hi guys and welcome to another WordPress
Divi theme ecommerce site build this is Jamie from system 22 and web designer
tech tips calm we’re in our last video we just put
together this little contact page with a Google map here
in this video we’re gonna explore ways of importing our own fonts into the Divi
theme now I mean the Divi theme comes stacked and loaded with all kind of
fonts by default let’s just enable the visual builder and if we go to a block with some text
in it look go to the design tab and click on
the text you hit the text font here it’ll open up show you all these amazing
fonts that Divi actually has onboard and like I say there’s absolutely hundreds
of them which for most situations is gonna be fine
but occasionally especially if you’re working on a project for somebody else
they’ll send you a PSD file a Photoshop file and they’re using some kind of font
that you don’t actually have here so how do you get around that well let’s go and grab a font from
somewhere I’m going to share font drop dotnet plenty free fonts let’s just grab anything I guess look like you you let’s use this fun chalice go script so
I’m going to hit the download button here
and it’s gonna download it so here’s my download here there’s that
script we’ve just downloaded let’s extract it now here’s what we get afterwards so let’s go back to our Divi theme and
click on the text font again we’ve got a little button there that we
can upload with open the upload box
drag the files that we want over which is burst the OTF OpenType font and the
TrueType font so I’m going to select them both and
just drag them over once that button there and there we see we got them right there
now we have to give him a name I give that same name there hit the
upload bone you there we are we’ve never got have fun
we’ve changed our font for that style there
but that’s how easy it is to import from fonts into the Divi just make that a
little bit bigger soon see it’s an Africa
both way or not doesn’t look like it
oh yeah that’s a bit bolder okay so now you have it you’ve got that
custom font put in there and that’s really easy I
mean like I say it’s Divis got a huge set of fonts but this makes it really
easy if you have to import some new fonts for a particular website project
so that is how you do it I hope that’s been helpful to you I’m gonna undo this
cuz I don’t want that font but that’s how easy it is to import a font I hope
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great day