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sales isn’t as easy as just throwing up a site,
throwing a landing page, and saying “Hey everyone, go check out my product and buy it.” Telling your friends on Facebook “Hey, I started this store. Buy my products.” Doesn’t really work, sadly. Even though someone could
be your best friend, they’re probably not
going to buy your product. And if you tell them to, they may do it. But it’s going to make your relationship with your friend awkward. So what should you do? Well, there’s a few things
that you need to do, but it all revolves around one thing. So step one, let’s survey your audience. Why aren’t you converting? Why aren’t people buying? Well you have your own ideas. I have my own ideas. But you know what? None of them are really good. Opinions don’t matter. All that matters is what
your potential customers are telling you. By surveying them, through tools like Hotjar and SurveyMonkey, you can end up finding out
why people are converting and why they’re not. The people that aren’t, we
have some questions like “What else would you like
to see on this page?” “Why didn’t you buy this product?” They’ll tell you why. Once you get 30, 40, 50 responses, you’ll have a good understanding of the changes you need to make. If you don’t answer the objections that your potential customers are having, you’re not going to convince
them to buy your product. This is why 99 percent
of your website traffic doesn’t convert into a sale. And this is also why when
you run paid advertising, you’re like “Wait, I’m
spending all this money, but for some reason, the
numbers aren’t working out. I’m spending more money than I’m making.” But the moment you survey people, you’ll now know the
changes you need to make. And step two, make those changes. But just don’t make them
to your landing page, you need to run an A-B test. Cause sometimes when
you have the statement, and you even make those changes, it doesn’t necessarily
help you with sales. I know that sounds bad, but you may not have
enough survey responses, or the change you have
made could be a bad one, or you didn’t make it right. There’s so many reasons why, sometimes, things just don’t work out. Buy when you run an A-B test, through tools like Crazy Egg, and you can do it
through a WYSIWIG editor. In other words, you don’t
need to be technical. What you’ll find is, it’ll tell you, do those changes help
you increase the sales, or do they hurt your sales. The next thing I want you to do is, after you run your A-B Test, by this time you should see good results, I want you to resurvey your audience. Find out what other changes can I make to improve this page. By doing that, you’re
going to get more feedback. Cause you’ve just already
adjusted your page. By continually getting feedback, and going through this whole
process over and over again, you’ll start noticing that you’re going to
be getting more sales. The fourth tip I have for you,
is don’t just survey people on your product page or your homepage, look at your checkout flow as well. Survey people when they’re
on your checkout page, and find out from them
if they’re there idle for like 40 seconds, 50 seconds, a minute, and they’re not doing anything, what else could we do
to convince you to buy? When you get that feedback from people, you can then go modify
your checkout pages, where a lot of e-commerce
stores have ton of dropoffs. In many cases, a lot of
e-commerce stores are seeing 70, 80, 90 percent dropoff
just on their checkout page. And by improving it based on the feedback you’re getting from people, you’ll notice that your
conversions can go up. And again, you don’t want
to just make the changes, you’ve got to run another
test, through Crazy Egg. Can we do an A-B test? This insures that the
changes you’re making are going to provide
you with more revenue. So if you follow that whole process, what you’ll find is, your overall e-commerce sales will go up. Now when you’re running these tests, you’re running these surveys, you don’t want to just get
survey data over a day. Do it over a period of time. Four days, five days, seven days. You need to have at
least 30 to 50 responses. When you get quantity,
you’ll start seeing patterns, and you want to focus on the patterns. You don’t want to focus on that one person who tells you “I don’t like
the color of your site.” You want real, tangible feedback like “Eh, the reviews weren’t that great.” Or “Eh, I couldn’t really
tell what kind of product I was getting, cause your
pictures were blurry.” When you get a lot of
feedback, that’s when you know. That’s when you should make that changes, cause multiple people
told you they had issues with the same things. Now if you’re having issues
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