[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, wow. That’s– [LAUGHTER] How do I feel about winning? Totally amazing. It’s a big thing for me. It still hasn’t really
sunk in, to be honest. Absolutely astonished. I can’t believe that
I matter to eBay. And that means the
absolute world to me because eBay really
has mattered to me. I’m over the moon about winning. It means a lot for
such a small business. It’s brilliant. When I got the phone call–
and I think it was a Monday morning– we just couldn’t believe
it in the office. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it,
to begin with, actually. When I got the phone call,
I was really taken aback. I wanted to cry. I’ve not won
anything before, so I was really surprised and happy. And I said, “Guys, you’ve
just won eBay’s 2017 Business Award winners.” There’s this kind of moment
of silence for two or three seconds, then there’s
this screaming. I’m delighted about winning. This is really important. It’s a great recognition. And so it’s meant
a great deal to me. That recognition is
really important. If you just told me at
the beginning of 2017 that I’d be where I am now,
I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s just really cool. It’s bizarre. It really is bizarre. It’s magical.