Tips on Succeeding With Direct Sales Jewelry Companies Are you looking to start a jewelry business? Starting and running a successful silver jewelry business always begins with an appreciation of style and sophistication. You must have a good eye for beauty However, to be successful in jewelry business, it is not just enough for you to have aesthetic savvy. You must also be business-savvy. Here are some simple tips on what it will take you to succeed in the jewelry retail and wholesale business:- Do your research on custom jewelry manufacturers One of the surest ways to fail in your jewelry business is This being a lucrative business, there is a fair share of suppliers who are either dishonest or outright scammers. You can check out for eBooks with some of the most reputable suppliers in the world. If you are planning to sell your silver as sterling silver, they must be have at least 92.5% purity levels. The wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers that you purchase from must be able to offer you clearly If you are buying from custom jewelry manufacturers, make bulk orders so as to get discounted pricing on your silver jewelry purchases. Have a good knowledge of your silver If you are entering the jewelry market, investment in Apart from knowing where to source your genuine silver jewelry, Some of the things that you will need to purchase when buying your silver Good care and maintenance means that you will not dilute the value of the jewelry by making it susceptible to dents or scratches. Customers want their silver jewelry smooth, shiny and elegant. Keep up with the trends Don’t buy silver jewelry that is no longer in vogue. You can talk to custom jewelry manufacturers or consultants in order to learn more about what is currently trending. Silver jewelry, like other fashion or beauty products, generally goes with the trends. Know your market Don’t start a business in a vacuum. You spend your money on that first order, you must know whom you are going to sell to. Is it the bridal market? Are you targeting working ladies? How about the partygoers? Take time to research your market and run targeted ad campaigns to help you zone in your market niche. You can check out for some useful tips, resources and consultations on how to succeed in silver jewelry business.