(energetic music)
(car tires screeching) – Wahoo! (car engines zooming) – Aw, come on Chase. I know you’re faster than that. (grunting) First born, first place. That’s how it’s always been. That’s how it’ll always
be little brother. – Not today. (engine revving) (energetic music) – Oh, I’ve got an idea. How about some cobras? (laughing maniacally) – Woowee, that’s
faster than fast. Moss! (engines revving)
(energetic music) – There’s tire shop, there’s
no way he’ll win now. – [Older Brother] Oh, check
your six little brother. – Huh? Where is he? – [Older Brother] Look up. – What, no way! – Sorry, little brother,
maybe next time. – New News. Creatures have been
spotted in Hot Wheel City. They’re stealing
auto parts and fuel. But, for what? Our sheriff is on the case. (dramatic music) (car screeching) (growling) – [Police On Radio]
Unit 14 clear. – Oh, sheriff. This jails getting full. You worried? – Of course not. This is the most secure
jail in Hot Wheel City. (snake hissing) (dramatic music) (cars screeching) Look out! (intense music) – We need help! – Call the guys! (squeaking) – You missed a spot. (radio crackling) – [Radio] Elliott,
Chase, come in. – Go for Elliott. – We’ve got a problem. (dramatic music) – Let me guess. Cobras in a car? – [Radio] How’d you know? – Don’t worry,
we’re on it sheriff. (engines revving)
(tires screeching) (playful music) (crying) They’re headed
for the tire shop. – Let’s wedge ’em in there. (tires screeching) (engines revving) (cars swooshing) (dramatic music) – Well, that didn’t work. It’s raining rubber. (crash) Just waxed it. (smash) (dinging bell) (sirens) (car screeching) (water spraying) (sirens) (playful music) – Gotta say this
for Hot Wheel City. (woman screams)
It’s never boring. – Soon, I’ll have everything
I need to super charge my evil creatures.
(laughing maniacally) (screaming) (tire bouncing) (glass crashing) – Oh, no. Not my cobras. (dramatic music) (rock music)