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We are deep into
the heart of the store, and I can see Julie ahead of me. So this is always tricky trying
to do shopping for each other when you’re trying to also
hide from each other. Shari! Oh stuck, hide. Go! Go! You can’t look. [Julie reading scriptures] [Abby reading scriptures] It looks good. You’re doing a great job. Now what? Okay, so then you’re
going to do the arms. If you can do your laundry
and iron your own shirts, you’re going to be
just fine in this world. You can set yourself up
for an interview. You’re just gonna
be great, Chad. Now is the most important part
is you have to unplug the iron, and go put the iron
in a safe spot while it cools. Go unplug it and put
it up on the shelf. You caught me, you guys… This is kind of a sight. I have decided to start
wearing these silk caps because my hair
is getting so long, and it gets just dry, and the ends get brittle, and
they’ve started breaking off. In an attempt to keep
my hair healthy, I’m starting to wear these caps. The only complaint I have is
that this hair band right here, breaks off these little
hairs in the front, and that’s not cool at all. So I tried to wear it down
so it doesn’t, and then I just look ridiculous. I had my eyebrows touched up. They’re a little dark, but then they’ll fade
to half of this, so it’s not going to end up
being and staying this dark. I decided to clean out
my fridge and freezer, and we’re going to get
some fresh food, and I’m going to like rededicate
myself to making dinners. I like get really good
at making dinners for a week, and then we kind of eat
not so good for a week, and it’s an ebb and flow with me. It’s a shame. And I want a new best friend,
tiny just like Sofia. You want a tiny friend like
Sofia to be your best friend? I saw the video
where Sophia had a small best friend. So I want to be– I want have a small friend too. This is Eve’s Christmas list. You open it up, and she’s put her name
next to everything she thinks would be fun. I really want my own… Best friend all year. Yes. And if you got a best
friend for Christmas, that would work. No. But we’re not getting toys. Eve has made
this little panorama because her brother made one. We have snakes and anteaters. Did you glue those
all by yourself? Yeah, and Julie. Oh, that’s nice
of her to help you. But in the wake
of the art project, we have glue and dirt and sand, and all kinds
of mess on the table. Will you help me clean this up? Say, yes Mama, I’ll help. Come on! [inaudible]. Come on! Oh, she loves it. She loves them. Oh my gosh, she– Don’t mind the huge stack of
paper towels and toilet paper. It’s a normal everyday thing
at everyone’s house, right? Stack a toilet paper
on their front porch. Here. Then go, lift up! Okay. Well, toilet paper isn’t normal. I know french fries are normal. I’m covered in dog hair. It’s disgusting. Hi, is Abby still
in the front office? Or– Can I talk to her for a second? Hey, I just wanted to find out
how you felt since I, since I talked to you last. Are you feeling worse,
better, or the same? And you haven’t thrown up? How bad is it? Can you just stay at the school and lay
in the nurse’s office until school gets out? Yeah, because the rule
is you have to be really sick to come home. Because otherwise, I’m driving a
hundred miles a day, and it’s just not practical. So you have to be like throwing up or dying
for me to come get you. So, go back to class. Okay. Bye. Is this one mine? This one’s yours. No, Shari likes the nice one,
naughty and nice. But… Ew, I’d rather die. Meowy Christmas. Meow.>>Meow.
>>Meow Christmas. This one–>>I mean, it’s just too–
>>I’d would rather wore that one. It’s too small on you. I’m the same size as Abby and Julie. It’s a size 10. ## this could fit me. Okay. I got my reindeer one. Yes. Wait, which one is mine though? This one? Hey Mom. This one was Eve’s. Eve, wear this one. Eve, hear you go!>>Do you like that one?
>>That could fit me too. [inaudible] bunny, yay! That could literally fit on me. He puts his arm [inaudible] Do you want to take off
your white shirt first? He’s like, nah, it’s fine. This one was for Dad. But it’s big enough
you could wear it me. Me? No, I’m good. Ew. Nope, good bye! Okay, so then Julie
wears the kitty cat. You like cats. No, I don’t.>>You– You’re obsessed with them.
>>Which one are you wearing Abby?>>That was a year ago. Abby, have this one. Yeah, I like that one. So you need a different one? Yeah, I don’t even like cats anymore. That was like a year ago. Okay. Bye! Wait, who’s going with who? Abby? Let’s go Abby! I’m going with you Mom. We are deep into the heart of the store, and I can see Julie ahead of me. So this is always tricky trying
to do shopping for each other when you’re trying to also
hide from each other. Shari! Oh sh– Duck! Hide. Eve. You guys don’t want
to be seen, remember?>>Can you guys please–
>>And I have Abby, and I saw Abby,>>and we don’t want her–
>>I know. So we don’t want her to see
what’s in our cart. So we kind of have
to play tricky. I am having a really hard time helping Russell think
of what to get for Abby. Abby’s gonna be 12 the spring. She doesn’t necessarily love
doing anything with her hands other than the harp. Like one year,
she really wanted to loom rug. She got a loom rug. She didn’t do anything
with the loom rug. One year, she
got a cross stitch, and the cross stitch sat lonely
and forlorn all year long till she donated it. She doesn’t necessarily
play with anything. She likes to read. She reads a lot. So maybe a book
would be a good idea. If you have any ideas
for 12 year old, let me know because I’m going to have
a few more 12 year old girls in the house
for the years to come. I think they’re kind of hard. Oh, that’s cool. These are not [inaudible]. There [inaudible] stuff. Oh, I used to have one
of these when I was litte. Russell, do you
still like trucks? You haven’t grown
out of trucks yet? You still like them?>>Yeah?
>>I like cars. Look at your face light up. I want one of these. Oh, wow, I didn’t think I’d see these. So the 12 days of socks, I didn’t know this was
a thing until my friend Mindy McKnight from
Cute Girls Hairstyles, she did an Instastory…. Just slipper. Where she pretty much brought every
12 days of socks Target have. They have like the princess ones, and the idea is that every day counting down to Christmas, you get
a new pair of socks. I think I know to get Julie. There’s hearts on their bellies, and then you put them on the nose, and then the bellies grow! I think I know what to get Julie. You want to get Julie a Hatchimals? Yeah, and look, those are
stuff that baby Ella would love. Who’s baby Ella? Oh, your baby? She’s still thinking
about a baby. Are you shopping for Russell? Yeah. And like I’m would be so
good at this if this was a girl, but I can’t shop for a boy. So I just found
a whole bunch of trucks. They seemed really
too little for him. But he was in love with them. Where? They were over in the clothing section, across from the little girls. There’s a whole little stand of like, you touch them,
and they would like make noise. He says he’s totally
into trucks and airplanes. If you could even find a book on trucks and airplanes,
do that, it would be awesome. So that’s, that’s– I’m just sending
you on your way,>>but–
>>We don’t know what to get chad either. Chad. He’s hard. Look in the men’s department… For clothes? No, like… Like what would you find
in the men’s department?>>I don’t know.
>>We’ll find him a book. No, don’t get him a book. The kids keep coming
and finding me. Okay, I need your help. Is this her size? Who? Eve’s. That’s way too big. Oh, oh my heck. She’s love it.>>Yeah. So this…
>>Really?>>Yeah. That’s the–
>>There’s a small. Eve is a size 5 or extra small. This is a medium. This is a medium. Really? She’s not that big? No. Are you kidding? I promise. Ren and Stimpy,
that was my idea. Shari. I know what she wants. I know what she wants. Perfect. Is that it? Yeah, that’s it. Okay.>>Well..
>>That is– She’s right there. Go go go. You can’t look. Go over here. Mom. Totally for Shari.>>She’s gonna hate that.
>>No, she’s not. She will hate that. I’m telling you. She won’t like it. Shari doesn’t want toys,
you’re in the wrong aisle. I promise. But it’s funny, so let’s get it. Okay, so we got all
of our Christmas shopping done, and right now I am wrapping
some of Shari’s presents. And so thanks for
watching today’s video, and we’ll see you next time. Bye.