– Alright now I really
wanna find out how it works under a car tire, if the
mailman were to back over the package and I put
it in a nice grease pile for the full effect. Taking it out of the package. (upbeat music). – Hey, this is Alison,
and I want to show you the three worst things
I’ve ever sold online. So you don’t have to
make that same mistake. And I’m also gonna show you
my favorite three things to sell, so don’t forget
to like, share, subscribe all that social stuff,
and let’s get started ’cause it’s gonna be a good
one, ’cause it may just change your mind on how you
structure your business and the things that you
want to sell, so here we go. Number one, do you see it, it’s over here on my shoulder, this right
here, giant, enormous, ginormous lantern, it’s so cute right. Until you have to ship
it across the country and the glass shatters
in your customer’s hands. Thin glass is the worst,
number one worst thing I’ve ever sold online. And there’s little tiny
shards of glass right there. Look how thin this is. I hate shipping glass. You’ve got to make sure, like, oh, there’s just so many things
that go into shipping glass so I don’t like it, I don’t do it, and I don’t ever wanna
have to do it again. I do still have some lanterns to sell but I might just be
giving those to neighbors for birthday gifts. Number two, the second
thing that I absolutely hated to sell online is
an oversized organizer. So when I first got
started I thought I knew the dimensions that would ship
easily across the country. Oh I found out the hard way that I was about three inches off. An oversized piece of metal,
that was going to another state cost me an extra seven
dollars because my dimensions were just a little bit off. So double check your shipping, your sizes, to make sure you don’t get
burned in the shipping department because seven dollars per order,
on top of regular shipping on top of your boxes,
can add up to a big loss. So double check your shipping sizes. And yes some of my neighbors actually got those oversized organizers
as a Christmas present, just ’cause I didn’t wanna
pay an extra seven dollars in shipping, and the
last thing that I hated. Well, not necessarily hated
but that didn’t sell online were roosters, I know, I know,
some of you are gonna say I love roosters but guess
what, they don’t sell. That, they were great in like the 1990s and maybe they’ll come back again but I learned the hard way by
getting some glass containers with a rooster on ’em and
the whole neighborhood got those for Christmas. Don’t do that. No roosters, no oversize and no glass. You wanna know the best part
about owning your own business? You don’t have to ask
your boss if you can leave to go watch your daughter’s track meet. Bridges is, I think throwing and jumping today so I’m excited to go watch her. But man I think I had to
park like five miles away from the school, hopefully I make it. Alright you’re ready for the
best things to sell online? Ah! The angels are singing
because there’s some really good products out
there that you could find that will totally match this. You don’t necessarily have to sell what I’m about to show you,
but, I’m gonna show you what I’m talking about
because they sell really well, they ship really well, and
it’s just like this, happy- ness happening. The number one thing that I like to sell is something small, because
this is so much easier to ship across the
country than this beast. Uh, look at the size difference right? Big size difference, big
shipping price difference. I like shipping small things. Easy, cheap, fast to ship. The second thing. Non-breakable. Wanna watch me chuck this
across the parking lot? Alright. This thing’s non-breakable.
This is twine, it doesn’t break and so when it goes to New York City and you’re shipping from
California, there’s no way this can break, yeah it
might get run over by a truck and get squashed, but
it’s still usable, right? And if it stays in its
package it’s not dirty and most customers are
super happy with that. So, non-breakable products,
are huge on the list of things to sell online. Taking it out of the
package, look at that. It’s almost perfect, oh I
can’t squish it the other way it’s perfect, twine is
still twine, not broken. The last thing that I
absolutely love to sell online are items that do not have a size. I know there’s clothing out
there and you absolutely have to have clothing on size, on a, whoa. You absolutely have to
have a size on clothing but offer some things that
don’t have a size with it also. So for instance earrings,
they don’t have a size, right? Those are small, and lightweight
and one size fits all. Another thing, little paper cups. Aren’t they so cute? I love these things. We sold a ton of cute paper cups, no size. And my battery went dead,
okay, back to the paper cups. One size fits all. Think about that. Because they don’t have to worry about small medium, large, extra large. Figure out how you can add in those non sizeable sized items. Because they’re easy throw-ins to sell. Don’t forget to like, share subscribe and all that social stuff,
because I’m watching you. Just kidding, I’m really not. But it helps this message,
it helps others to know how they can sell online
and change their life. eCommerce, selling products online changed my life completely,
changed my financial freedom my financial future, and
gave me financial freedom. That’s where I was going with that. And it gives me the ability
to set my own schedule and live the life that I want to live. And honestly it’s kind of fun when you have an idea and
idea turns into something fun like you get to do that it’s possible. So click the link down below, up above, wherever, whatever social
media platform you’re on there’s gonna be links
somewhere for you to be able to find out more about this process and how you can dig in deeper and find out how you can live
your Because I Can Clan dream because right here, right
there, Because We Can. We can live our life, the life
that we’ve always wanted to. So go out there, get it,
make it a profitable day and I will see you guys next week, bye. (upbeat music)