Hello everyone thanks for stopping by, in
this video I’m going to share with you my thoughts on how you can and should add team
members on your direct sales team with the desire to keep them for life! I’ll share
with you my best 3 tips on how to keep your head in the game and I’ll also give you
a blueprint of my marketing appointment. I LOVE team building for obvious reasons. You
can make a great deal of money with a strong team versus working all by yourself. However
too many people come into direct sales and start team building without taking the time
to think about how their actions can affect people’s lives. I may have started team
building in the early days of my career because the bonuses and commissions were great, but
I quickly developed a passion for team building because of how Direct Sales can truly change
people’s lives! My life will never be the same again because of direct sales and because
of this understanding I have a great reverence for how important it is to add team members
not only passionately but responsibly. From my very 1st year in direct sales, I made it
my personal mission to share with people the great news. If you’ve watched my video on
the 10 reasons why direct sales can be a job killer, you’ve heard all the reasons why
people should find a direct sales company and start right away! So I won’t go through
all the reasons again in this video. In this video I’m going to share with you the psychology
behind what your prospects are thinking and how you can dissolve any walls they may have
built up so that your heart can speak to theirs freely! In 2007, I broke my company’s 44
year record in recruiting. I’ll forever remember sitting backstage waiting to be escorted
out as part of the TOP 10 line up. The staff provided chairs for everyone to sit and wait
and they had us assigned in random seats. One of the TOP 10 members turned around and
asked me, “So, how many people did you recruit this year?” I replied and judging by her
reaction, her numbers must have been more then mine because I could see in her face
that she had soooooo ruled me out as any viable competition for the throne. I didn’t care,
I was just grateful to be there. And having been runner up to the Queen twice, I had resolved
myself to the idea that chances are, I’d probably wouldn’t earn the throne again. So you can
imagine her surprise and my SURPRISE later that evening when I was crown the queen! Later
backstage while we were finishing up or photo shoot for the company’s publication the
same person asked me, “Would you mine sharing with me what your commissions were this year?”
The company’s count up was based on commissions earned not numbers of people recruited.
I’ve been in direct sales for 16 years and I’ve been on my company’s top 20 in recruiting
at least 9 times, twice as the runner up to the queen and twice as the queen. In 2011
when I earned the queen’s position again, I did it again with low numbers of recruits
but with high numbers of commissions. I work hard at the beginning of the year to add more
people then I do towards the end. The reasoning behind this is I want a lot of time to work
with them throughout the year to teach my people how to sell the products, reorder the
products and sell the products again. This process of selling and reordering again and
again is key to helping people make money in Direct Sales. The really exciting part
is when you can transfer your skills to your team member where they can do it on their
own without any assistance from you. That is a thrilling day! This is the take away
I would love for everyone to leave this video with. When you are adding team members onto
your sales team, you want to add people you actually want to work with! You want to add
people with the intentions of teaching them everything you know. And you want to add people
with the desire to improve their lives through direct sales. If your heart is in the right
place, then passion is WAY not hard to harness. You want your passion to be so strong that
you can blow people over with it. How can you find this passion and this conviction?
Easy, just push yourself to have a $1,000 week in sales. And please don’t take forever
to do this either. I’m going to be doing a series soon on the different personalities
people have and how each personality operates. But in the mean time, If you know that you
take forever to get things done, then I am talking to you right now. STOP trying to be
perfect and go out and sell something! If I can have a brand new baby consultant on
my team go out and sell $1,000 in one day because she is crazy excited and passionate
about 3 things in our product line, then you too can do the same. PICK the top 3 things
you love in your product line and go sell them. Do not stop, do not rest and do not
eat until you sell $1,000 worth! The bible tells us that fasting and praying is good
for us. So, go fast and pray. When you can do this consistently, then selling people
on the idea that they too can make money in direct sales is not hard! The key to my success
is making sure that I keep my head in the game. Here are my best tips on how you can
do the same. Tip #1 on how to keep your head in the game: Sell yourself before your try
to sell anyone else. If you are not yet convinced on your company’s marketing plan then you’ve
already lost. STOP, do not pass GO. You’ve got to study your company’s marketing plan,
memorize it and know it backwards and forwards. Then simplify it in your own words and try
to see if you can explain it to a 5 year old. One of humanity’s greatest mind, Albert
Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
So mission #1 is to understand it and then simplify it so you can explain it. You know
my first tip goes hand it hand with most people’s 1st concern. That is the fear of the unknown.
You can squash that fear by lending them faith in you. If you are solid as a rock they can
easily lean on your understanding and leadership. But if you are wavering, people are less likely
to follow someone they can not trust to lead them. Tip #2 to keep your head in the game:
Is to define clearly where you are going and what you want to do. This is essential to
keeping your faith high and your armor strong. You will hear a lot of NOs in direct sales.
Just in case you are unaware – you do know you’re in sales right? You are going to
hear a lot of NOs in sales and I have a secret to help you be almost become bullet proof.
If you know your mission then you can not only dodge the NO bullets but you can withstand
them as well. You’ll laugh at the silly NOs in you mind when you know where you are
going. My mission changed a lot through out the years, but I’ll share a few with you
to give you a few examples. My first year’s mission was to stay home with my baby girl.
I cried every time I told people that. I was able to quite my job in 6 months from starting.
Then I wanted to earn the company’s top trophy on wheels. I wanted the new car smell,
I wanted to hear the ding when I put key in the ignition and I wanted to feel what plush
seats felt like. And of course I wanted the mean people who didn’t think I could do
it to see me drive by them in my shinny new car and wave at them. Prospective customers
and prospective team members that I told about this laughed at me, but you know, when we
had our car party I had people say things like, I helped earn the bumper on that car.
To the lady who said she helped me earn the bumper she was happy to be helpful and I was
grateful for her help. Then I wanted to earn a crazy 5 carat diamond ring so I could show
my mom that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Then I wanted to earn a trip
overseas so I could thank my husband for all his support. And I wanted to do it in a BIG
way! This reminds me of one of my favorite stories. You guys up for a story? My husband
used to work for a grocery store. I remember one day way before I got into direct sales
and when we were both still working for other people, Jonathan had just finished a 12 hours
or so shift. I knew he was tired because he left a trail of his clothes on the floor from
his tie to his socks to his pants leading to the bedroom. He couldn’t get into bed
fast enough. But our phone range and it was his store. Apparently the manager for the
next shift did not show up. So he had to get up, pick up his pants and his tie and back
to work he went. I think he worked 24hrs straight that time. I’d like to say that is was an
oddity, but it wasn’t. He used to work so hard that he would get stress migraines that
would put my 6 foot one Marine in the bed for hours and he would spend many sleepless
nights in pain. The year we earned the trip to Italy through our company, I remember waking
up late one night because of the sounds of the fountain outside below our balcony. I
must have left the double glass door open and the warm breeze was flowing inside our
villa suite. The night was warm and beautiful and I looked up to see the dancing light of
the moon playing off the large crystal chandelier above our bed. It was like looking at a kaleidoscope
of stars above me. I wondered if I could see the night sky as clearly so I walked out onto
the balcony and I felt as if I was dreaming. The sights, sounds and feeling of that blessed
night was breath taking. I knew this was my life but it was so far removed from the life
we once had. I looked inside the room and my husband was fast asleep. That night I remembered
that it wasn’t long ago that he couldn’t sleep and now he was sleeping like a baby.
I cried and I gave thanks to God for my charmed life and prayed for continue obedience. Do
you have a mission? Is it solid in your mind? Do you believe in your path so much so that
it does not matter what people say about you or your intentions. Will you still walk your
path and fulfill your mission? Sure some people will say I worked hard for my family. And
yes I did, but there’s also a flip side to the same coin. I worked doubly hard to
share with people that they can do it too. That they have charmed life waiting for them
as well. That they too can have and achieve anything they choose to set their minds on.
This belief in your mission is what will make you laugh at the little, little NOs that come
your way! My favorite scripture of all times is Romains 12-2, “And be not conformed to
this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that
good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” When you have your mission clear and
your path set. You will help overcome the 2nd obstacle most of your prospects may have
and that is lack of faith. Some people do not have passion, a mission or a path. Wouldn’t
it be wonderful if you can renew their vigor for life? Breathing some happiness, joy and
fun back into what can be very mundane for most people. There’s nothing wrong with
the 7 year YOU asking your prospect’s 7 year old kid that’s locked up inside them,
to come on out to play! My 3rd Tip to helping you keep your head in the game: Is to speak
what is in your heart. Say what you want to say. Just don’t be mean about it. People
ask me all the time. What do you say to get people to say yes. How do you say it? When
do you say it? My answer is, I don’t know, I just say it when I feel it! Just remember
the guideline, don’t be obnoxious about it, don’t be mean and don’t be vulgar.
Just say what you need to say. Someone says to you, “I don’t know if I can do it.”
You say, “Well, why not?” They tell you why and you say what your heart wants you
to say. Trust me on this one. If you understand your marketing plan. If you know how to make
money in your company because you have done it. If you are committed to helping them by
teaching them everything you know. If you have a mission and you are not afraid to share
it. Then the words will come. If your heart is in the right place the words will come.
I have had many times when people will say to me, “I can’t believe you just said
that to me.” And I would reply, “Well I did.” And do you know, people love me
for it and they follow me for it. Even when I train people on this super simple way to
speak to prospective customers and team members people still insist on asking me for the words
to help overcome the most common objections. And I used to share them with people. But
here’s what I’ve learned, when you memorize a script as opposed to speaking from your
heart, most people will see or feel through your inauthenticity. Now I’m not saying
you are trying to be fake. I am saying that this is what people feel when you don’t
have ownership of your words. Especially when those words are not true to your personality.
My best advice for you on how to overcome objections is – not to! When your potential
team member gives you an objection, what they are saying is “I’m afraid”, or “I have more
questions” or “I don’t want to do it”. It’s one of the 3. I’ve already addressed the
fear factor. The I have more questions issue is easy too. Take a few minutes and write
down what you think the most common objections and questions would be. They most likely are
something along the lines of, I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I will have the
time. I don’t have the money to invest. Etc. Now, using your own words how can you
help your potential new team member with this problem? A formula I’ve learned that has
been very helpful to me is the FEEL, FELT, FOUND guides. In order for these words to
work though, you must truly believe them. Remember don’t ever say what you don’t
mean or believe. It’s obviously wrong and a total waste of time. If they sense that
you are not above board then they won’t join. And if they do then it was because of
the good opportunity but they will question your intentions and leadership for the rest
of their career. You are better off keeping a great customer then trying to convince someone
who’s not that interested to begin with. Here’s how feel, felt, found works. I understand
how you feel, I felt the same way too or someone I know felt the same way too, what I found
or what they found was…. The point of this exercise is to acknowledge the person’s
fear and confirm to them that you heard them. The felt portion helps them realize that they
are not alone, no they are not strange or silly or weird, other people have had the
same concerns as well and what they found through experience was just like what the
old adage says, you never know until you try and once you do, you realize it wasn’t nearly
as bad as the soap opera we play out in our minds to begin with! And lastly you need to
be wise and listen when someone says no to you. Most people have a really hard time with
saying no. So listen with your heart and be kind. When someone does not want to do it.
They give you really silly objections one after another. Somewhere around the 3rd silly
objection you need to let the poor person go. They don’t want to do it! Don’t give
sales people a bad name guys. There is a difference between passion and pushiness. One is charming
and the other is annoying – cut it out! So those are my best 3 tips. Tip #1: Sell yourself
first, understand your marketing plan, and simplify it in your explanation. Tip #2: Define
clearly where you are going and what you want to do and share it with your prospective customers
and team members. People love to support a cause – especially when it is personal and
real. Tip #3: Speak your heart. Say what you want to say, when you want to say it, in a
kind way. The overview of what I would call sharing your marketing plan is super simple.
I look at it like writing a paper. You have an opening, you have a body and you have a
close. Don’t drag it out. You can do a marketing appointment on the phone or in person. In
person is ideal because there are a lot of things that can get lost in translation when
they can not see your body language and hear your heart. You also will miss out on their
physical cues as well if you are not looking at them face to face, knee to knee. You can
use this format in as short as 10 minutes and as long as hours. Please, please don’t
take up hours of people’s time, it’s inconsiderate and a waste of your energy. I’ve gone into
a marketing appointment before and my heart just kinda knew that the person was in. So
I just said, “wanna join my team?” And she said, “yeah”. And we had lunch while
my new team member who was along for the training sat in awe and confused. If you are a consultant
in my unit, I actually was lucky enough to record this. So you can listen to this live
under our audio training section of our unit’s support website. It’ll make you laugh! So
here’s the blue print. You open by thanking your prospect for their time, sharing with
them how long the appointment will take and explaining to them that you are going to share
your marketing plan with them in hopes that they will join your team, but they should
not feel obligated to anything. Let them know that you are only interested in sharing information
and securing the a relationship with them for life whether it be as a customer or as
a team member. I hope it goes without saying that you are always speaking to customers
about the business opportunity. When you bypass this step and you have not secured them as
a customer yet, well, it’s just a mess and I’m not gonna go into that. Think of it
this way, the best customers make the best sellers of the product. Kapeesh? The body
of your talk should cover a very, very, very short success story about you, how and why
you started and what you love so far in your direct sales career. Did I say very short?
Very, very, short. Like 2 minutes max. There will be plenty of time for your prospect to
ask more about your story if they are interested later. This way you are still respectful of
their time and you always want to leave people wanting more. Next you give them 5 key points
of your marketing plan. When I say 5 key points, I literally mean 5 sentences with NO elaboration.
Why? Because you want to only speak about things that are of interest to your prospect.
You are sharing the 5 sentences really to give them a place to begin asking questions.
Next I would ask them, if this business opportunity could change your financial life forever,
what would you like to know to be able to make a decision? Then I answer all their questions.
The last step is the close. I would say something along the lines of, If you have my assurance
that you will get the support you need from me. Is there any reasons why you would not
like to join my team? I would love to work with you if you’d like to work with me!”
Make it personal. The person that said not to take things personal in business and that
it’s just business, Well… in my opinion, that person is either a thief or a scoundrel
trying to justify bad behavior. I’m sorry, business is personal and if you miss that
then I feel bad for the miserable business you have to work in everyday. My health, your
health. My happiness, your happiness and piece of mind is more important to me then the advance
of business at the expense of my joyful spirit. Prov 23:4-5, shares with us: Do not wear yourself
out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are
gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle. So guys
here’s the deal, closing is not hard when you are in front of the right person and you’ve
done the right things and said the right things. The answer will be – YES! If you think closing
is hard, then I encourage you to go back to my 3 tips and try again. Be happy, be joyful,
be passionate and be unapologetic about your position and you will be a fisherman of men.
People won’t be able to help but jump in your boat. While you continue to practice,
if you ever find yourself short on time because you have so many people to talk to! Or are
unable to get together with busy people, I’ve put together some great videos that you can
use to your advantage. Ask your prospect to watch the video called the 10 Reasons Why
Direct Sales is a Job Killer, or How to find the right Direct Sales Company for You, or
if you are in Mary Kay Cosmetics with me, then you can use my video called, An inside look at MK, my
16 year experience in Direct Sales. Then you can just follow up with them and ask them
what do they think? Adding team members should not be a grueling process and if it is then
the person that’s causing you so much grief really should not be in Direct Sales. The
right person at the right time after hearing your heart will say yes. And if they don’t
then they are either not the right person or it’s not the right time. Save yourself
some heartache and don’t push it! Just reach out your hand and say, “you know, this may
not be right for you right now. But can we shake on it that if anything ever changes
and you become interested, can we agree that you will join my team and no one else? On
your word I’d love to secure our relationship moving forward that you will stay my customer
as long as I give you faithful service.” And guys that’s all you can do. Blessings
come and blessings go, people come and some stay for a lifetime and some stay for just
a season. Don’t cry over lost opportunities. As far as I am concerned they were never really
opportunities to begin with, they were lessons and if you pushed something that was not meant
to be, then they could turn into a plague in your business or worst – in your life.
So I encourage you to work with passion and put your all into it. Then rest with the satisfaction
that you did your best and thank God for the blessings and also thank him for the missed
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