Hi guys my name is Jamie Henry I’m a web
developer here in the United States I’m originally from England and I’ll be
your instructor for this course in this course we’re going to build a
professional-looking ecommerce store for you to sell your
products with unlike many other courses you may have
taken or may have looked at we’re not just going to tell you the theory behind
it and what platforms you might want to use and what plugins you may want to use
we’re actually going to take you through it step by step and at the end of this
course you will have built a fully functioning ecommerce site to sell your
products but at first we’re going to install the WordPress platform then
we’re going to select a theme to use once we’ve got our theme we’re going to
install the WooCommerce plug-in which is absolutely awesome and for e-commerce
it’s probably the only plugin you’re going to need once we’ve done that we’re
going to add our products both simple and variable products with product
upsells and cross-sells and also sale items when we’ve added our products
we’re going to create some custom menus and insert them into our theme so that I
users can find their way around our site very easily and once we’ve done that
we’re going to add an image slider to the shop page on the front page to make
our site look even more appealing to our visit visitors after that I’m going to
show you some custom CSS now don’t panic I’m not going to expect you to write
code on this course I’ve done it all for you I’m just going to show you how to do
it I’m going to provide a downloadable PDF of the code you might want to use
should you want to change the colors on your site to match your logo
once you finish this course you’re going to have a fully working ecommerce online
store to sell your products so once again my name is Jamie Henry thank you
for taking this course and I wish you all the best for the future with your
future sales on your new e-commerce site thank you I’ll see you in the first