♪ Blippi ♪ ♪ So much to learn about ♪ ♪ it will make you want to shout!
Blippi! ♪ Hey!
Look at where we are at! Today we are at Glazer Children’s
Museum, in Tampa, Florida. This is going to be so much fun.
Let’s go! [music] Look at this room. There are so many different
things to play with. Like in the water. Look! Oh, and look at this. This is the port cargo train. When you push this button,
the crane takes the cargo across the bay like in real life. Buh-bye cargo. And look at this! It looks like a model
suspension bridge. Huh, and there’s balls right here. You put the balls in the tube. Look at it Wow! The balls made it to the end
on the track just like ?? Look at all these toys. A yellow toy. A blue ball. A green and yellow boat And a fish! I like fish. [music] Fish are tasty to eat
and they’re pretty healthy. And look, a scuba diver. I’m going to put on his mask
and his regulator. And the air tank allows him
breath under water, like this. [music] That looked like so much fun. Speaking of fun, look at this! It’s a screw that is half way in the water
and out of the water. So when you turn it,
it brings water to the top. [music] And water when it reaches to top,
comes out of the SPIKIT and then it turns the wheel! Wow, this place is so much fun. And what’s this right over here? Looks like there is a button. What happens when you
push the button? Wow! It’s like a manual hump
that I’m controlling. 3, 2, 1! [funny noises] Ok, let’s go check out
what else they have. It’s another suspension
bridge model. And look at what it is,
it’s a model car. [funny noises] So it’s time to go and race it. Cound me down.
3, 2, 1. Yeah! Here we go! Yeah! We did it! let’s go! Yes, it’s a telescope. What’s up here? Come on! This is a cruise ship simulator. Forward, backward! [funny noises] This is so cool, and look!
There is sand over here. There is a bunch of sand toys.
Come down here. [funny noises] I’m going to scoop it up. Check this out real close. Ok, let’s go find a
place to dump it. [funny noises] And then it comes out the bottom
and this turn. This sand is really cool. It’s like an anchor
right here, look. You have to dig it up
like is a treasure. Wow, like in the anchor
that connects to the boat and then you through out
of the border of the boat and then it lands in the bottom
of the ocean and keeps the boat stable in one place
in the middle of the ocean. [music] And then I went to the music
of the world exhibit. Look at us, we bang on
drums really hard. [drumming noises] And then we bang on the
drums really softly. And then bang on the
drums hard again! Wow, it’s a supermarket,
Come on, let’s get some groceries. First, we’ve got to
get a grocery car. Here we go! Hum, what kind of groceries
should we get? Let’s get some cereal. Ok. And… For lunch let’s get some,
let’s get some lasagna. Yum, I love lasagna. And, cinnamon grams. Some ice cream cones for desert. Oh, yes. I need some vegetables. I love the products, are so healthy. Like pepper.
Let’s do the green pepper. And… a red tomato. A carrot. Some corn. Yum. What’s over here? Banana. Bananas are tasty, and healthy. Orange.
It’s an orange that’s orange. And… we can also use an apple
and a pear. Yum. And we can’t forget
about our dice tomatoes And… Let’s see. What else? Hum, what else should we get? Spaghetti rings. Yeah, spaghetti rings. And some more spaghetti rings. And some more spaghetti rings. Ok, now that we have all
of our groceries, let’s— The bakery! We can’t leave without
a slice of cake. Ok, here we go. Let’s get one of this. Ok. Yum, that looks so tasty. [funny noises] Yum, that was tasty. Come on!
Let’s go. Oh, we can’t leave without paying. Let’s see what did we get? Total, let’s see. [funny noises] Ok, that’s about it. Yeah!
Ok, we’re good to got. Let’s go! Yeah! Now that we have
all these groceries, it’s time to cook some food. Ok, let’s this right here
and come over this way. Yes, perfect! These are pizza ovens. Yup, and these are the toppings
for the pizza. All of these are toppings.
Look. Ok, I’ll make you a pizza.
Let’s see. First, let’s start with the ?? And what would you like? Oh, you like peppers? Ok, let’s put on some green peppers. Ok, there’s another one. Ok, let’s see.
Would you like pepperoni? Yeah, let’s put on some pepperoni. Let’s put three slices of pepperoni. One, two, three, four. Ok, look at it. I think I can use some more toppings. Like, mushrooms, yeah!
I love mushrooms. Two, three. And black olives. Yum. Ok.
Alright. Look at the pizza.
It looks so tasty. Wow! I’ll put it in the oven.
Alright. Got to wait a little bit. Ok, it’s done. Ok, let’s go over here. And let’s serve it to the people. Here you go, enjoy the pizza. Oh, what’s over here? This is, yeah, is where you can
order sandwiches. Would you like a sandwich? Yeah. I love sandwiches.
Let’s start with the plate and let’s add one pizza bread. Ok.
And would you like cheese? Yeah.
I like cheese. Yum Put the cheese on the bread. And, uh, do you want lettuce? Yum, lettuce is so tasty.
And, healthy. Ok, and some lunch meat. This look so good! Let’s put that on. Do you see it? What else could I use?
How about some more vegetables? Yeah, like a tomato. Yum. Actually, let’s put some tomatoes on.
One, two. Ok. Now what we need
it’s another piece of bread. Ok. This looks so tasty.
Let’s go serve it again. Alright, here you go. Ok. Let’s get him some cups
and then I think they’re good to eat. Yellow cup for you, and a blue cup.
Enjoy! Wow! It’s a fire station! Fire station 110. And look! Fireman and women
and I’m going to be a fireman. Hello! Hey! Hello! Hi! And last but not least. Hello!
Hey! Ok, we’ve got to get
in the fire truck. I’ve to get my pooch sheet
right shut gun with me. Ok, sit on down partner. Ok. And then. Oh! Geez, I pushed on the siren. Let’s put on the fire hat. Ok, we’re at the fire station. I’ll hook up the fire hydrant Get the hose. We’re all hooked up.
Let me go inside real quick. Hello down there! And look, it’s a fire pole! Ready? Got to go get the fire! There’s a fire. Come on, get inside! Ok, here we go! [sirene] Orange ball. Blue ball. [music] Wow! Ok, blue ball. Wow, did you see that? What’s this over here? Looks like a bunch of gears.
And they spin. But when you spin this one, I think the goal is to spin this one
with using all these. Ok. We must need to connect them. Ok, let’s upt the yellow
connected to the red. The red connected to the yellow. And then let’s connect
the blue to the red. See? And then let’s connect
the blue to the blue. Blue, blue, red. Yellow, red.
Ready? Wow, we did it! Yeah! And look at what is doing! Hey! Look at what it is. Wow, it’s a rock wall. It’s a wall that has
a bunch of rocks on it. That you grab and hold
on to and step on to. So then you can get accros this whole
wall without touching the ground. We made it. Good job. What’s this? There is a few animals
like the turtle. Turtles are really slow. And a dog, and a rabbit. And a peric! Perics are fast. I wonder what you do on this? I’m going to push the rabbit. I raised to the end
and I beat the rabbit. Alright, let’s go with the peric
that’s a lot quicker. Ready? Here we go. Yeah, we did it! Oh, hey! I’m just sticking
these toy blocks on this wall. Watch what I spell. [music] Look! I spelled my name!
Do you know my name? Yeah, Blippi! B-L-I-P-P-I. Blippi! Let’s see what other
words people spelled. Like this. They wrote “My stuff”. And then “Peace”. Peace. Happy.
Happy! Friend! Oh, like you,
you’re my friend. And love. Love. And “My bro”! My bro! [music] Here at the museum
they have the stage that you can dress up like a pirate
and act like a pirate. On guard! (INAUDIBLE) [funny noises] Look, it’s my sword. Let’s see what else they have here. Look, it’s a wall of little POKIES
and they are the color red. You push them in.
I have a great idea. Watch this. That was fun! And kind of funny.
Check this out! Come here.
Come around this side. Oh, look! There is my face, my body, my hands. It’s like a bounty hunter got me. Come on! Really cool blocks. They are rectangle. More colorful blocks. Like green ones, and a pink one,
and a red one. What’s over here? Wow, it’s really dark in here.
Come inside. Ok, ok. It’s a light and this is a light wall.
Watch this. Oh, I wrote my name. B-L-I-P-P-I. That’s so cool.
Ok. New cool things. Yeah, it’s a dance floor. And look, there’s even
a camera over here. Ok, I guess I have to push a button. Let’s see. Pop, ballet, Bollywood,
Latin, Country, Pop, Party or Wild car. I think party! [music] ♪ Blippi, Blippi ♪ ♪ Come on, everyone,
let’s make learning fun ♪ ♪ Blippi, Blippi ♪ ♪ So much to learn about ♪ ♪ It will make you want to shout!
Blippi! ♪ Special thanks to the Glazer
Children’s Museum in Tampa, Florida. If you are ever in the area,
go check them out! It’s a blast!