– Ahh.
(loud hammer banging) Nope.
– [Kyle] Whoa. – That’s it, that’s it, no. So right now we’re about
to start the Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday Challenge. Where basically I have five
minutes, an unlimited budget, and all I have is my iPad 3 right here. So what I’m gonna do is
hop on into the Amazon app, start the timer, and try to
find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which
I’ll leave linked down below because there is still time. And the name of the game is
to spend as much of the budget as we can before the timer
runs out, and here we go. Alright, five minutes starts now. Okay, okay, okay, c’mon. iPad’s at 3%, lets hope it doesn’t die. In the Amazon app, bam,
hit with the Echo Dot. 20, 20 bucks off, sure I’ll take that. I have no idea how much I’m
gonna spend in this video. I don’t wanna spend more than
like a few hundred bucks. But if the deals are
there, the deals are there. What else? Okay, I have a Nintendo
Switch, it doesn’t have a case. Nine bucks, let’s go. A pillow massager, 23% claimed. Sure hit me with it. What else they got? Oh dude this iPad 3 is lagging so hard. A Fire 7 for 30 bucks? Sure, I’ll take a tablet for 30 bucks. – [Kyle] Four minutes.
– No, I feel the pressure. I don’t know why I feel the
pre, alright, alright, alright. Come on, hook it up, hook it up. We’re at 1%, oh wow. Alright I gotta get a
charger in here dude. This thing’s gonna die. I feel like I’m slacking,
the iPad’s slacking. Where, where are all the good deals? Oh, camcorder for 39 bucks, sure. Sure we’ll check it out. This is a lot harder than I was expecting. Power bank with lightning
and micro USB, add to cart. Love saving 68% off. I don’t think I’m actually
saving that much money. USB wifi adapter? Let’s pick that up, that’s interesting. 12 bucks, that’s gonna come in handy sometime later on in my
life, I know it will. This iPad is dying. Alright, we’re gonna
get this mini keyboard. 12 bucks, sure, that’s
a real mini keyboard. 1% claimed, ya’ll are missing
out, wait no, hold up. We’re gonna have to
remove it from the cart. We’re getting the
Bluetooth one for 12 bucks. Real deals, gimme some real deals here. – [Kyle] Last minute. – Oh no, oh a mechanical
keyboard for 18 bucks? Yes, sir. Gimme something good,
gimme something good. – [Kyle] 45 seconds. – Come on, gimme something
good, iPad please cooperate. Please cooperate here. Alright, we gotta head to checkout, we’re gonna have to head to checkout. No, gimme something, one other thing. Sure, screen protector for six
bucks, proceed to checkout. Oh no, no, no, no, no.
– [Kyle] Two, one. – Alright, we’re already at
checkout, this iPad’s too slow. (timer beeping) Jeez, I’m upset, I’m more
upset with myself right now. I didn’t do it in five minutes, I’mma be the first one to tell you that. Got everything ready to
go, finally, 259 bucks. Place order. And just like that we
just got as many deals as we could find within five
minutes on the Amazon app. Let’s wait for everything to come. – [Announcer] Three hours later. – So it’s been a little bit, and I think, I’m just checking my Amazon app right now. Oh wow, they’re here, what, no way. They flew this thing in via
drone for your boy, whoa. Almost took out an iPhone in the process. So here’s everything we picked up for Amazon Cyber Monday
and Black Friday sales. We spend 260 bucks, got
three boxes worth of stuff. I think there’s like
nine to 10 items in here. I don’t really know,
drop a like on this video if you guys picked up
anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and let’s jump on in. (knife cutting through tape) Oh that was nice, nothing
like cutting towards yourself. Safety first. Whoa baby, I am, YouFu, that’s
how I’m feeling right now. If you guys wanna check
out any of these deals I’ll leave a link down below. I think they’re still available. That’s why you have
notifications on right. I mean, they might not be, wow
this keyboard looks awesome. Okay, this massage pillow. I don’t even know which one to open first. Let’s go with the battery bank. The fist thing we’re checking
out is this battery bank. I forgot how much I picked
up all this stuff for, so remember links below,
let’s see what this is. (contents of box shaking) You’re such a spaz, dog. Alright, welp if we’re
already making a mess we might as well full send it. So it’s like your normal battery pack, but the cool thing about it
is, is it has built-in cables. So you got a lightening
cable, good to go in there, and then I think it’s micro, yes it is, micro USB, right here. 10,000 milliamp hours? So what, that’ll charge
my iPhone 10 up like three times, three, four times. And you just hit what, the
power button on the side here. I mean it’s not rocket science. So we got a built in light,
and then another USB. Kind of a solid deal. These things come in handy and you can never have enough of them. Facts, word to ya motha. This looks sweet, the digital
video camera recorder. I was hyping this up when I found this. You can never go wrong
with an extra video camera. Wow, I have not seen
RCA cables in a second. Whoa, I love the video cameras. You can always just use your iPhone, but there’s nothing more authentic than an actual video camera. This thing is finicky,
I see why it was a deal, I’m starting to see why. Wow, we are on low battery right now, but we’re gonna try to sneak a clip off. We’re recording. – [Kyle] Ooh, pass it over
here, I’ll show everybody what’s it like versus our actual camera. – Yo, should we go
skateboarding or something? Like yo.
– [Kyle] Yeah. – Get some skate tricks in. Look like a potato? – [Kyle] Uh, yeah, it kinda
looks potato-ish for sure. ♪ A potato flew around my room ♪ – I think it shoots 720p? But at least we got a
case, and a belt holster. Throw that right there, whip it on out. Let’s go do some skate tricks. I’ll go grab the Boosted Board. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna send the Boosted Board, with the camera taped on,
all the way down the hall, and if it stays on you’re
dropping a like on this video. If it doesn’t, dislike,
you can leave, unsub, I would understand. And I’m gonna jump on
too, I’m gonna jump on. Last year around this
time I did break my arm, so this could be the one year. We’re flying, Jack from the Titanic. (electric skateboard whirring) We did it, yes! So that camcorder is a definite win. This I couldn’t pass up on, it’s an Echo Dot for just 30 bucks. I already have an Amazon
Echo, oh baby there we go. We’re using the power bank from
the first item that we got. It’s powered up the Echo Dot. Oh there we go, there we
go, now we’re cooking. (exhales a sigh of relief) Spidey reflexes there. Alexa, what’s the weather like? – [Alexa] Right now in
Riverside it’s 87 degrees with clear skies and sun. – That was pretty easy to set up. For like 30 bucks you have an Alexa now. It’s TechSmartt approved, baby. So Matt actually has our Nintendo Switch, he’s just chilling with it in New York. So basically I picked this up,
when he comes and visits next he’s gonna get this case
for the Nintendo Switch. So just imagine that we
have a Nintendo Switch right here right now. You need a Nintendo Switch
or it’s just not the same. It looks like a good case though. Oh dude I’m stoked to check
out this keyboard, alright. Cuz you know it’s the
year 2017, oh my, wow! This multicolor mechanical keyboard, if this thing works I’mma be hype. Here we go, here we go,
here we go, the big moment. And honestly I love having
this brush cuz I keep a half a bag of Doritos in
my keyboard at all times. Oh, hey wheat’s up guys, it’s
like I’m a box of Wheaties. Okay, it’s not a mechanical keyboard, I don’t hear any response on it so it’s just like a standard
keyboard, is it (laughs). I’m dead, it says mechanical
feeling USB keyboard. It is definitely not
a mechanical keyboard. I shoulda read that, it
feels good, I don’t mind it. It’s a win. This next thing here is a wifi adapter, and why this is awesome is some
computers they don’t have it or if you’re just wanting
to build your own laptop. My MacBook has a wifi adapter
so what I wanna try out, and I don’t know if this is gonna work, is when I plug this in,
do we get better speeds? I don’t think it works that way. If it works that way we’re all winning. If I have to plug this
CD in to get it to work it’s a no buy, I’m not
letting you guys buy this one. So it doesn’t look like a light’s
coming on or it’s working, it probably does actually work, but with the MacBook already having one, just not gonna cook it in
this video, no cooking. The ideal mate for your tablet device. Make you life more colorful. That’s the kinda girl I’m
looking for right now. So we got a mini wireless keyboard. Let’s see what this is about. It’s jelly, oh that is jelly for sure. Yo, it says jelly on
the back, I like this. Is that a touch pad in the middle too? It’s like a mouse, whoa-kay. We’re connected just like that. Let’s go in here and see if
this works, alright here we go. Hey, oh my, this might
be the greatest product from the entire video, feels
like a regular keyboard. Do you guys remember those Sidekicks, what is was like the Sidekick, right Kyle? Slide that thing on up,
you kick it, you stick it. Or the BlackBerries, those were hype. I had one of those too. Let me know in the comments
if you guys had a BlackBerry. This thing’s hot, micro USB at the bottom. Just keep this in your
backpack at all times, you got a keyboard. So this is the iPhone screen protector that somehow go loose in shipping. What’s interesting is on the front it says items better, life better. It’s like better pizza, better
ingredients, Papa John’s. I don’t even need to open it, it’s slipping right on out of the box. Let’s see if this really
does protect your iPhone. Oh and the privacy screen is
built on it, I’m liking it. This is gonna be the worst install ever. Just finesse it, just finesse, finesse. So here’s what I wanna do, I got a hammer. It does not say it’s
hammer proof by any means. I don’t want you guys
getting the wrong idea, but I just wanna see if
I just do one big hit if it’s gonna crack my iPhone 7, please don’t crack my iPhone
7, really don’t want that, or if it’s gonna hold on up. (loud hammer banging) I’m not even gonna chance it after that. Do we do it a second time,
or are we pushing our luck? – [Kyle] I say do it a second time. – One more time.
– [Kyle] Oh! – Alright, alright, that’s
it, that’s it, there we go! This thing was like,
what six, eight, bucks? And it’ll keep your stuff
safe, privacy features. One more time.
(crew chatting in background) Just one more time, if this breaks though, if this is what breaks it, ahh. (loud hammer banging) Nope.
– [Kyle] Oh! – That’s it, that’s it, no. (piano music with loud hammer banging) So when I was doing all the
shopping I was really hyped because I’ve never tried
out a Fire tablet before. I think this was what,
like 30 bucks, oh baby. Just pull that tab, doesn’t
feel like I’m getting a tablet, but we’re getting a tablet. So the Fire 7 is all powered on. I mean it’s not bad, it responds. I don’t really know what I could say, like can’t say it’s better
than an iPad cuz it’s not. It’s not even fair to
compare it to an iPad, but probably the best buy
next to the video camera. The last thing in this haul
that caught me by surprise, caught everyone by surprise here, the shiatsu massage pillow with heat. Alright, that’s a good start. We got some humps, sticking out the side, those are the massagers. So here are the different areas of uses. We got the arm, the thigh,
the upper back, the calf, who’s gonna put this on their cow? Like come on, be real here. The four deep kneading
massage nodes do wonders to alleviate soreness
and muscle tightness. Oh wow, that, that feels nice. I’m gonna say it’s a win. I’m gonna say this is
worth it for your car if it doesn’t already have
built-in massage chairs, cuz that’s a thing on some
cars these days (laughs). That’s pretty much it for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday video. Let me know in the comments
if you guys want me to do another five minute Amazon challenge. Make sure you hit subscribe with notice on if you’re new around here, and let me know in the comments if you’re just joining the notif squad. Follow us on Instagram so you’re checking out that Insta Story,
and I’ll see you guys later. Peace.