Good morning from Seward, Alaska…Thanks
for joining us today on the vlog…We are here to do a fuel filter change on Denny
the Expedition Vehicle!… Yep! So we have a 2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FG140…It’s a commercial medium duty work truck but we use it as a 4×4 RV! We
have the 4M50 engine and fuel filter… Very critical maintenance on these
diesels guys! It’s not one to overlook! Well before we get started on the fuel filter…
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Since these are very much work trucks and customized to applications… I can’t
say that your fuel filter ball is going to be in the same place as ours…But this
is one of our 30-gallon fuel tanks. We have a tank selector valve for side by
side but the fuel filter bowl is right here!…Well now off the bottom of the fuel
filter is a sensor…I’m gonna just take a shot in the dark that there would probably be like a water and fuel sensor but…Undo the harness connector that leads to it.
It’ll save you a lot of time and today it actually probably didn’t… Because this
was a royal pain in the butt to get off because we had Dempster Highway mud…It kind
of dried into the tabs…But now we are going to drain the bottom of the float
or a fuel bowl to see if there’s any water in there!… Well, you can see we had
some water in our fuel…And then I was talking about that Dempster Highway mud…
Man! That stuff is everywhere and it’s gonna be a long time cleaning it out!… The truck came with this nifty little wrench for the fuel filter and it just…Slides
right over…Another reason why you need to move that harness…But it is rather
tedious here! It does not turn very far given the space restrictions that we
have…And it is mighty snug! So it’s a little pull as you go!
Suckers tighten this… Dempster dirt!… I think we’re gonna be saying that for
a lot of years!… Yes, definitely!… Well this is the home stretch…
I don’t know how yours is gonna be but this one is…Needless to say, tight! Okay,
there we go…There it is! There’s a little bit of water down in the bottom of that!…They
definitely, do not mix well!… There’s some carbon choke throttle body cleaner…You
want this to be nice and clean before you…Put it all back together…Then I’m also
gonna just hit these threads real quick on the outside…Okay, now let’s pull the
filter off…Ahh yeah…That’s definitely dirty guys! The filter comes with O-rings
for this bottom piece…And also a new O-ring for the main bowl…Okay, it always
helps to put diesel back into the fuel filter…No it’s not vodka!… Sure it’s not flavored vodka!… Yeah, exactly! It’s
that design of vodka. And then we just kind of put this bowl
back up there…And slowly thread it on! I’ll do as much of my hands first, there we go!
You always add the fuel to the bowl, just so you don’t have to reprime all that
fuel into the system! It is possible to do it without…It’s just a heck of a lot
easier to dump some fuel in!… Alright, one last snug… It’s on there all the way…This is the
other end of that wire off the bottom of the filter bowl…There’s a connector back
here…Just plug it on in! The lighting’s not too hot! But on the top here there’s
a spring-loaded button and you just kind of… Push it and you can…Prime things. I
really don’t think we need to do that too much. It should take care of itself when
we start the engine because we did not lose much from the lines…And we refilled
the filter bowl! Let’s get this engine started to make sure we are having air
in the lines… Now, time will tell!… I guess it’s kind of
good that this is happening because I get to show you the process…But there’s
two bleeders on the top of this filter housing and there’s no way of getting the
camera in there! You can’t miss them! Ten millimeter wrench…You just crack them
open like you do bleeding brakes and pump the top… I think we’re good! Alright, hit it Beck…Alright, let’s give it a few minutes and see if it stalls
out but I think we’re good!… Okay the engine has been idling for about seven
minutes now…So we are in the clear for another 15,000 miles as long
as we don’t have any corruption of our fuel system…Thanks for joining us today!…
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miles!… Yeah, we don’t always just work on this thing, we do travel in it and
there’s good things ahead! We’ll see you on the road…Bye, bye!