Hey guys in this video I’m going to show you how
to place multiple orders using dropbeez Go to your ebay orders page We recommend setting it to
50 records per page. Press one-click add all it will add to cart all the items that are
not marked as ordered or cancelled. If the item is out of stock or too expensive
it will not be added to cart, and opened in a new window Go to my cart page on amazon The gift option is automatically marked by
the extension. Press proceed to checkout Press the one click paste all button Paste multiple addresses Continue The gift message will automatically change
to your custom message Save gift options and continue Select and fill your payment method Press use this payment method Finish with place your order Your orders will automatically be marked as
ordered on ebay, except for the one that was not added Another method is to manually paste each address On your amazon checkout page,
press shipping to more than one address Now go to your ebay orders page Press the copy address button
for your selected ebay order Now on the amazon checkout page press paste current address to the corresponding item After you’ve finished pasting all your addresses, you can continue placing your order as we’ve
shown before