Today’s breaking news. Wait wait. I’m the meme generation. You see we trend on what is fun. We have got nothing to do with it. Let’s have some fun. I’m the twitterati. Go away! Get aside! Come on get aside! Get lost! Okay. The story goes like this. You shouldn’t give this a miss. He steps out of his chawl. He’s a food delivery boy. (But why?) (Why?) Aarthik tangi. (Dude!) (What the hell is aarthik tangi?) Financial stringency. Got it from the dictionary. How do I submit my college fees? From where do I get my mother’s medicines? (To hell with your Bollywood drama!) (Are you a dumbass?) (Go on with the story.) Started the vehicle. Reached the login point. Logged in. Order received. I have to deliver it in 30 mins. No time to waste. I cant crib. Whether it’s the flood. Or heavy rains. Storm or drought. Loo, Ebola or the attack of Swine Flu. Traffic. Back pain. (Oh come on! You are tough.) No proper time for food and water. I pee at the roadside. Bird droppings on me. (You just ride on.) If I’m late the order will be cancelled. Customer says Apshabd (Dude.) (What on earth is apshabd?) Mc! Bc! You know, expletives? Sorry sir. Please take the order. Riding is a risk. An accident can take your life. 50 rupees is what I earn. This is the sole medium of my livelihood. (Just get lost. Don’t piss around.) The kind of food which we can’t afford. We bring it to you with a lot of vipatti. (Dude!) (Now wtf is vipatti?) Oh sorry. It is adversity. (Got it from the dictionary?) (What happened next?) I started getting hunger pangs. There is tasty chicken inside. What if I take a bite? Who cares if I eat some? The Devil inside is dominating me. What does my zameer say? (Dude!) (Now what is this zameer?) Conscience. Conscience. No you musn’t do this offence. It is against ethical sense. (The customer has paid for this.) (Do not cheat you moron!) But I couldn’t stop myself. I took a bite and now I’m on social media. A video of mine outraged everyone. I got expelled from work. Can’t live with this baggage. I got trolled beyond my limits. Now do I commit… Atmahatya? (Dude.) (Now what is this atmahatya?) Suicide. (Shut up you idiot!) (Why did you steal it when you can afford it?) (You get salary, incentives and tips.) Don’t worry. I have not killed myself yet. But what I have done I do regret. Satisfying my hunger has lead me to this. An order. That you could have missed. Sir Please give me 5 star rating.