what’s up everyone so I look like this
because I just got back from work and when you work with dogs it’s not always
pretty hence my hair being thrown up so today
we are talking about doodles the problem is not the doodle the problem are the
people the problem is the people producing the doodles so I get asked a
lot on my channel and on Instagram specifically would you recommend doodles
as service dogs and the short answer is no and I say that the same way I would
say I do not recommend a Siberian Husky as a service dog. While there are
successful service dogs of both those mixes mutts breeds crosses whatever you
want to call it both those types of dogs the risk is
going to be bigger for washout then when you’re dealing with a dog who is tried
and true in service work like a lab or a golden naturally that doesn’t mean every
lab or golden is gonna work out but let’s move past that and let me talk about why
I don’t recommend doodles first things first
I love doodles okay one of my bestest friends in the whole world she is mother
of doodles she has a pack of doodles and if you have doodle questions you should
go to her I’ll link her down below but she has an amazing pack and she knows
far more about genetics and science than I do so let me say this and let me say
it very clearly for everyone to hear please do not misconstrue my opinion as
scientific fact miss me with that but you’re not a geneticist nope I’m not and
I never will claim to be in fact I’m fairly bad at science when it comes down
to it so my first thing is that I’ve had a lot of experience over the past few
years working with various doodles and they’re fun they’re fun dogs I’ve worked
with labradoodles golden doodles berne doodles I’m blanking on the doodles but
like a handful more there are a lot out there
and they’re fun dogs they’ve usually got a lot of Drive
some of them not so much and the thing about them is that they’re all different
they’re all going to have different coats they’re all going to have a little
bit different temperaments they’re all going to have little variations um as
you will find in any kind of breed of dog what I don’t like about doodles and
the reason why I don’t recommend them it’s because one the doodle is a fad
breed that doesn’t mean they’re a bad breed or that they’re to be hated on or
look down upon like the outpour of doodles being bred produced actually in
my opinion produce for profit are outstanding and when they are being
produced at such high volumes because it is a very lucrative business to breed
and sell doodles because of this a lot of concerns about health and temperament
and structure that might be taken with another breed of dog that’s often missed
and the reason why doodle backyard breeders stand out to me way more than
regular backyard breeders is because of the claims that they that they present
to the rest of the world to unsuspecting customers
so first let’s say you’re getting the doodle and you go to someone and they
say we are breeding the golden and the poodle and these are two fantastic
breeds and we’re taking the best of both breeds and putting it together into one
dog who is hypoallergenic and eager to please and a great family pet and I’m
just gonna stop right there because already the first thing that you want to
look for are the parents health tested is there any kind of genetic testing
going on how long has this lined in bred for what is the structure like are they
getting their OFA so the parents have ofa s that show they should be bred so
all of these things that I would look for in a responsible breeder in the
first place but then you’ve got the claims that doodle breeders always seem
to push like the genic not a thing sorry but your dog is
still gonna shed maybe a little maybe not so much that you would notice it and
they’re still gonna be dander so if you have an allergy it’s not like this dog
is the perfect dog for you the other thing is this idea of taking the best of
both breeds again I don’t know that much about science but genetically I don’t
think there’s a way to take the best of both the poodle and the golden and merge
it into one dog genetically there are going to be a lot of variations and I am
NOT going to claim to know exactly how it works but it’s not going to produce
that amazing dog with the best of both worlds so moving on from that the claim
that they are great family pets and you know very calm every single doodle I’ve
met has a lot of energy energy that is comparable to I’d say some labs some
Golden’s but energy I only know of like one exception of a dog who is like so
chill that’s age she’s like she’s like a unicorn
and I think the whole like this dog could be great for a disabled person
training their own service dog well that amount of energy that is not necessarily
what I would recommend now moving further on the reason why I tend not to
recommend them is because I have trained and worked with man I can’t even count
them all on my hands so many different doodles and pretty much two-thirds of
those have had incredible incredible temperament issues and I’m not saying
that it is strictly the doodle I am saying that in my experience working
with these doodles there is some something going on
I’m not sure if it’s because you know they weren’t all from bad breeders I’m
not sure if it’s like a something happening like genetically as more and
more doodles are bred or just its chance that I’ve seen these dogs but they are
so fearful they do not have the temperament to work as a service dog
they are anxious and scared of everything it’s really unfortunate
because there are backyard breeders out there telling people yes this dog is
gonna be perfect as a service dog and then they get it and bring it home and
the dog is terrified and never grows out of it um the other thing is that so many
doodle breeders more often than any other breed I’ve heard from people
saying yeah so they told me that he was a mini or yeah so they said he was gonna
get to like 65 pounds and the dog is like the complete opposite of whatever
and they were told so that’s very questionable and those are again on the
breeder but doodle is not the problem here
I love doodles I just don’t like how the business of doodle breeding occurs it it
really needs to be regulated better there needs to be better standards for
structure for coat for temperament so that there can be more what I would call
like genetic predictability so it’s it’s it’s like a shot in the dark kind of um
and you might come out with a unicorn I’m a breed of a dog like any breed like
you might have a unicorn of a husky who’s a great service dog you might have
a unicorn of a bull mastiff who is a wonderful service dog but there is a
reason why breeds like Golden’s and labs and poodles are so tried and true
now I want to say a quick word about doodles as service dogs I am NOT trying
to sell you on them and I’m also not trying to like push you away from them
if you want to get a doodle as a service dog great! do your research
be responsible definitely understand that there might be a risk that you know
the dog isn’t necessarily going to be the best of the poodle and
the best of the golden but hey if you understand that it’s your choice I have
met and worked with and had the pleasure of being best friends with the owners of
people who dogs who are doodles and who are phenomenal service dogs or even
doodles who are not service dogs but I would definitely you know see them as a
candidate it’s like one of my best friends has a doodle and he is just he’s
got that service dog temperament um and I’m always saying like well like you
know you ever needed a service dog jokingly like hahaha um but that being
said there are so many good doodles service dogs out there and we shouldn’t
discount doodle handlers just because they have a doodle what we should be
doing is looking more closely into how dogs are bred and produced and the ways
in which we determine dogs as candidates and that’s really more on the breeders
end i I think in any kind of dog shopping or like perspective dog parents
situation you want to be doing your research on the breeder don’t go to
backyard breeders pet stores puppy mills don’t go to the one who says yes yes yes
like they have all their testing well can I see it mm-hmm no like we can’t
find it or something like that mmm let’s get out all out of there so
definitely do your research get a doodle if you want to don’t get a doodle if you
don’t want to what matters is that in the end there is always going to be this
skirmish between doodle people and people who are like dog snobs and I’m a
little bit of both because I love the doodles but I’m also a little bit of a
dog snob and so at the end of the day what we have to do is be kind and
respectful and say hey here’s what I agree with here’s what I don’t agree
with and respect respectfully I disagree or respectfully I don’t necessarily
agree with this but I still respect your opinion and I’m really glad that
you have a great doodle or I don’t agree with your opinion but I really respect
that you have such a passion for purebred dogs let us be kind
let us talk in in civil discussions let us argue if you want to for the means of
whatever you believe in but let it be polite and simple there is no need to
hate on any kind of dog you can dislike a dog but I think hate is the wrong word
and I personally don’t hate any dog I have ones I love and once I love a
little less but still love and that’s all so that’s just my opinion again if
you are interested in a doodle and you do your research you do your part go
ahead get a doodle also know that any dog any breed may have a chance it may
be bigger with certain types of dogs or breeds and it may be lower with other
types but any dog has the chance to wash out there’s no way to say this dog as a
service-dog candidate is going to work out because of X Y & Z you don’t know
until until you know so that was my video for today thank you so much for
watching and I will see you in my next one if you have comments you want to
make about this video please feel free to do so
but let’s be kind let’s be courteous let’s just be human beings and remember
that we’re talking to another human being even though we can’t see them so
bye now