I’m Elaine Edwards and I’m born and bred in Bolton and this is my charity, Families and Babies, which I set up 14 years ago. The charity is set up primarily to support women and their families when they’re breastfeeding, infant feeding. We see mums in the hospital We see them ante-natally, post-natally, and we also support the mental health and wellbeing of the whole family. We have the two charity shops in Bolton where we sell the clothes and furniture to mums at affordable prices and we also list on eBay. We tend to sell a lot of bundled clothes, rather than single items, which then enables us to run the magic upstairs of the breastfeeding supprt groups and the mental health and well being support groups. It’s only really been this last year that we’ve really ramped up on eBay. We have a very targeted audience where the shops are, and we’re limited. Whereas eBay has opened up the world to us. It’s just the best selling platform, it really is. It’s probably the easiest platform, at well, especially with the global shipping. That’s enabled us to sell internationally as well as in the UK. It means at night time when I’m sat in bed I’m still listed on eBay from some of the stuff that comes in But it’s brilliant because we know that it’s sustaining the charity going forward. So today we’ve got our mum’s group upstairs with all our lovely mums up there, and little babies. We’re also setting up a surprise for our customers. We’ve got a Santa’s grotto coming. All the things that are in the room have been kindly donated by people. We’ve got them there to sell on. There’s nothing better than the power of peer support you know, people helping people. The money that we’ve raised through the sales through eBay we’ll have managed to support, in Bolton, around 150 families, and we’re hoping to expand that. We have got some volunteers that’ll help list everything on eBay and we hope to bring them into employment. The incentives that we get from eBay are fantastic. If we can do it, anybody can do it. I love the freedom that eBay gives me, I love the time it gives me to spend with my family, but also I love just being able to see a mum that’s maybe in floods of tears, not knowing what to do, going to actually having a smile on her face.