Hey, it’s Jeff Walker. And this week’s question
is – Can you turn your passion into a profitable online business? So I got this question from Jake… sorry, I cut and pasted it. I don’t have your last name here,
Jake… but this came in on the blog recently. Jake said, “Jeff, thanks again for your
inspiration. A bit about me – I’m a professional building contractor. I started
down that path in 1978.” So Jake’s been a contractor for a long time. ” I do mostly
high-end custom carpentry projects and cabinets. My passions are sailing and
off-road motorcycle riding, both of which I’m very good at. I recently read your
book and loved it.” And if you have my book yet, go and get it. I’ll put a link below
this video. Over a hundred thousand copies sold. Almost a thousand reviews on Amazon.
4.6 starts. So, yeah, go get my book. It’s awesome. In any case, Jake went on say: “My question… with these passions”…. which again is sailing and off-road
motorcycle racing, plus he’s a very good contractor it sounds like… “with these
passions, how can I transition them into a product? I’m a decent writer, good at
doing videos. How do I get a product going? How many people would
want to read or see it on video some dude passion about selling or dirt bikes?
And how many people are interested in learning how to sail online? It really can’t be done. It would be like
teaching people how to mountain bike. Thank you so much for your
contributions to the people of the world.” There’s a couple different ways I’m going
to answer this. First I’m going to go a little more tactical and then go a
little bigger picture. And so unbeknownst to just about anyone, I’ve never talked
about this publicly, not that it’s a big scandal or anything, but I was passionate
about sailing when I was younger, when I was a teenager. I had access to a laser, for
those of you who are sailors; it’s a small boat. So I always sailed small boats. I was really passionate. It’s one of the things I can’t do here in Colorado. Colorado’s not a
great state for sailing. It’s good for a lot of things. So I don’t get to do much
sailing. But I was very very passionate about it when I was younger. And and so when
I was learning to sail… of course, we didn’t have the Internet back then… but I
just happened to have this book, “Sail Power.” This is a prize possession.
This is one of the books that I’ve owned longer than any other book. I mean I’ve
got hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of books, and this is one of
the books that I’ve owned for the longest. I haven’t looked at it in a very long time but
Sail Power: The Complete Guide to Sails and Sail Handling. So when I learned
to sail, I spent a lot of time out in that boat, just getting beat
around by the wind and trying to figure things out. But I also studied this book.
I studied sail theory. I studied sail shape. I studied the points of the sail,
and I learned a ton. I would go out and sail for couple hours, come back and read
the theory and read about how to sail. And this is how I learned, through this book.
It was so impactful for me that here I am thirty years later and I still
own the book. So the point is if you can learn sailing from a book, you can learn it
from an online course, you can learn it from a video. You could even learn from it a good email. You can learn it from a
PDF. So this is a huge limiting belief that you’ve got, Jake, that no one will want to
learn sailing online. It’s just ridiculous. Same thing with dirt biking. Because you
know what, I have studied mountain biking technique online. I’ve watched those videos… Oh, another thing too. If you go type “how to sail” into YouTube, the top
videos have 200,000 views and the videos really aren’t even all that good. I went
and checked them out. I haven’t studied this market, you know, if
teaching people to sail is a great market or not… but this idea that people aren’t
going to learn it online is just a limiting belief. If you look at like
one of my clients, Will Hamilton, he teaches tennis online. When he started out, his parents, I think his parents, but a lot of people told him
no one wants to learn tennis online. Well, he’s built a really good business
that does hundreds of thousands of dollars. Susan Garrett teaches dog
training online. If you can go to YouTube and do a search and you see
videos about “how to —” whatever your passion is, and there are videos on
YouTube that are getting views, then people are searching and learning online. If you can go to Amazon
and see that there are books on your subject about how to do it… well, if there’s
a book, that will certainly translate into an online course, an online training.
So that’s sort of the tactical thing. Yes, it’s going to work. I haven’t studied those markets, but I think sailing would probably be a pretty good market. I
think riding dirt bikes could probably be a pretty good market. And,
frankly, contracting and high-end carpentry and cabinet building could be a
really good market too. So, Jake, you’re blessed to have knowledge in three
different areas that could definitely go for you. And now the bigger
picture lesson—and this is for everyone —is that so many people have
this idea that “my business is different” or “my topic is different” or “my subject is
different.” But the reality is that usually they’re not. It’s like when I have a case study that I published where a guy
had this great business about teaching people how to play guitar and then I
would have someone come up and say, Yes, but Jeff, my business is different. There’s guitar, I get
that, you can teach guitar… but I teach people piano and no one’s
going to go for that online. I mean, how blind is that. People actually think that way and we all think that way. We all get stuck in
that kind of thinking at times, but the reality is it’s very very unlikely that
your business is different. So you can look laterally and see other people
having success and study how they’re having success and it’s probably going
to translate pretty well into your business or your passion or your subject. So, as I mentioned earlier, I’ll put a link
down below this video. Go check out my book. You can get it at Amazon. It’s got a lot
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