[music plays throughout] [Brittany] Today,
we are at the Toronto Marlies game. We’re presenting the cheque
for Camp Oochigeas. We raised over 28,000 dollars
collectively over the two semesters. In total, with donations,
I sold 185 tickets. I did reach out to a lot of people,
tap into networks, and it was an amazing experience being able to raise funds
for Camp Oochigeas and be able to send a bunch
of really deserving kids to camp. [Matthew]
This was a lot of networking, uh, just reaching out to like,
local hockey teams, local schools, and just getting out in the community
and meeting a lot of people. You have to
get out of your shell a bit, so, but it was a good experience. It’s honestly a great feeling, uh, knowing that you’re gonna be
helping out, uh, these kids. [Steve Bang] This program
gives them the opportunity to apply what they learned,
in professional selling, to actual real world situations. This is twice
what we raised last year. So we’re, um,
we’re gonna be hard-pressed to, uh, [chuckling]
double it again next year, but we’re certainly gonna try. The Marlies approached us. They’re very, uh,
behind it all the way. If you talk to some
of the winners, they’ll tell you that coming in,
they hadn’t sold before, and they just said,
“Look, I’m gonna go for it, I’m gonna do what we learned,
and try it.” And it really worked out well
for them. [music ends]