best dropshipping products for Black Friday. Chakra bracelets feature seven different colored
gemstones or beads. The colors are said to help the wearer to
experience more positive spiritual energy. Whether you’re a believer in the benefits
of chakra bracelets or not, you can’t really argue with the data – shoppers go wild for
these products during the holiday season. As you can see, there were two main spikes,
with the main one happening right around Christmas – this makes it a perfect product for shoppers
who are looking to pick up gifts for the holiday season. And don’t forget: Plenty of Black Friday
dollars are spent on gifts. Number two on this list is a product I know
my own mother would go crazy for this Black Friday: the anti-snore device. That’s because my dad is a serial snorer. If you’re also one, or you live with somebody
who sounds like a walrus while they snooze, you’ll know how much of a game changer our
next product can be. You can find a few different varieties of
anti snoring devices on Oberlo. Some are inserted into the nose, others are
placed around the jaw. These unique products allow for great price
markups, they’re easy to ship (which means you can take advantage of the ePacket shipping
method), and they’re fairly new, which is a great combination for entrepreneurs. Our product statistics tell us that this particular
anti snore device is selling in large numbers. If you import it to your store and target
the right audience with the right special deal this Black Friday, you too could sleep
sound this holiday season as the sales roll in. There are a bunch of anti snore devices on
Oberlo’s marketplace, so give them a try for this Black Friday. Ready for product number one on our list? Wine tumblers When it comes to the holiday shopping season,
and Black Friday in particular, wine related products are usually a great choice – especially
for that person you know who loves the adult grape juice. Plus, take a look at the Google Trends data
here, you’ll see huge spikes in interest for wine tumblers around Christmas 2017 and
summer 2018. This means that shoppers have interest for
these products all year round, not just for Black Friday. These products are available in a range of
different styles and sizes, so feel free to test out different wine tumblers in the build
up to Black Friday and try to gain an understanding of which products your audience is most interested
in. To do that, Facebook ads and the Facebook
Pixel are your new best friends: get to know them a little better by watching this Facebook
Pixel walkthrough right here Will you import a new product into your store
for Black Friday? Which of our product recommendations do you
think will perform best? Write me in the comments and I will make sure
to answer you. Thanks for watching, until next time: learn
often, market better, and sell more.