[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] what’s up guys Big D whiz Wilson audio labs here with another amplifier we got at our amps this is the MD 1800 dot one let’s get it out of the wrapper check it out samp is a full range Class D Brazilian style fire rated 1800 watts at 2 ohms the amplifier incorporates a temperature controlled fan or a smart cooler is what tar amps calls it it has one speaker output with eight gauge speaker terminals so if you need to hook up multiple speakers you need to use a different method for gauge power and ground terminals it’s unfortunately the 4 gauge terminals however will not accept with the one alt reducers that I had and it’s quite a big bummer but it is what it is on one end to the amp we have the RCA inputs a level control high pass from 10 Hertz to 80 Hertz low pass from full range to 80 Hertz 0 to 10 DB bass boost and also a monitor port the remote monitor will look like this unfortunately that’s not a gain control just a clip light as with most Brazilian amplifiers this one’s small 9 inches are 228 millimeters long by 7 point 4 or 188 millimeters wide by 2.75 or 70 millimeters tall at the time the video was created the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 429 US dollars street price estimated to be around 375 dollars we have the 2 own version of the amplifier will show you the ratings here 1800 at 2 ohms 1,100 at 4 ohms and 515 at 8 ohms and what we really like is the asterisk rated power 60 Hertz to 1 kilohertz on your side old signal teach T less than 1% resistive loads measured on audio precision a px 525 thank you to our ants for these detailed specs we appreciate it [Music] all right first up we’re gonna try a dome test 1% THD 40 Hertz certified and rated 515 watts we got 621 yeah boy yeah boy that’s how we rule current pool 67.7 amp 64 percent efficiency and I put estimated because it’s really difficult to get an exact measurement here but it’s very close alright now we’ll try the 4 ohm test 1% THD 40 Hertz it’s rated 1,100 watts and we got 12 27 yeah boy 14 point 1 4 volts we pull one thirty three point eight amps 65% efficiency now let’s try the certified run at 2 ohms rated 1800 watts look at those numbers counting up 24 76 at thirteen point seven five volts yeah boy unreal current poll 280 one point three sixty four percent efficiency pop the fuse you big 2664 13.5 we’re gonna change the fuse against the bigger fuse in there look at the current pool alright now that we have a larger fuse let’s try 2 ohms uncertified 40 Hertz rate 1800 watts check it out 2700 ya boy and 72 will hunts at thirteen point six six volts when we pulled three hundred and twenty four point five amps sixty two point five percent efficient now let’s try the dynamic burst at 40 Hertz two owns just unreal history at 1800 watts we’ve got 2800 almost 3000 watts from this tiny little amp and there’s the three eighty six point nine that’s the inrush current all right here’s the tour amps md 1800 we’ve run a full gamut of tests and the heatsink is still cool to the touch look if it’s not over 82 degrees anywhere on the heatsink so yeah that’s see yeah 83 degrees is the warmest that we got on this amps impressive little amplifier here [Music] all right so you saw the numbers there those were all 40 Hertz here’s the one kilohertz numbers for comparison you can pause this if you like to get a closer look but they are more than the 40 Hertz numbers all right now we’re going take off the bottom plate and check out the amplifier using our little screwdriver kit here we got off Amazon check the video description for a link so you can pick up one of these everybody needs one of these precision screwdriver sets here’s the internals the tour amps MD 1800 transformer there got some caps nice big 2200 microfarad 200 volt cap for the rails and then the filtering capacitors for the power supply are 325 volt 4700 micro farad there’s the fan you can see it sucks air out of the amp there’s a pretty good job in it keeps those output transistors nice and cool now let’s yeah give this a little trial with our infinity subwoofer let’s see how much we can make it flex with some magic mic [Music] alright guys so you have the test of the tar amps MD 1800 dot one incredible results I just I was blown away there’s only a few things that I have to say negative about this amp one is the inputs for the power and ground it’s just not big enough they need to be zero gauge this is way too much current trying to come through those terminals the other thing I’d say is the port here for monitor I wish it actually had a remote gain knob that will be really nice to have and the third thing is for the amount of power this amp puts out I’m not sure this is enough heatsink although I say that and it’s got a fan and when I did the test all the dyno tests I measured the temperature and it was fun but still something this small I can’t imagine it doing over 2,000 watts for very long without having problems with heat but anyway sounded great on my subwoofers it did amazing power output and the size is small I mean that’s a negative and a positive I guess but overall I was impressed just as a full disclaimer this amplifier was sent to me by a rep of tar amps so I did not Bob that smell like I normally do with my amplifiers that said there was no understanding a that I was even going to do a test they just sent it to me and said here we would like for you to check this out so I got around to the test I did it there was no expectation I was gonna give a positive review because honestly I was kind of hesitant to even try it out because I was like oh man I’m gonna have to test this amp and it’s gonna fail or not do good and you know it’s always a bummer that’s why I usually don’t accept things from manufacturers in this case they just sent it to me without even asking really but uh yeah so I didn’t buy this so but still that doesn’t affect my opinion I’m not gonna you know sugarcoat anything if I don’t like it I’m gonna tell you I don’t like it and I like this one so that’s just how it goes so hope you guys understand where I’m coming from because I ain’t leavin right here all right here we got this little thar apps MD 1801 idling at about 1.4 amps here hooked up to the dyno sorry I’ve got it upside down because I’ve got the power terminals hooked up on this just easier for me anyway we’re gonna try we’re gonna try a music track this is a Magic Mike song drop that bass and we’re just going to see what it does dynamically plaguing back music tracks so let’s see how this works start the track up and I’ll see what we get there you go 20 842 watts of 14.1 3 volts own music track Wow from this little amp incredible