The Derma Roller. My thoughts, questions
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at So, for this video I’ve decided to put my beard trimming on hold so that I can let my beard grow out a little bit more for better demonstration
on a future product video. That said, I want to switch things up and focus on a product I’m hoping many of you out in the GroomReviews community have had a chance to use and could share your experience and results. I’m talking about, the Derma Roller. So, I wanted to put this video together and reach out to you guys in the GroomReviews community after a recent conversation I had with a friend who’s really struggling with his inability to grow a full beard. He has a lot of patchy areas and it’s just really wearing on him and taking a toll mentally. He told me he’s been trying to use beard supplements, beard growth
supplements. Doing a whole hoard of things and it’s just that working for him. Then he came out and he asked me, he said, you know, my next step is I’m
thinking of using the Derma Roller. What do you think about it? And I honestly looked at him and I said, What is the Derma Roller? Cuz I’ve never heard of the
Derma Roller before he mentioned it. Now for many of you out there, I’m sure you’ve known about the Derma Roller for a while now. But, for me this is just something
that’s been off the radar and I’m just getting into the research on it and
trying to understand, you know, how this product’s working and what the results are
that people are getting out there. For those of you in the same boat as myself, let me
explain a little bit about what I’ve learned about dermarolling, also known
as microneedling. So, the Derma Roller is basically this rolling drum here and
it’s lined with hundreds of these micro needles and it’s attached to a handle
and this is used to roll across your skin. These needles are meant to create
tiny little injury sites along the surface of the skin, which then prompts
the body to kick into gear to repair and heal those areas. So, the top layer of
our skin is the epidermis, and right underneath that is the dermis.
That’s where we have the blood circulation. The blood flowing, feeding to
the skin. As well as the components of collagen and elastin. Collagen is
basically, builds strength and elastin creates that elasticity. When we’re using
this and we’re getting in there we’re poking those little injury sites,
it’s basically activating, you know, blood supply to move to the area, the collagen
to move in and the elastin to move in which creates, you know, a better
environment to regrow hair, fix skin that’s, that maybe loose or you might be
wrinkly and it’s just an overall healthy way to, you know, work into those areas
that may not have the best things going right now. The Derma Roller does come in
different needle sizes. From what I’ve seen, it comes from anywhere from 0.2mm up to about 3.0mm. But, if you’re using it at home you want to stay within the 0.2 to 0.5mm range. That’s good
if you’re trying to use this on the beard or you’re trying to use it on the
face. But, anything above that you want to have a specialist handle it. You don’t
want to be doing this yourself. You can go too far in and actually cause more
damage then you intended. So, the Derma Roller that I have here I
actually picked up on Amazon for around $12 or so. But, the needles on this are
0.25 millimeter and they’re titanium needles that are built into this device. Now, with use of this product there are several key instructions you want to keep in mind. Now, the first thing you want to make sure is that you’re sterilizing these needles. In order to prevent infection, you want to make sure
you have an alcohol solution. You put this in it, you know, for about five
minutes or so and make sure that these are just sterilized and clean before and
after your use. You’ve got to picture this almost as like you’re using a
toothbrush or something of that nature. You don’t want to be sharing this with
somebody else. This is your personal device and that’s how you want to treat it. It’s also recommended that you first wash your face with some kind of
antimicrobial cleanser to remove your oils and dirt from your face, so you’re
not actually, you know, rubbing it all over when you’re using the product. So, when you’re using the Derma Roller, make sure you’re applying gentle pressure against the skin. This isn’t meant to puncture and cause bleeding, so if that happens you’re pushing too hard. But, you are meant to feel, you know, some slight
pressure on there. It shouldn’t hurt you while you’re using this, but you will feel needles against the skin. So, as far as rolling direction, there’s three directions that are recommended when
using this product. You want to be going horizontal, which is side to side, vertical, up and down and diagonal. So, when you’re doing this, you want to do probably five to ten rolls on each area. You want to make sure you’re going with the roller. You’re not twisting it, you’re not turning it. That’s gonna cause more
damage to the skin with these needles that are in here. So, right now I’m just
gonna jump in and I’m gonna test this out on my beard just to show you guys
the different directions to use this product. So, here’s using the Derma Roller horizontally. You pick a spot, go in, one,
two, three, four, five. Then move up to the next one. One, two, three, four, five. Just gentle
pressure. One, two, three, four, five. Now, if you want to go vertical, pick another spot. So, we’ll go in here… And now we’ll go diagonal… As far as how much to use the
Derma Roller, what I’m seeing is as a beginner you want to probably just use
this once a week. See how the products working on your skin. See how you’re
reacting to it and then after you get comfortable with it you can move to
probably twice a week. So, as far as using this on longer beard hair, what I’m
hearing out there is that you can wet or dampen the beard first. That will reduce
the risk of actually getting these needles stuck on pulling at your hair
while you’re doing it Another method is you can actually just
trim down the beard to a length that’s manageable, where it doesn’t have a
chance to snag. Or you can just shave it to the point where it’s just, you know,
down to the skin you can really see those areas where you don’t see any
stubble growing and that’s the area’s you want to attack with this. So, another thing that people with long beard hair prefer to do is just go in the direction
of the beard hair growth. This reduces the risk of it snagging on the way back
up. So, they’ll just come up here and they’ll go down. One, lift up, go back, just
like that. Some people have said that using Minoxidil, which is the male
pattern baldness solution, when they use that in combination with this Derma
Roller they see great results, increased hair growth. Whoever out there has used
this with Minoxidil, please let us know your experience, your methods, your result
and how you’re doing to this point. From what I’ve read, you should not Derma roll
and then use Minoxidil right after that. You should wait at least 24 hours before applying
the Minoxidil, so you don’t have an increased heart rate things of that nature. Aside from hair regeneration the Derma
Roller is really best known for its skin rejuvenation benefits and its overall
healthy benefits for the skin. So, a few of the DO NOTS with the derma roller. Do not use this if you’re having an acne breakout. Make sure you don’t use this on the lips or the eyes. Do not use this on open sores or wounds. Make sure if you’re allergic to metal you don’t want to be using this. Keep it clean in that alcohol solution and you keep it to yourself to reduce the risk of infection. So, when you’re finished using this I’ve heard some mixed results on, you know, what you should be doing. Some people are saying, you know, put on some kind of vitamin serum or you can put on a cleanser, wash it up. Others say, you know, give it some
time to settle in and then put some kind of topical solution on there. But that
again is something where I defer to you guys out there in the community. Let me
know what you’re using, what’s working for you and what
kind of results you’re seeing. You know, on this channel, I’m gonna be honest with . I’m not gonna pretend like I’m an expert in every product that I’m using. With this product, I definitely know the time it takes to use. I know what it’s
gonna take, you know, for people out there to get experience with it,
test it out and see results. It’s not something I can just use right now one time, two times and give you guys a review of and say “Hey, this is a product that’s working great. Go out and buy it.” This is really a product that takes, you know, months to figure out is it really working. That said, you know, I feel this is an
opportunity to reach out to you guys in the community who have experience with
the Derma Roller who may have been using this, you know, for months or even, even
years and you’re seeing great results with it and that’s what I want to hear
about in the comments. I want to hear, you know, What’s your experience? What are your methods? Is there a particular method that’s working better than another? Are you seeing great results or are you not seeing great results? Anything we can do to help strengthen this community. I want to help those
people out there that are struggling right now with patchiness and I can’t
really do that myself based on the time period, but I think we can all come
together as a whole and make us stronger with the support of those of you out
there who have experience. Alright, guys. Thanks so much for sticking with me. I greatly appreciate you guys helping me
out and supporting me on this video. If you have an experience with the Derma Roller, please let us know in the comments below. Make sure to check me out on Instagram at GroomReviews. I appreciate you being here and I’ll catch you next time!