– Ooh, that beard is in full effect today. So everybody knows you can get pretty much whatever you want online. From clothing, to groceries, to double-sided dildos. What? But recently I came across some stuff online, that is just incredibly unique and crazy. And I’m not talking
about like unique stuff that people make on Etsy like, “Oh look, I made a pillow. Buy my pillow.” No, I’m talking about stuff that I didn’t even know existed. So I wanted to go through some of the craziest and coolest stuff that I found online with you guys. Glow in the dark toilet paper. How many times have you been dropping a deuce and the power goes out? Okay, well probably not that many but the one time that it does go out you’ll be really glad you had this stuff. You might not wanna buy too much of it though because
it’s five dollars a roll and that’s some really expensive caca. Expensive poo poo. The Flying (beep). This one just made me laugh when I saw it. You know how some people are like, “I don’t give a flying (beep).” Well now, for the first time in your life you can literally give a flying (beep). Perhaps, as a gift. Although you wouldn’t want to give this to the kiddies as a gift, it’s not really kiddie-appropriate. LED Shoelaces. Holy shit, are these things cool. Are you kidding me?
This is like every kid’s wet dream is to have glowing shoelaces, and probably even some adults. I know I got excited. I’m
pretty excited right now. In fact I gotta go change my pants. No for real though, I don’t even care if these are for kids. Like, I’m 27 and even I would wear these, I’d be the cock of the block
if I wore these things. ♫ They see me walking, I’m glowing ♫ That hurt my knees, oh my god, I’m frail. (squawks) The Super Mario Question Block Lamp. I want one of these for my place so freaking bad, you don’t even know. This lamp is a replica of those blocks that Mario use to punch and in fact, that’s how you turn this bitch on, is that you actually
punch the bottom of it and it turn’s on. This is possibly the ultimate
conversation starter. I just want one for my
place so that I can feel like Mario coming home everyday after a long day of plumbing. And not only does it look
cool but it actually makes the coin sound every
time you punch it like (ding) Ah, ♫ memories ♫ Wearable sleeping bags. This is another really
really cool concept. I can’t even tell you how many times that I’ve been sleeping out of the house with a sleeping bag and got no sleep because the sleeping bag just got all crunched up and uncomfortable and wrapped around my jiggly bits. What? No, but really though, you know how sleeping bags are never really quite comfortable, they kind of get wrapped around your legs and you lose sleep because of it and you end up kind of laying back like No-can’t get-uncomfortable! Kicking that poor sleeping
bag, shame on you. To me this is just an ingenious invention. Like, it’s kind of what you would get if a sleeping bag and a Snuggie had a kid. If lifeless, inanimate
fabric could reproduce. The Magic Wand TV Remote. Hear that? That’s the sound of Harry Potter fans fapping all over the world. Fap, fap, fap, fap,
fap, fap, fap, fap, fap. It’s really cool actually, this wand acts as a remote for your
TV that’s activated by a flick of your wrist. So if you wanna change the channel, you just go (pshew) and there’s other gestures and stuff like turn it on and off and there’s no buttons on the whole thing. It’s actually really cool technology. Custom made Lightsabers. Oh yes, these exist. For $500 you can get an
exact replica lightsaber with a 36 inch polycarbonate
LED blade that can withstand full contact full speed dueling. This is clearly a must for Star Wars fans although, really who would wanna spend $500 on a Lightsaber? – Take my money. – The Dolphin Power Boat. “To think like a dolphin you must get inside the dolphin’s head when communicating and then he’s up on the tail (dolphin sounds)”. That was a little “Ace Ventura” reference in case you didn’t catch it. This thing is wicked cool. It’s like a cross between
a submarine and a jet ski. It goes 40 miles per hour above water and 20 miles per hour below water. This has to be, by far, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen for travelling across water. But if I could afford one of these, I would definitely get
the Shark model for, no other reason than they would just be funny as hell to scare the piss out of people. “Oh, what a lovely day out at the beach with my family, I think
I’ll go in the water, Oh mama no!” And finally and by far the most expensive on this list, is the Diesel-Powered Mech Warrior. Custom made in Japan, this thing obeys your voice commands and even can be controlled
manually if you sit in it. This thing comes with
every possible gadget on it that you could possibly imagine but I have no idea if this
thing is legal to have domestically ’cause you can have a freaking gun on it. But what could you
really ever do with this thing domestically except maybe have your neighbors respect you more. Hey Jim, you steal my morning paper again. – [Jim] Oh yeah? So what
you going to do about it? (Japanese string music) (machine noises) – [Jim] Okay, sorry, I give back. – So those are just but a small sample of some of the crazy and amazing things that I saw that you can buy online and if you want to check out more just Google ‘cool’ or ‘amazing things that
you can buy online’ and if you’re really lazy I put some links in the description to some of the cool websites that I found if you wanna check them out. And that’s it. Remember to click Like and Subscribe and share this video if you liked it and I will see you guys next Saturday. – Hey uh, did you order the Lightsaber? – Dude, I’m trying to end the video. – Oh, okay. (sighs) But you’ll order it
when you’re done, right? – Yes! – Okay. (sighs) – Ahahaha The caffeine just kicked in! (slurping) Poo poo. Poo poo. Expensive poo poo.