I have no place to
get food except here. Without them all of
us, we’re nothing. We need this. A lot of people got to choose
between paying rent, buying medication, or eating. If I can help do anything to
change a person’s life, I will. We sell so that we can feed. We can take care of human needs. We can take care of
people in crisis. That’s why we do what we do,
and eBay is a huge part of that. When folks shop on eBay and
they purchase from Reflections of Trinity, that money
is used to purchase food for somebody that’s in need. And for $25, you can feed a
family of four for a month. There’s a lot of stress
involved in families when it comes to not having food. It’s amazing to watch
Roy as a senior, helping other seniors be
independent and increase their quality of life. This is amazing, Roy. It’s a very good
feeling just to be able to get that in
that truck and go, knowing that you’re going to
come back with enough to help out other people. Roy changed my life by providing
fruits and vegetables that I don’t get on a regular basis. Without this program,
I’d be handicapped. It’s a blessing. That’s all I can
say, it’s a blessing. Selling on eBay for Charity has
changed the entire trajectory of this charity. We have the money to buy food. We’ve got the money to
put fuel in the truck. We can keep the lights on. I’m walking in my purpose. I wish Laurie the best. She’s making sure all
these people are fed. To see the people
that show up here stressed, leave with
smiles on their faces. That’s the best part of it.