over the years we had quite a dated shop just to the left of us here and from customer feedback and information from the
trustees it was decided that a new shopping experience a visitor centre should be created we have looked at our history background we have looked at our below stairs range and our food and drink is very strong for us and not forgetting things like souvenirs
souvenirs in any tourist shop are a bread-and-butter so we’ve listened to
customers themed the shop accordingly laid it out
logically so that it makes sense we created in the below stairs range a range for the cook a range for the valet a range for the butler the ladies’ maid and the nanny all of these products are selling really well
linking in with the household and the palace itself our fixtures and fittings here in the shop are very versatile they have a cupboard to keep all the other stock in this is essential because our stock rooms
are quite a long way away so we’re able to service the sales floor by putting the merchandise into the
cupboard then up onto the shelf and then the cupboards are replenished from the stock room special offers really help not only do
they clear some stock you want to get out of the way to bring in new ranges in they do give a customer a special offer a bargain which they like and they just create a good way of understanding and managing the merchandise there are many products that
we’ve changed the position of especially if they’re slow sellers and
discovered that it’s not rocket science they’ve flown out it’s all about positioning and price and if we feel slow sellers need to be moved into a good position at
a good price then we’ll react accordingly since the refurbishment food and drink have increased greatly in our old shop it was in a pantry which we called the old pantry area it was a bit
restricted a bit limited and we have now moved it right to
the front of the shop and wines and biscuits preserves and chutneys just fly out so we have a really high turnover now on food and drink which we may not have had
earlier we were very much aware of being within a World Heritage
Site we wanted to use the beautiful
environment we were in and I hope you like the results