So a couple Russian viewers quite explicitly
complained that my video instructions are piece of shit, since they can’t switch
EBay language following my video instruction on the topic.
Well let’s do it once again, step by step. If you go to the EBay website, you won’t see
the country flag icon at the top to change the language, that’s true. Even
if you click the low left arrow, and select the country from there, which should
lead to Russian EBay website, nothing happens.
You know why, my dear viewers? Because your web browser is full of shit. Go to
settings, find cookies, select all eBay cookies and delete them. Then
restart the browser and miracle! The country flag is where it is supposed to be
as I showed half a year ago. You can switch language from there, following my
previous instruction. Why couldn’t you do it before cleaning cookies
out? Well address this question, as well as your frustration, to the ass-handed
India-based coders EBay hires to save costs, who happen to change interface
disregarding old settings cookies that users may have saved in their browsers.