We are very proud to announce our new delivery today service In our thirteen year history this is one of our biggest milestones With this step we’re going to bring personalisation of gifts to the next level Delivered today, ordered tomorrow! That’s the slogan of our new service where your receive your gift before you’ve ordered them We’ve managed to combine a product recommendation algorithm with a custom machine learning algorithm, that predicts what kind of personalisation you would like and what would be the best time to receive this gift, based on any upcoming occasions For example if we notice you’ve ordered a birthday gift for someone last year We’ve got enough data about either you or the recipient to determine what product and personalisation would be most appropriate We can generate the perfect gift for them. Even if you’ve forgotten The gift is then made by our production department and arrives on your doorstep in time for that birthday If you like the gift, then all that’s left to do is pay for it But if it doesn’t match your tastes it can of course be returned to free of charge Our first test results are extremely promising Our average return rate was only 5.3% percent and our customer satisfaction was 9.8 out of 10! It’s like the biggest win for every webshop. Are you interested in this fantastic personalised service? Sign up now for our test panel and we hope to see you soon in our webshop!