Welcome back. I’m so happy that you’re
here at eBay Connect. You represent $5
billion of GMV to eBay. eBay Connect is the event
where all of eBay’s developers come to, and eBay’s
developers are the partners that list a lot
of the inventory on eBay, so the underlying technology
that powers many eBay listings is driven by people attending. We have an intimate
relationship with eBay that we can go to them and
bring up some specific questions that we may have. That partnership with eBay is
very critical to our success. This event is a great
place to meet the eBay team behind these APIs,
learn about those APIs, and then you’ll
work really closely with those developers getting
back and forth feedback. The most exciting
announcement is definitely Image Search APIs. It creates so much inspiration. Arguably, eBay has the
largest inventory of images, and so they can build
this beautiful API that we can then
leverage to give a better experience to our users. We have 19 public APIs
in our new platform now. It is exploding, and I
promise you, we are not done. One of the big things that
we’re working on this year is product based shopping. This is the main pillar
of our work this year. eBay runs on AI. It’s really at the core
of everything that we do. Our theme for eBay Connect
is “Powered by You”. And it is so true to the heart
of what we’re trying to do. I wanted to express
thanks to all of you because you guys are the
engine that supports this. So thank you very much. It’s been a really good year. The whole atmosphere here is
so intimate and supportive. I really like this
feeling of being connected with the API team. It’s a very nice
developer community where we can exchange
thoughts and interests and different ways
to build things. It really is about these
human relationships. Just like it is between
buyer and seller, it’s about the relationship
between the developer ecosystem team and our developers. And I want them to trust us. I want them to have confidence
that they’re in good hands. And then, I want them to
feel like we’re giving them everything they need
to succeed bringing buyers and sellers to eBay.