EMILY BAHNA: At thoughtbot,
we believe success comes from a growth mindset. [MUSIC PLAYING] A growth mindset is
the ability to not be fixed on a single solution,
but to be consistently testing and iterating on your idea and
improving upon what you know, so that you’re focused
in on the problem that you’re trying to
solve and not the solution that’s in your head. A lot of times
clients come to us and they’ve been thinking
about this problem for a really long time. And when they get to
us, they’re sort of like looking toward
the finish line. They just want the
product to be built. In order for us to be the
most effective partner with a client, we need to take
a step back and kind of really understand the big picture. We do testing upfront
and often with users, so that we get
instant validation. We’re not just kind of designing
and developing in a space, and then hoping that our product
will take in the marketplace. We live in a very fast
driven world, where we want immediate results right away. But the hard part is the
stuff that you do upfront. It is really, really thinking
through your strategic plans, thinking through
your business model. It’s really understanding
who your users are and how you make
their lives better. We at thoughtbot
are consistently thinking about
product market fit and working with our
clients to incorporate user testing and iterations,
and to kind of validate the key assumptions
and business objectives and how they align
with what users need. By consistently
kind of bringing that into the forefront, we’re
able to kind of determine what we should
build, what features are important, where we
should prioritize our efforts, so that our clients waste
less time and less money, and they really get a better
understanding of the market they’re trying to enter into. And get a better understanding
on how well they’re serving their users or their customers. [MUSIC PLAYING]