Online Payments [The Situation] Before we launched online payments guests on could only pay you by card or with cash at your property. We’re dedicated to improving payment management for all our partners. That’s why we’ve teamed up with third-party payment providers. So when a guest wants to pay at the time of booking or chooses a payment method you can’t currently accept, we’ll facilitate the transaction on your behalf. Of course if a guest prefers to pay at your property, you still have the freedom to handle payments yourself. Online payments are all about flexibility. You can now offer your guests a range of convenient and local payment options such as PayPal or Alipay, to pay with online when they book. This means you’ll be able to reach more potential guests and grow your business. And you’ll no longer have to worry about fraud, charge backs or any other payment issues with your guests. Because we’ll facilitate the transactions for you. In addition, our research has found that guests who pay online are less likely to cancel or not show up. Good news for your occupancy rates and your workload. So, how does it work? When a guest makes a booking at your property, you’ll be able to see in the extranet or in the Pulse App if they’ve paid for the reservation online. If a guest cancels or doesn’t show up, we’ll make sure you still get paid according to your policy. We handle the transactions, so you can focus on creating great experiences for your guests. Easy! If you want to know more about managing payments in the extranet or in the Pulse App, or how to report a no-show, you can visit
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