Configuring Google Sitemap in ShopSite is easy to do. Let’s do both the ShopSite
configuration and the Google configuration at the same time. First, go to Merchandising>Google
Services. Then click on Sitemap. Begin the Setup Wizard and copy the URL found in Step 1. Then
click on Go to Google Tools. You’ll need to sign
into your Google account and, before doing this site map, will have
to verify your website. Click on “Add a site” and paste the URL you copied in Step 1. Then click on
Continue. Change the upload type to HTML file and copy the name of that HTML file. Then return to ShopSite. paste the name of the HTML file you copied, then continue on to Step 3. In Step 3, copy the google-sitemap.xml then complete the Setup Wizard in ShopSite. Return now to Google. and Verify the website and then click on
“Submit a sitemap” and paste the google-sitemap.xml that you’d copied. You’re now done. This completes the video
tutorial for configuring Google Sitemap.