On eBay.co.uk, a business sells a car part every second. With thousands of vehicle parts and accessories being bought and sold on eBay every day, everyone wants the transactions to go as smoothly as possible. When buyers aren’t sure if the part they’re looking at will fit their vehicle, it can impact on you, the seller. Lost sales, customer service issues and increased return requests all cost time and money. Let’s take a look at how we’re building parts compatibility into the buyer journey. This will reduce the time they spend looking for correct parts and increase your conversion rates. There are now multiple ways for your eBay customers to find the the right product for their vehicle: and these are based on parts compatibility being added to your listings. A buyer searching for a part on Google is now shown our new browse node pages. Browse node – or search result pages – rely on compatibility information to make sure your listings are contained in this page, and get the best ranking. These pages will show your buyers search results, and display sections which may include things like compatible top selling items, or deals. This finder module is based on the parts compatibility experience. Again, if your parts don’t contain parts compatibility, these finders aren’t designed to show your listings. The more detail a buyer adds to the finder, the more specific the search results. Parts compatibility contains these details, which won’t be included in your listing if you list only with the vehicle’s make and model in the listing title. Another way for buyers to search is by using My Garage. There are multiple ways to add a vehicle into MyGarage. The simplest way is to add your registration through the VRM lookup. By adding a vehicle into My Garage buyers are able to quickly and easily be shown suitable parts and accessories for their vehicle. A common misconception is that putting fitment details into the listing’s title or description is enough to include your listing in all search results. But it isn’t. The recommended way to ensure your listing gets increased visibility is by completing the Item Specifics fields and adding the relevant compatible vehicles from our compatibility tables. When you use it, buyers get reassurance that the part will fit their vehicle. It helps to convert browsers into buyers and increase your sales. Plus, when you receive the order, you’ll be able to see details about the buyer’s vehicle, giving you confidence you’re sending out a part that will fit. So remember, buyers are searching for car parts in many locations on eBay. If you want to increase the chances of your products being seen on Google, eBay search bar and Browse Nodes, My Garage and vehicle parts finders, Fitment is key. Go to the Parts Compatibility page on Seller centre to find out more. To get more tips and guidance from the eBay team, subscribe to our channel on YouTube and click the bell icon to enable notifications. YouTube will let you know as soon as new videos are available.