It’s big eBay project time! Yes, and this time we’re going
Marvel Studios Avengers Infinity War But I’m not working by myself, I’ve got
technical genius Mr. James Bruton Hello, Colin Furze! So then, it’s a big old film, what’re
we going to make? Hmmmm I think we should build this!
Yes, it’s Hulkbuster! You’re gonna be able to get in it, it’s gonna have hydraulics, you’re gonna be able to move the arms and you’re gonna be able to punch stuff! and of course, this is an eBay project, all these components will be sourced off eBay You’d better get cracking, aint ya? I suppose I should as well, yeah yeah yeah… We have got some issues! We’ve got a bit of leakage! Ha ha ha! It’ll never happen! Bloomin’ high up here… I don’t know how any of that works! This is probably the most complicated
thing I have ever made Avengers, assemble! As you can see, the project is coming on really well, but we need someone to present it to, someone to appreciate
all our hard work Avengers is his favourite thing,
he loves everything about it The Avengers is my favourite movie I’ve got action figures, wallpaper,
even bedding! He’s crazy about Avengers Not as elegant as it happens in the
film right let’s see what they think of Right, let’s see what they think of this! Guys, there’s something in the garden… Woooah!
Oh, I see it! What’s that? Press the button! Oh! Woooaaah! It’s a Hulkbuster! I heard you were having an Avengers party, so I brought a Hulkbuster! Right, shall we smash some stuff?
-Yeah! Yeah, let’s get smashing! Three, two, one! Smash! Hulkbuster is invincible! But it’s not a party without a cake,
is it? Light the candles! Okay, let me just get my repulsor set… Do it! A bit more power than I thought
it was gonna be… What do you think of my Hulkbuster? Kids loved it, yes!