What brought me here to Commerce was the fact that it was close to my family. I was able to keep those relationships that, you know, I made
throughout my life. They were really important to me, and at the same time, I didn’t really have to break my bank to come here either. What I like about Texas A&M University-Commerce is that where a large enough to have a half-million-dollar microscope, and at
the same time we’re small enough that you can walk down the walking mall and you can see somebody you know and, you know, say hi, and that’ really what’s important to me. You know, you’re building those relationships. You’re able to make relationships with your teachers, professors. I plan to be a pediatrician, so I’ve applied to the GANT program for students who want to go to medical school, who are economically disadvantaged. Dr. Slovak has really helped me to get where I want to go, as far as that program. Getting in, getting all the papers right and keeping me updated, and everything that I could ask of an adviser. My most enjoyable experience, I definitely would have to say, was my animal biology class, and it was awesome. It was a great experience. I really learned how to think critically. I learned how to do simple procedures and it’s so much fun. It doesn’t even feel like class a lot of the times. I’ve gotten so much more than just
an education here. I love this university.