These are very expensive headphones They’re not the best sounding in the world They’re really quite large, like wearing a teacup on each ear Feature packed they also are… not But they do one thing better than just about any other headphones on the planet (crowd noises) They shut all of this… out They’re the Bose QC35 wireless headphones Hi, my name’s Ben and welcome to eBay tech testers The QC stands for quiet comfort and they are comfortable, like soft ear pillows the cups are protein leather, which I can only assume is the hardened skin of premium tofu the headrest is made from alcantra, which I believe is a rare cousin to the alpaca and this metally looking stuff is actually glass filled nylon. I believe it’s some sort of special stocking stuffed with finely ground jam jars this makes them light, durable and comfortable So what does the noise cancelling do? Well when you put them on there’s this sense of them sucking over your ears like a whale shark’s mouth and then you’re kinda taken into this silent cave and it’s not just the ear cups forming a tight seal there’s actually an array of microphones around the headphones listening to the sound around you and then… look, I’ll just give you a demo (finger snap) wake up. you’re on a train. Yes, sniffs, (sniffing) coughs, (coughing) light flatulence (fart noise) (QC35s “Battery 60 percent”) And it’s gone Now let’s put these on. Oh, ok, that sometimes breaks the seal. Now we’re on a busy street. Flip the switch, and it’s back to your whale sounds, sweet child. You’re in a fishy womb. Now we’re in office. Arhythmic sniffs, (sniffing) loud typing (typing noises) and open mouth chewing (chewing noises) abound. Now begone!(music plays) If you were hearing this royalty free music through the QC35s you’d notice it’s bassy but not super detailed though they respond well to EQ tweaks. I can ignore people for quite a long time too. I’ve been ignoring my boss Mitch for the past 15 hours and the battery indicator says I still have five more hours left (Mitch: Where is that report, I’ve been trying to get it off you for at least the last 24 hours what’s going on why won’t you listen to me I can’t…) Sorry Mitch, I’ve still got five more hours of ignoring to do.
His review of the headphones by the way is a 1 star. Connecting and pairing to devices is pretty easy. All you need to do is hold the power switch forward, and then you’re in pairing mode (QC35s: Ready to pair another device) You can connect to two devices at one time, which is pretty handy Switching devices is easy too. You just slide the power button forward to switch, and the handy voice in your ear tells you which one you’re connected to.(QC35s: Ben’s iMac) One thing I found a little harder was skipping tracks using the play button. It’s not a “press press” it’s a “press, press” and if you didn’t hear a difference there, then that’s gonna annoy you So is it worth spending this much money on noise cancelling headphones? Well, if your morning commute makes you feel like an indentured servant in a chorus of phlegm ejection and throat clearing Or you have an open plan office with a deskmate whose nasal exhalations resemble a turbo charger, then these things could truly make your life a little bit better Their only real flaws are their size, their inability to tweak or lower the noise cancellation, and their good but not truly great sound quality I give the Bose QC35s 3.5/5 stars That’s all for my tech tester review this month, if you enjoyed the review, how about a little thumbs up action?