Hey everybody and welcome to Network Marketing
Pro.com. I am here at the home of Jack Canfield. Jack. Jack Canfield: My pleasure Eric. Eric: Thank you for inviting me, all of us
to your home, we just finished a big long interview for the network marketing documentary. If you don’t know Jack, then you don’t know
Jack. Jack is entrepreneur par excellence. He is one of the biggest selling authors in
the world. He is viewed as America’s foremost success
coach. He is written not only the 500 million book
selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, but also the Success Principles, one of the
most amazing books, there if you just want to understand the fundamentals of what it
takes to be successful, the real principles. Get that book, study that book, underline
that book, practice what’s in that book. I would highly recommend that you do that. In addition to how many other books, I mean
it’s been a lot. Jack Canfield: I think I have about 250 books
under my name at the moment. Eric Worre: 250 Books. Yeah wow. That is just, boggles my mind. He helps organizations all over the world. He is a big fan of network marketing. And Jack would you share with everyone your
thoughts just in kind of capsulation of what we just finished going through. Your thoughts about the value of network marketing
and the intelligence of the people who are involved in network marketing. Jack Canfield: Well I think, to start with
the last half of the question, first. I think you know all the people that I know
that are involved in network marketing are extremely brilliant people. And they are very successful as a result of
that. I think network marketing has been attracting
more and more brilliant people all the time. I am sometimes shocked when I see neuro-surgeons
and doctors and people with large law practices, and people who have been VP of marketing in
you know an international company, who have jumped into multi level and network marketing
and direct sales, and have been super, super, super successful at it. And so to me, when I go and I speak at a lot
of network marketing companies, the people I meet with and have dinner with, and network
with afterwards are just incredibly bright. So if you are looking for some bright people
to hang out with it’s a great place to play. I think some of the benefits of network marketing,
number one you get to be your own boss. And you can work as hard or as little as you
want. The harder you work the more benefits you
get from it. You get to be a leader, and to leave a legacy
of empowering, inspiring, and motivating, and educating people underneath you. Watching people grow. For me, I don’t know why, but someone is not
doing well and then they start doing really well, that’s more fulfilling than the lawyer
who doubles his income. And there is so much of that, that goes on,
that it fills my heart at a high level. I mean I started out teaching at an inner
city high school in Chicago. So I have got that under dog kind of, let’s
go and make it happen approach to things. The community that’s involved, that’s created
at these conventions, and local meetings at level, and at home party level, and all that,
I think some of my best friends are people that I met through network marketing. People that are presidents of companies, that
I still, monthly emails that we exchange with each other. And we talk and so forth and I learn a lot
from that. So community is huge, the opportunity now
because of the internet is so much easier to work this network marketing world, because
you have got everything paperless, and all can be done through a computer and you don’t
have to drive over and have someone sign something anymore. It used to, that took a lot of time to do
that, and you don’t have to do as much of that. And because of the educational materials that
are now available, that’s phenomenal. I don’t of any corporation that has training
programs with as much support materials as network marketing companies do. And the, I don’t know what you would call
it, but the celebratory reward culture the appreciation culture that exists is phenomenal. I mean I go to network marketing conventions
and I usually stay past my speech just to watch them, the million dollar earners come
up on stage, or the new products to be unleashed. You know it’s kind of like a pirhana feeding
frenzy of joy that occurs at these places. It’s so much fun to be a part of, because
it’s like a positive optimistic community of like minded people, who believe that success
is possible, who set goals, who have overcome their fears, and who are making a difference
and want to contribute to their communities, and there is usually almost always a philanthropic
cause that they have taken on, that’s doing really good in the world. So if you can go and get healthier, and make
more money, and make a difference, and be part of a philanthropic cause, and hang around
optimistic, charismatic people as part of your job. I mean most people can’t say that. So to me it’s one of the finest industries
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