Over half of websites don’t have a content
plan. The rest of website owners have general content
plans that are similar to a 1000 other Arelevant websites. Only a tiny percent of websites have exit
content plan for the whole year. All websites need to have content plan. In this video, I’ll tell you exactly how you
need to create a content plan that you bring traffic and sales. Stay tuned, the best part is coming. What’s up guys, Anatolii’s here. Before watching this video, don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and like this video. You know, 10 years in SEO, I always speak
with all my clients, new clients, and I usually highlight, but we can start because I want
to highlight our benchmark. And the main reason why I usually do it because
I want to increase traffic and sales for my clients. And many of my clients come to me from other
SEO agencies, freelancers, and they always asked me why they can’t get organic traffic
even if they spent three, five years in SEO field. Some of them even have high-quality content,
and they can’t get organic traffic. Yeah, it’s a big question for them, but not
for me because I know that you can’t use standard SEO methods. For example, if you use some checklist or
guides, you need to understand that thousand other people use this, the same guides. And the best way you need to take their ideas
and think how you can use these ideas differently for your project or, for example, highlight
what works for your projects and what doesn’t work. Yep, it’s important. And the main problem with many clients that
they don’t have exact content plan, they try to promote general keywords. And for example, they use some tools like
SEMrush, ahrefs, type their keywords, and after this, when they see high volume keywords,
they think, “Oh yeah, I can promote these keywords, create better content than my competitors
have and promote this keyword.” And they spent a few years, and they can’t
get results because they try to outrank big competitors like Amazon, Best Buy, and many
other websites even if they have better content than some websites in the top 10. It’s important don’t try to outrank big websites,
Amazon, Wikipedia, other website, and especially if you start from zero, if you don’t have
any authority, trustworthiness from your customers and visitors. It’s important to find another way. And my first tip, “Don’t try to outrank big
websites and skip high volume and difficult key words”. For example, in SEMrush, ahrefs, or MOZ, you
can find some parameter keyword difficulty. It’s important if you see that this parameter
is high for more than 10, because they usually estimate this parameter from zero to 100,
just skip the words that have a parameter more than 10, especially to start from zero. For example, if you have some authority, yeah,
why not? You can think how to promote this keyword. But if you don’t have any traffic, you need
to understand that it’s important to get some authority, only after this, you can try to
take this keywords, and the most important, don’t take a high volume and competitive keywords
for a new website, it’s better to find another way. And this brings me to the next tip. The next problem with a new website that they
try to promote commercial pages and commercial keywords. Of course, everybody thinks about sales, how
they can get profit from their activity, and yeah, because sales pay our bills, but you
know, for a new website, you don’t need to pay attention for your sales, and even to
forget about your sales in the first year because it’s difficult to get organic traffic,
if you don’t have informational pages, even 70% of customers will buy from brands if they
have informational pages, like blog, any other type of content, but perhaps it can be webinars,
audio podcast, it depends. And you need to find your own way before trying
to sell. For example, I remember Facebook, when they
can earn $1 million on advertisement, they decided to wait to earn $1 billion. Many websites started to help people to bring
value, and after this, they get loyal audience and traffic, they started to sell their products. For example, just imagine, how you can sell
your products from a tiny people that visit your website? If you have less than 100 people per day that
visit your website, can you sell your products to them? It’s difficult to monetize your website. It’s better to wait when you can get 1000
people every day. And after this, you can think, “Oh yeah, that’s
enough to monetize my products.” And it’s the biggest problem with many new
websites, they tried to create commercial pages and sell their products. Skip it. In the first year, just bring value, help
people, and forget about money, just go ahead only with help. After this, when you get enough traffic, when
you get loyal audience, you can think, “Oh okay, I can sell my products.” For example, at different sales forums or
pop-up windows, it depends on your content. For example, even to have commercial pages
because visitors usually when they read blogs, they can go to other pages just to buy your
products. You need to understand that many customers,
they will not buy from brands if they don’t know them. You need to meet seven times to different
customers. Only after this they will buy your products. It’s important, you know, to create blog content,
blog posts. Because according to a study done by Brian
Dean, the length of content in the top 10 has 1890 words. Yep, it’s related to blog posts. It’s important today for new websites, for
any brands, even big brands, all of them have blog. And what you need to do find informational
keywords for the first year and forget about commercial pages, just bring value, help people,
and only after this, you can think how you can monetize your product and get your result. This brings me to my next tip. My fourth tip is to use websites like QUORA
and Reddit. You know, on the internet, 96% of all users,
they usually check Google or other search systems if they want to find replies to their
questions. But you know, in Google, you can’t find everything,
you can’t find them answers to all your questions because Google doesn’t have all this content. And after this, people go to different forums
and websites like Quora, Questions Answers to find the answers. And it’s important for you to check the subsites
because people ask a lot of questions there and reading these questions and even you can
find replies to these questions, you need to convert all this information to blog post
and submit to your website. And after this, Google might rank your website
when people ask the same questions. Yep, it’s simple. You don’t need to use any tools like SEMrush,
ahrefs, MOZ, just find a load of questions and answers, convert them to more editable
interesting form, bring more value to this information, and submit to your website. You can add some pictures, other visual information,
and yep, it helps to promote your blog from scratch and to get your traffic. According to Google, 15% of all keywords appear
every day, that means Google doesn’t have replies to all these questions. And even big brands, they have own content
plan, they don’t have time to pay attention to all keywords because they need to create
their own product, to check their website, you know, to refresh some information there,
it’s difficult to cover everything. And Yep, it’s a big chance for you. Don’t try to compete with other websites. Just find interesting ideas in Quora and Reddit,
and submit all this information to your website. This brings me to my next tip. Tip number four is to “Find outdated content”. Brian Dean created this strategy, it’s called
“The Skyscraper Technique” and what you need to do to find content that have traffic today,
but information is outdated because, you know, many websites, they don’t have time to refresh
all this information because they have own content plan, and it’s difficult to refresh
other blog posts, especially if they bring a traffic today, they don’t see any problems
there. It’s your chance to find this interesting
content that get a lot of traffic and create something new, more interesting, add more
value and actual information. What you need to do, I usually use ahrefs,
at that point, you can use SEMrush. and there, in content explorer, you need to type your
keyword and click search. And after this, you have many different type
of content, use filters less than 1000 words, you can eliminate keyword difficulty, you
can limit domain rating of websites. For example, I usually use less than 40 about
keyword difficulty or domain rating. And yep, it helps me to find some interesting
content that was created a few years ago. Yeah, you can add one more filter that this
content was created more than three years ago, for example, in 2014, or 2015, it’s like
this. And yep, when you can find all this content,
you need to check them, to read this content and think how you can create something better,
more interesting that brings more value. And Google, after this, when you create this
content and submit, Google will check your content and might outrank outdated content
because content is the number one ranking factor, for example, if outdated content have
a lot of backlinks, but if your content is more relevant, more interesting, and answer
more questions for users, yeah, it helps to promote your content. And after this, you need to use outreach to
website owners that have backlinks to outdated content, and tell them, “You know, I have
better content that brings more value to your visitors, and if you can replace the link
to my content.” Yep, it’s a famous strategy, it works. And the most important, just find content,
create something better, bring more value, and provide outreach, Skyscraper technique
to get backlinks to your website. Tip number five, “Speak with your existing
customers”. If you have customers, perhaps it might be
offline customers or anybody else, speak to them because they can tell you of what they
want to find. And many big websites, big brands, they usually
speak with their customers to understand what they can create to their customers. And for example, even Google has a load of
data from Google Analytics, Google console, Google Chrome, any other type of information. They usually ask people about problems on
their website, even they pay money for Android users if they can find some problems on their
content. Because, you know, it’s important sometimes
even to make one call to your customer, bring more value and interesting information, then
you can analyze a lot of metrics, a lot of studies because customers can tell directly
what type of problem they have, and what you need to do, how you can satisfy their intent,
decide their problems. And if you have customers, speak to them,
speak more often and think how you can decide their problems because if you decide problem
to one of your customer, you need to understand many customers have similar problems, and
it helps to promote your website from scratch and even to bring value. That’s it for today. Thanks for watching my video. If you have additional questions, ask me in
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and yeah, it helps you to be a better marketer. See you next time. Cheers.