– A constant question I get asked is which Tesla should you buy
and it varies of course and there’s so many things to consider, but I thought it would be
fun just every so often, maybe every four or six months or whatever to go through what Tesla
currently is offering from all the new models,
anything you can buy brand new, and see which one is the best or the one that I think is the best value and the best buy overall. Let’s free the data. (upbeat music) So first obviously, we have to think about what the models are
and then how to compare them. So there are only really three that you can order right now
that are being delivered. This is February of 2020 so that’ll change in the future obviously. But right now, you have
the S, the 3, and the X and these are the only ones
that you can actually get. Now of course, you can order other ones, but there will be, you know,
a short to significant wait. So I’m not talking about those right now. And of course, we have to look at these in somewhat of an objective way here. And the way I like to
look at electric vehicles and by way all of them, not just Teslas, are in five different areas. The first one, the most obvious, is range. How far will the car actually go and does that fit your need? The next one being performance,
you know, how quick is it, handling, all those kind of things. Third I like to look
at the tech in the car and what it has to offer. Fourth I like to look at price. And then lastly, I look at styling. It’s kind of the most
subjective of these measures. So of course everyone will
have a different view on that, but I would like to throw it in because certainly people
are very emotional when it comes to how they look at cars and want to buy them. It’s a key part of what draws people to certain cars over others. Alright, so let’s start out with range and let’s just compare them all here. And I’m looking at the
top specs for all of them. So the Model S currently is at 373 miles, which is an EPA estimate, which is insane. It is the longest range
electric vehicle on the market that you can buy, the
longest one really ever made by any auto maker. So this is gonna be the
winner here hands down. Now, if we look at the
Model X, on the top end, it’s reporting 328 miles, which is actually still quite a bit. It’s a great deal. And then of course, if
you look at Model 3, you’re down a bit to 322 miles of range. So, you know, the Model S wins this, but really all of these
cars are tremendous in terms of what any
other electric vehicle has to offer on the market today. And the thing to consider of course is what your needs actually are. Do you really need 370 miles
or is 320 miles good enough? So I think, you know, all
around any of these cars will suit most people’s needs. Really the difference
there is pretty small. And when we think about
range, we also need to think about charging and you may just assume that these cars all are
kind of equal in that because they’re all Tesla
and yes they all have access to the Tesla super charger network. However, the Model 3 charges
at a V3 charging rate, which is 250 kilowatts,
which are a lot of numbers, but basically in a bout 15 minutes, you can get about 150 miles
of range back in your car. Now that is really useful
if you’re on road trips, whereas the S and X do not
offer V3 charging as of today, meaning that’s is gonna take
double or even triple that before you can actually
get back on the road and drive for a couple more hours. So they all are sufficient
for daily driving. No one really drives above
300 miles on a given day. On road trips though,
I have to give the nod to the Model 3 and that’s
a big difference there. Now, when it comes to performance, of course Teslas are really known for this and yes the Model S wins again here with a zero to 60 time of 2.4 seconds, which is just absolutely phenomenal. But from real-world
testing, I can tell you that the best you’re really gonna get on most days is gonna be right
around 2.7 to three seconds, which is still incredible, but that 2.4, while it is advertised
and yes it can get that, it’s kind of a special case. There’s a lot of steps
you have to go through, a lot of conditions that just
kind of have to all align. But regardless, it’s gonna
be a tremendously quick zero to 60 time that you’ll get with that car, especially being kind
of a full size sedan. That’s really unheard of. Now, the Model 3 is quite
a bit slowly than this at 3.2 seconds zero to 60
in the performance model, but that is still incredible quick. If you’ve never been in a
car that fast or that quick off the line, it will blow you away. I mean, even the non-performance
versions will do that. Now surprisingly the
Model X beats the Model 3 in the zero to 60 test. So in terms of performance,
you really have to give the point to the Model S here. It wins. The Model X also and then the
Model 3 is quite a bit slower, but it’s still pretty mind-blowingly quick if you’ve never been in one. Now with performance, another thing I like to talk about is kind of
the utility of the vehicle. I guess you could call
this a separate category, but really it’s kind of like
how well the car performs for you and so given your situation, that could be different. And I think think is kind
of an interesting discussion because while quick in
zero to 60 is the Model S, I think the Model S also
wins in terms of utility. The model X, while it
technically has a larger kind of cavern, more cubic feet
that you can put things in, because of the odd seating configuration and the six seat configuration,
it’s not really as useful as the Model S with the fold down seats. Now they both have these
really big hatchbacks and kind of a big open area
where you can put stuff. So, yeah, technically, you might be able to fit more in the Model
X, but the Model S is probably more convenient I would say from my own personal
account and it can fit, I mean, probably 90% of the
stuff you could fit in the X. One of the big differences
is that with the Model S, you can also put a roof rack on. So if you put a roof rack and
a storage container up there, I mean I would argue that the Model S actually has more utility,
use case, more function than the Model X because
of the falcon wing doors, you can’t do that. Now, the Model 3 is kind
of your typical sedan. It maybe is better than a BMW 3 Series or something like that in
terms of storage space. Of course, you have the frunk in addition. However, the small opening for the trunk really limits the items
that you can put in there. Somethings work really
well, like I can fit a lot of surfboards in there, but
a chair that you want to, you know, take around
or whatever, you know, to pick up for your house
is, can be really difficult to put in there. So I think the Model 3 really
suffers in this category in terms of utility. So between performance and
utility kind of combined, in my eyes, the model S is
just hands down the winner. Now in terms of tech,
all of these cars offer really the most advanced
systems of any car in the world. And so they’re all great, right. You have streaming radio. You have voice commands. You have the navigation built in. And then of course, you have autopilot and all these other
kind of summon features, really really advanced all the way around. In terms of any differences between them, I would say the Model X has
a lot more bells and whistles and things that it tries to automate like the auto open doors and
the walk away closing of doors and those kind of things that
may seem, you know, cool. As someone that’s used
them for a long time, they’re actually, I’ve
disabled most of the features in the Model X that are
kind of more advanced than the Model S because they don’t, they’re not smart enough. They don’t work well enough
to just always trust it. Now, outside of that, the
Model 3 has a big difference in terms of the interior tech. So with the Model 3, you have that one landscape layout screen
versus the S and X have two and in the S and X, you have this big 17 inch portrait
mode screen in the middle. On the top, you have your navigation. On the bottom, you have your media and all those kind of things. And really, you know, that frees it up because you also have a screen
behind the steering wheel and in there, it has all the information about, you know, your
driving, so your speed, your navigation, the media,
the song that’s playing, those kind of things. I think that actually plays a big role in kind of the difference
between these vehicles. I mean, they do, in my view,
and I’ve been in all of them, owned all of them and all
that, feel like the Model S and X are just quite more advanced and more stuff going on than the Model 3. They all can do all the
same autopilot things and all that kind of
stuff with sentry mode and dashcam and all the
other advanced features. They’re, you know, parity
between all of them. So you have to get into,
well okay, what else is there and this is a big difference
here is the screens. So I would give, you know,
the point here probably to the Model S or the Model X I guess. It’s hard to say really. It does have more, so
maybe give it the point, but it’s honestly just
kind of like overkill in some many ways that I
don’t know if it really is an advantage over the Model S. Alright, the next category is price and here’s where you have a big difference between these options. Model X is between 85
and 105 thousand dollars before you add in full self-driving or change the interior or any of the other options you can possibly buy, which is a tremendously expensive vehicle. Now the Model S is slightly cheaper, but it is between 75 and
95 thousand dollars, again, before you add in any additional options or different rims or any
of those kind of things. So again, a very expensive,
high-priced vehicle. And honestly, it’s a
tremendous vehicle as well, but that is a lot of money. And then you have the Model
3 and here’s where we get back down to reality. It is between $39,900
and just below $57,000 for the performance model. So the one that wins here I think in terms of value is the Model 3
because for that price, what you’re getting is just incredible. If you wanted to buy, for example, a BMW of the similar price, the
speed and everything else that you’ll be getting,
zero to 60 and all that with the Model 3 is gonna be far superior. And I think even car guys
would agree with that, which is really cool. So from my perspective, I
would say this is the one that wins this category for price. The next one to talk about is styling and this is where, of
course, it’s very subjective. You know, everyone has their
different view of this. I think if I were to stack rank them, the best looking one is the Model S. I think it’s elegant. I think it’s timeless. You know, it’s been
around for a long time. It hasn’t changed. It still looks beautiful, the
swooping lines and all that, like Franz and team are just
tremendous at what they do. The Model 3 isn’t bad either. I would say it’s maybe
just the next step down. I’m not a huge fan of the
kind of snub nose and all that and some of you may completely disagree. Now the Model X is a different category where it takes a little bit,
it’s an acquired taste, right. You know, like people out
there, you like pugs, right, you like these dogs. I think they’re hideous,
but they’re cute, right in an ugly sort of way and I get it. So I think the Model X
is kind of like that. It’s kind of like the pug of the Teslas where it’s cute and you
love it, but, you know, objectively it’s not the most
beautiful thing out there. So I would put that in
kind of its own class, its own category there, but
of course it’s subjective. And I know I just pissed off
all the pug owners out there, but you get my point hopefully. So when it comes to which
one of these given all of those features and all
of those things is the best or the best value, which
one would I buy right now? Hands down it’s the Model 3. It has to be. And the main reason is
because of the price and what you get for that
and then also the charging. The charging is the thing that
is really holding, I think, the S and X back when it comes to any kind of value proposition there
because without the V3 charging, the Model 3 on a road trip
can almost do a better job. If you have a V3 charging route like the new Trans-Canada
Route that, you know, use all V3 or there’s, you
know, they’re popping up in the US and across the country there, you could probably beat a
Model S in a road trip there even though the Model
S has a lot more range, you know, a lot, 50,
60 miles more depending on which one you get. So the Model 3 to me is the
best Tesla you can buy right now that is new. I would also say that a used
Model S is a very good value that will fit many people’s needs. Now you won’t get the latest autopilot or the longest range
or that 2.4 zero to 60, but with the function and
the utility of the hatchback and the bigger size, for
someone like me with two kids, family man, going to the beach and stuff, yeah, I think the Model S is
still the best functioning, best car that I can buy, but brand new, I would have
to defer to the Model 3 just because of the price and
then the V3 charging. So, you know, to put a finer point on it, in between those, because
there’s three options in the Model 3, you have
the Standard Range Plus, the Long Range, and the Performance, I’m gonna go the Long Range, which is a dual motor
all wheel drive variant, 322 miles of range and a
4.4 second zero to 60 time. Incredible. That’s still incredibly quick
and impress all your friends, just kind of blow people’s
minds when they get in it especially if they’ve never been in one. But it’s gonna be really good even in snow and those kind of
conditions and handle better and feel better when you’re driving it, like more in control. And 322 miles is nothing to
sneeze at in terms of range and then again with the V3 charging, you could probably beat a Model S in a long distance road
trip just because you’ll be on the road, you know, in
half the time that they are. So that is where I would go. Best Tesla you can buy
right now brand new. So I hope this helped you guys. I hope it’s an interesting look at it. Again, this is my perspective. We’ll come back and do
this every six months or so as new models come out and things change. You know, maybe the Model S
and X will get V3 charging and a longer range soon and
the Model Y will come out. So, you know, I’ll try to revisit this. Really just trying to
help you guys decide. So many things beyond what
I just talked about here. You’ll have to think
about, you know, again with the family thing,
maybe you have four kids and yeah, the Model S
isn’t even a good option. You have to go seven seater Model X. Whatever the case may be,
there’s so much to think about, but that’s just my take
on it, my perspective, and I hope that helps you guys. So, so you don’t forget,
when you free the data, your mind will follow. I’ll see you guys back
here in the next one.