If you are in a direct marketing, MLM or network
marketing sales company… listen to this! Hi… I’m Bryan Toder, “The No Fear Guy” and
many people who are in direct sales or a network marketing company have trouble getting a nice
cash flow going. Now, this isn’t about sponsoring or getting
people into your network. While that *is* a type of selling, I want to concentrate on
your sales… so you can get a good cash flow. One of the reasons most business fail is lack
of capital. Basically, they run out of money! And, without money, you can’t do anything…
not even, most importantly, pay yourself (which is WHY you are in business in the first place,
right?) When you join a direct sales or network marketing
organization, one of the first things they say is to use the products yourself. I can’t
tell More Biz Tips http://www.TheNoFearZone.com How many times has someone tried to convince
me of their miracle product, only to not even use it themselves. It shows a lack of conviction on their part.
I mean, if THEY aren’t using that miracle drink, why should I?! So, use the product yourself and, even without
telling them, you will be more congruent in your delivery! (You may want to watch the
video on CONGRUENCY after viewing this one.) Next, did you know why you are encouraged
to promote your products to your friends and family first? Well, it’s really not what you
think. Most people believe it’s because they will
be your easiest sale. And, in SOME cases, that’s true. But, actually, they are only
buying the stuff out of obligation. Most of those sales will be one-time sales and you’ll
find that your calls will start to go unanswered, if you know what I mean. Your best sales will be from people who are
witnessing your success by using your products. Is your skin clearer? Do you have more vitality?
Are you losing weight? All of these successes will have people asking you about how you
did it! Then, you just say that you are using such-and-such
product and you have a way for them to get it. Give them a free sample, if you can. Just don’t be “pushy”; be sincere, honest
and authentic. If you just have ten or twelve new customers a month (not an unrealistic
goal!) you will have an amazing cash flow. Then, start building your organization. By the way… did you hear about my new Coffee
of Invisibility? Watch! Pretty good, eh? What will they think of next?