My name is Walt Case I own Card Traders of
Austin in Austin Texas. One of the big things that has happened in the collectible industry
over the last ten or twelve years has been the sale of items online. The internet provides
a huge market place for all kinds of things. Not just sports cards. If you are interested
in selling your cards online the first thing you need to do is establish your credibility.
Many people today who buy stuff online bid very, very low on cards simply because of
the trust factor. They are not sure what they are going to get. So they tend to bid low.
Hoping that they can get the card cheaply maybe then get it professionally graded and
sell it for a big profit. My advice in selling cards would be first to check with your local
area card shops, to see if they might be interested in your collection. Again if you want to sell
your cards online, get your credibility established. Get some volume out there. Ebay is a very,
very powerful marketing tool that is available to you. Just be very careful when you sell
your cards. Be very honest, be very upfront with your customer base because there will
be millions of people actually looking at what you are trying to sell. Always be fair,
always deliver the product that you promised to be delivered. Never try to short change
anybody. Because that just destroys your credibility and our ability to sell cards in the future.