Today, I’m demonstrating how Google Sites can be used to create a simple website for communicating information to both students and parents We’ll begin at where you’ll click the + sign to create a new site. Then we’ll select a theme. Next, we’ll set up the home page. We need to name it and add some information about our class. You can adjust the positioning of the text boxes by dragging, and choose what kind of banner style you would like to have on your website. At the top right you’ll click “Insert” to add some elements to the page. or you can double-click to do a quick add anywhere on the page. In our next step, we’ll add more pages. Here I’ll add a couple of pages for classes. On my individual class page, I want to make sure that my parents and students can see the syllabus and calendar for each of the classes because that’s where they get most of their information for the semester. You can add any calendar, as long as it’s part of your Google Calendar, and size it how you need to. I’ll click the settings cog and hide the title and change it to monthly view so it looks a little bit better on the page. Then drag and drop to get it in exactly the right spot where I want it to be. Next, I’ll add my syllabus. I have access to my Drive directly from here so I never have to leave Google Sites to do this. I’ll search “syllabus” because I’ve named it well, and add that to the page. Viewers will be able to scroll through this document directly in the web page. Next, I’m going to make a page that has information about me as the instructor. I’ll click the ellipses and choose to hide this from view. So that way it doesn’t clutter up my main menu. I’ll add a text box for our link, but also click the palette on the left-hand side to change its appearance. Then all you have to do is highlight the text, choose link, then the page that you want to link to. On my about I’ll add a picture as well as a text box to put some information about me. We’ll give our website a name and preview it to see what it looks like from the viewer side on either a tablet or phone. And there you have your class website. All you have to do is click “Publish” and choose your audience. Thank you for watching. I look forward to seeing your wonderful websites!