I think oftentimes as men they feel like
there’s a lot that they can learn from women you know the relationship
being. But also for women, I think there’s a lot that we can learn from men.
To not take things so personally. To not get so you know emotional about things.
Just really take take charge. I loved rob the skateboarder the other night when he
talked about rating himself in every area of his life 1 to 10. I learned so
much from that. The discipline of growing each area. So, if there’s an area that
you’re weakened like Danien said the other night. He was the numbers
person and you were the relationship person and while that’s good that we know
what our strengths are. Learn you’re numbers. Learn to be more of a numbers person. You know learn your ratios. If you’re getting in front of 30 to 40 people a
month, how effective are you at presenting? You know what are your ratios?
How many of them are turning into customers and consultants or
distributors? And so if half of them are joining your team or becoming customers,
your ratios are about 50%. So, learn to treat this like a business as well.