ONE OF THE LAST STATES WITH TAX-FREE SHOPPING ON AMAZON IS NEW MEXICO… BUT THOSE DAYS ARE NOW NUMBERED. TODAY… THE STATE ANNOUNCED THE ONLINE RETAIL GIANT WILL COLLECT SALES TAXES. NEWS 13’S AARON DRAWHORN HAS MORE. Mona: “We try to carry a lot of local products.” DURAN’S CENTRAL PHARMACY HAS BEEN AN INSTITUTION FOR AWHILE. Mona: “It’s been around for 75 years.” DRUGS, DINING, GIFTS, NECESSITITES AND MORE — LONG BEFORE ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THE INTERNET OR AMAZON. Mona: “We’ve got a lot of great soaps from Italy.” OWNER MONA GHATTAS’ BUSINESS HAS BEEN DEALING WITH THE AFFLICTION OF INTERNET COMPETITION. Mona: “It’s very hard. It’s very hard.” Mona: “So many people buy off Amazon when they would buy from local businesses, they could keep that money in our economy.” AND IT’S BEEN TAX-FREE. A DEAL FOR THE MONEY-SAVING CONSUMER… BUT OUR STATE THAT’S FINANCIALLY HEMORRHAGING… NEEDED A CURE-ALL. NOW AMAZON PURCHASES WILL BE TAXED AT 5.125 PERCENT, STARTING APRIL 1, BRINGING IN TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO THE STATE. Mona:”That just shows you how many people buy off Amazon.” WHILE MANY SHOPPERS WILL FLOOD THE SITE THIS MONTH TO AVOID PAYING MORE MONEY… OTHERS…. Aryn Seiler: “I buy books on Amazon.” … BELIEVE IT’S TIME. Aryn: “They should be taxing what I’m buying on Amazon. I think you should be taxed on purchases in a state that taxes purchases.” Reporter: “As more people go online to shop, despite the changing tax situation, the advantage of a brick and mortar store is that you have the ability to see an item, to pick it up, hold it, even smell it.” “If you buy glasses, it’s hard to buy off the Internet. You want to try them own.” WITH THE AMAZON TAX HAVEN ENDING… THIS AGREEMENT COULD LEVEL THE SALES TAX PLAYING FIELD. AARON DRAWHORN, KRQE NEWS 13. SOME OF THE REVENUE WILL GO INTO THE STATE’S GENERAL FUND. THE REST WILL BE ALLOCATED TO THE CITIES WHERE THE ITEM WAS PURCHASED. NO ONE