Hi I’m Karl Taylor hello a more social
and welcome to another series of broncolor ‘how-to’ videos.
Now we’re getting old hands at this aren’t we we’ve made 25 yeah let’s do 25
videos if you want to check out some of the amazing previous how-to videos then
visit Braun colors website which will bring up on screen now this is the first
of a new series of videos cause tell me a little bit about what you’ve got going
on here okay it’s a it’s just a three light
setup and it’s just a classic easy to use fashion set up on a white background
and it’s the main light will be octopus at the second light all up there coming
through the screen through the screen just the normal reflector PCM genome
reflect with greats to predict the background and to protect my camera that
we have a little bit more direction of the light coming vertically down with an
additional softbox left behind me now to have the background as possible
so on this your typical ecommerce catalog fashion style short pure white
back that I know cut out necessary it’ll just be ready to go out of camera
it will be reviewed and it’s a full-length shot as well so you
full-length on on the 35mm camera shooting low and that’s why you’ve got
the white acrylic exactly that’s actually quite interesting below the
white acrylic I have a paper yeah plot if it’s the paper only I have
to put a lot of light on the paper it’s like that it’s really really white yeah
and if I have a lot of paper light on the paper of course this would
immediately bounce back and turn and create like unwanted feeling light yeah
so in in this setup you’re using one skoro pack so you can shoot rapidly very
fast flashes speed so you can do multiple model poses if necessary but
you could do this with three source lights as well you could do this with
zero slightest ability I have no special eye shape so let’s say no pika light or
whatever yeah so yes you could do it with three zeros just on a slowly
slightly slower pace of shooting okay so we’ve got that as your key light as you
see that there the center of the light goes pretty much down here okay so it’s
an aiming down here exactly if I aim it directly to her of
course I have a short distance to the head and the lower distance to defeat so
fall off and I will have a fall off so nice evenly distributed there exactly
way down the more exactly okay let’s move on exactly so it’s the
fusion-material yeah it’s not the main light it’s just a light that adds some
direction to the light now obviously the setup is you’ve got it
it’s really almost to create a repeatable fashion shoot setup so this
gives you consistent results over and over again exactly so in a small studio
or small fashion house this could just be set up in place in a small corner of
the warehouse or wherever and it could just be left there permanently
absolutely that’s the idea behind it okay but we have one last light left to
look at which is which is the background yeah background light let’s take a look
so what have we got here ORS it’s a quite a big soft box tonight depend 120
centimeter softbox and it’s again the same idea that it’s not aiming to the
background directly like this because now you already see that it will be much
too bright on the left yeah so it falls off exactly for normally across the
brain I’m aiming towards Nina yeah that’s why the black curtain is
yeah so you don’t want to light Nina you just want to spread a little bit of
light gradually exactly and finally over on this side we have a silver reflector
what’s it for I had always a little bit of a light fall-off on the right side
this is just compensating a little bit that we have a super super even white
all over okay now with the skoro pack what’s our shooting capability for Nina
to model how many poses could she be doing per second with this setup it’s a
Nikon 810 okay and I pulled it on fast continuous with this power pack I can
get up to 50 flashes per second so if she can constantly move and you can just
shake because the flash duration is now a 2,000 of a second yes and on a full
body shot there will be no motion blur or whatever so I realized and not exact
really go fast read about it okay so I think it’s time to check out the lights
I prefer to go one by one that we see what is this one doing top light and so
on okay I’ll stay here in just inferior and
neat Branko studio oh yeah that’s right it’s Wi-Fi powerpack yeah we can control
it from the camera great let’s do it alright so we are in studio 8 here it’s
a one score oh it’s scanning so I will be online very fast okay I would like to
check one light at a time so I just switched the order to instant buy this
one goes standby as well so I have this like only we can fire this now so that’s
the top light coming in now this will be yeah a little dark yep so the light
comes nice downwards yes – like that direction yeah okay so now octa box only
up the box only that’s the second light we put the first one off and we should
this so light coming from the right nice so now we can see the effect of just the
octave ox now we’ll look at the octo box and the top light behind yeah good so
these are the two lights on her and this looks like that yeah that’s good and we
got still a slightly off-white background oh yeah nice lighting on the
model but this is where your third light will clean up your background do you see
as well that it’s a slightly darker here to the left that’s of course why the
light comes at the background light comes from the left because I made here
a lot more and we have a look if this is already enough so I switch my third
light on which is the background shoot the entire setup all together and now we
should have super clean there we go yeah background is clean but you’ve got pure
white running all the way right down below her feet seamless it’s like we’re
no cut out to do shadows it’s audio hammer it’s really and it’s nice and
fresh and bright nut punch exactly so you’re ready to shoot I’ll just keep an
eye on the shots coming in here all right stitch so high-speed ready go
right they use attract it a little bit go alright that’s plenty so full speed on
an icon and they look super super even there every shelter yep every shots nice
and even really no okay nope but well that was another great how-to video
how do you like to think yeah really consistent shooting setup big thank-you
dunya as well as you made a job easy Thank You Nina I’m Carl Taylor I will
social we’ll see you on the next how to you