all right guys so for today’s video
we’re gonna be giving you a tour of donkihote
this place is an institution here in Japan it’s probably the biggest discount
store in the whole country and they have over a hundred and sixty locations
across Japan this place is massive we’re at the shinjuku location and we
were here a couple of days ago and we only covered one floor and it was amazed
and we were like you need to come back for a property it’s crazy like you’re
just your heads on it’s will believe you’re looking up and down and I’ve
never been in somewhere that has so much stuff inside of it a story that has so
much stuff inside of it and so many colorful displays yeah I’m so much
random stuff so we can show you already the interior of the store is like
spilling out onto the street they’ve got like bicycle an entire shelf I know with
random stuff the other side of the store they had a whole section for just Korean
items that all kinds of Korean noodles and chips
yes camping camping gear okay so let’s grab the basket because I
can think of a couple of items we’re gonna find yes we’re actually picking up
some Kit Kat Kit Kats for a Japanese Kit Kat taste videos exactly go Japan yeah so this is the wall that
has all the KitKat flavors yeah and the one that we can’t find that cheaper
elsewhere is we’re gonna get this one over here which is the sake and we’re
also looking for the wasabi flavored one which is right there so when you grab
those for us I feel like we’re probably not gonna like either of them okay I’ll
get I can reach up here oh my gosh sorry the struggle is real guys I almost put
on my back just there in the bag another thing that I want to get here are face
masks like map because those are fun and those are
cheap look at these different kinds of mochi I
believe amazing for Sam it’s to pull out your nose it’s called go so but I think
it should be called boo Rosa another really cool section as soon as you walk
in is green tea matcha everything so you’ve got bonbons
you’ve got cookies chocolate other choco mochi as well and you go down here you
have the famous the pokey sticks special crunchy bar look there’s like those are
like the equivalent of Oreos with the green green tea filling what else do
they have yeah that’s pretty much it but that’s an entire green section Wow
something else I find fascinating are all the different like TV displays you
have to advertising various things so right now I have no idea what section
area this is like stuff for your feet I could probably use that to you Audrey
yeah toilet paper pampers Oh Japanese makeup show us that
I laugh show us all oh my gosh look at the size
of these my last extension I’m amazing do you want to get some I amazing
extensions are you sure are you sure I feel like that would just make my
eyelashes fall out we come in either our that’s unbelievable and then over here
oh look this is like for sleeping sleeping masks so we found the perfume
and the Cologne section over here again so many choices
oh wow odd you look they even have watches oh my gosh I love
kasia’s this is an entire Casio section it’s pretty reasonably priced too well I
mean it’s not cheap it’s a lot of them are about 100 US dollars but that’s what
these g-shock Cassio’s go for I have no idea what this is if it’s something like
pull the teen laxative or just a matcha drink no idea guys but it looks
interesting they have all the different colors here
yeah maybe the colors are in that strange just the photos like a Star Trek
haircut unless you found it these masks you found the face mask but
I feel like these are pricey and I know I’ve seen them for like $1 can you get
them cheap here definitely definitely cheaper
expired already will you be a cat whatever that means Wow hydrogel mask
porosity gel and no idea what these ones are there’s ones that are called
horse oil and royal jelly look at that so this one is called an art mask so
when you put it on this is what its gonna look like on your face basically
like the mask has an image printed I’ll get this one the cat mask it looks like
okay this is it a lion is a dragon good question good question so you found some
cheaper ones finally how much are they yeah so these are 180 so that’s more in
in line what you were thinking like just get her a dollar
looks like a dollar 50 or something and like I don’t know this is like a red
wine mask you have a low honey Collins like an apple food feeding food
flavor all sounds good add that to the box and what’s this
okay I saw this at the market the other day it didn’t wash your face and I want
one how much are they yeah and this smaller one
just under 10 9 50 yen yeah well I have one today I went to the
basket there maybe I got the big one you get the big one we’ve come to the pet
food section we’ve got bunny Chow we’ve got oh wow
lots of bunny Chow oh yeah Solaris and we’ve got what you have the same size
because it means if I can’t we explain some bigger ones then okay and we have
our favorite Korean noodles here the Shinra moon and get them in quiet which
is pretty cool Wow check that out there it is so narrow here guys I’m afraid I’m
gonna knock something down yeah like you can get these silly hot put it on and
now let’s meet you at suits you you always like to say that you’re a baby
dinosaur a hungry baby dinosaur huh true story
and look you can get Hello Kitty sauce Hello Kitty other things I don’t know
those are Hello Kitty perish and there’s even more Hello Kitty stuff Hello Kitty
water bottle is that like a toothbrush or something Wow Hello Kitty everything
okay another thing to mention is that it is almost impossible to walk through the
store because I feel like the aisles are so narrow yeah because they’ve jammed so
much especially in the in the toy section I was actually just saying now I
was walking behind the camera I’m like yeah a big guy like me is bumping into
things if you had to choose one onesie but what
you get I would get the Super Mario I would I’d be like a bear
you like it there yeah yeah pick at you because you look at you but-but-but-but
bobbleheads come get your bobbleheads and there’s
Hello Kitty bobbleheads – no these aren’t the Hello Kitty these are the
waving kitties Hey waving Kitty’s not Hello Kitty so many
of them so so many of them guys okay so we made it to the costume section we’ve
got all kinds of we no idea who these are supposed to be if they’re famous
people or just random characters yeah there’s all kinds of everything yeah
yeah come get your coffee and whatever whatever tickles your fancy
oh wow look you can become you become a Power Ranger Power Ranger did you watch
Power Rangers yeah yes I was starting I’m starting to get a little uncool for
cartoons it’s like a generation gap an age gap between us
by the time Power Rangers were popular I was kind of stopping to watch that kind
of thing it’s more things to try on yeah that’s et are you gonna walk out of the
store wearing that my octopus head I’m a squid I’m what did you find
Sailor Moon stuff see the movers dealer with his friends or am I like way off
here I don’t even know you you made the statement not me and now I’m gonna show
you the coolest pairs of shoes I’ve ever seen I noticed these when we came to Don
Quixote for the first time just follow me down the aisle you can be yes a great fish
why not a green one can be a green fish I I think I would be a green fish or you
can be an orange fish Wow hopefully not fish and all included fish melanoidins
it’s funny like where would you wear those around the house cool sure it’s a
fish are they rubbery yeah you can take that definitely could
take them to the pool as well do we know anyone who would enjoy a fish good
question cute socks alert hold on Homer Simpson Wow so many to choose from guys so many
to choose from these hello yeah that could be pillows to go the size of those
ones they also have an electronic section you can get your GoPro Hero six
or Hero 5 walking through the store makes me wish I was a little bit shorter
and skinnier guys just trying not to knock things over ninja in a capsule
anyone ninja in a capsule and I don’t even know what to say about this one
guys holding a pineapple the other guys just holding a random ball what do you
see that’s pretty cute it’s a good come get your cute little Corky any maine
coons what the heck is that and guys the future is now come get your VR goggles
uh-oh look at this not entirely sure what this is but I
think these are karaoke DVDs or CDs well we’ve basically reached the end of the
star here we stand in line yeah so in grand total did we get chocolate stick
that’s base math there you go here’s a lion all right we’re outside the store we are
the store is massive like I don’t even know how much time we spent in there but
you could easily lose a couple of hours we didn’t even see everything no we were
just on the main floor like I don’t even know what’s on the second floor you know
what I was thinking when we left it’s like you could go into that store a
hundred times and see something different every single time like she’s
so much going on yeah they literally sell everything in there yeah so if you
guys want to check out donkihote while you’re in Japan definitely do it you
might find some strange souvenirs to take back home or you may just find some
chocolate that you know you can do it for yourself so yeah that’s it for the
tour it will see you in the video