music and fashion are married I think
that’s why classical music is not as accessible because you you imagine like
a man wearing a tux or a black suit and you imagine a girl wearing a ball gown
when you look at pop music you see like Beyonce or Rita Ora or any of these
amazing artists who are wearing like feathers everywhere and it’s like why
can’t classical music do that too I can’t pick favorites because they’re
like my children and that would be wrong the three best tips for getting the best
vintage finds well you have to work hard you have to put energy into it and you
have to really search it’s like looking at a clothing rack in a vintage store
you know how you have to go through like every single thing and there’s dust and
your facial everywhere you have to do that online like I will go to ebay and
look at 142 pages of eBay or First Dibs and I have so many favorite vintage
finds I go to Far Fetched, Net-a-Porter Matches Fashion, My Teresa, Moda Operandi
but then I also love going to ebay first dibs and looking for vintage stuff and
also finding new and young fashion designers that have like very few
followers the most fun part of shopping for me especially online is finding the
vintage pieces that I’ve never seen before so I love going to first dibs for
instance and be like oh my god I’ve never seen that old Escada dress because
it’s from 1980 actually through Instagram like I do hashtag vintage
couture and then I can see like what things I’m missing or what things should
I should be inspired by and so I’ll see like a Sean Paul Gautier corset you know
and then I’ll go into shop style and type in John Paul go dig of course I
turn to ebay or whatever site I’m looking at this is John Paul Gaultier for
La Perla this is an Asian designer Ivan Young and I wore this for the Ariana
Grande video this is a piece I found on Instagram as well Michael leung goo and
i wore this for the shoot and i love her I incorporate vintage pieces into my
wardrobe and into my look by combining them
with lower priced items like I will shop on Amazon and get a tank top or a
sweatshirt or sweatpants and then pair them with really cute like fur slippers
or like an amazing chen-pang coat you know that makes the whole outfit
elevated I wore these during the cardi B rehearsals and people were like oh my
god are they comfortable how are you wearing those they’re like sneakers in
the studio I still want to look cute just in case you never know who’s gonna
come into the studio like one time I was like looking crazy and then like they
were shooting behind the scenes with like Toni Braxton and like you know
another time Beyonce was there so I just always want to look cool
I love taking risks so I like taking risk in music I like taking risk in
fashion I would say like I’m bold there are stereotypes in classical music and
there’s room for the most part in older crowd it’s an inaccessible form of music
is very expensive to go to and people aren’t wearing that if they don’t have
like red lipstick on and rings everywhere my style is different
visually and musically so not only do I play with beats and and move around a
lot like I do this with my hands all the time and and you know look at the
audience and you’re not really supposed to do that ultimately I want my style to
speak for me because like I can’t play the piano and have a conversation with
the audience or sing sing lyrics so my style has to represent how I’m feeling
so if I do like a rap song sometimes I’ll wear like a leather corset I think
I did that from Meek Mill I wore like a leather corset and leather lace-up pants
and red and then I did like a Chopin Nocturne and and played like in a hooded
Y project with a gown so it’s just it really it is a reflection of not just my
personality but also the song with. Its so different to perform with the hip-hop or
pop or R&B singer than it is to do solo classical piano because with someone
like Cardi B you have to have as much energy as her and have as much energy as
the dancers and as a pianist I’m not used to that I am always trying to make you
know my performance badass or even classical music badass but more
importantly make it more accessible thank you so much I had so much fun
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