Yo! I hope you got your coffee ready
because this is another video request for you guys! Some of you asked and said
hey Daniel what is the best supplements for hair growth and thickness? So that’s
what I’m gonna talk about in this video let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get
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you won’t miss any of the next videos Alright so let’s start with the first
supplement for hair growth and thickness Biotin from Solgar. Biotin
is a vitamin b-complex and so it strengthens the protein infrastructure
of your hair, your nails, and your skin Now this basic protein infrastructure is
called carotene. So I would suggest you get the super high potency biotin from
Solgar and as always I’ll add the links of all the products for you in the
video description so you can go ahead and check it out yourself so it’s just a bit
easier. Also, check out the customer reviews of people that tried it out
before. Alright let’s move onto the next one Flaxseed oil from Nature made. Why? Because flaxseed they have omega-3
fatty acids which help your hair follicles to stay healthy and retain
water and produce sebum. It’s got over 400 of happy customer reviews on Amazon
check it out in the video description Folic acid from Nature Made. Now folic
acid well aka B9 helps tissue regrowth and
circulation which helps your hair follicles to function properly Vitamin A and C. Why? Well both of them
helps your body to produce sebun which is the natural oil that protects your
hair and keeps it strong Zinc from Garden Of Life. Now Zinc is
very important for your hair. Why? Because if your body… if you don’t have enough zinc you can actually lose hair so zinc is important for maintaining scalp
health through cell reproduction tissue growth and repair. Now just some last
advice: Although some of these supplements might work and will help you
out with your hair growth and the thickness. The most important thing is
nutrition. If you have a poor nutrition it’s not just gonna show in your hair
but in your overall appearance as well Now if you struggle with hair loss I’ve
added a few extra products for in the video description that will definitely
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