Hi guys, this is Neil Waterhouse I received an email from Brandon Carrolls saying “Hi Neil. Which tool do you use to find the best keywords for your listing titles on eBay?” Well, Brandon we use 3 different tools and I’m gonna show you here, we use old eBay order suggestion tool which I’m gonna show you now We also use the Google Ad Planner and Terapeak. And I’m gonna do some follow up videos with the other two. So today, this is gonna be one quick video about the eBay Order Suggestion Tool. The eBay Order Suggestion Tool is actually the Search box. And how it works of course is you type in, let’s say the word “solar” And that’s designed there originally so when you’re searching for something, it’ll automatically suggests other suggestions to save you typing. But the magic of it is it shows what everyone else is searching for. Which if you come to sell something, they are the keywords that you want to type into. And it does in well, in order, so panel is the most searched for and then it goes down Obviously suggesting the categories for you Solar Energy Supplies Current, Parts and Accessories So it’s also showing you where these items are listed. But then the rest of it is all in order about what’s searched for the most. And that’s very very powerful information. And it’ll keep on building it for you So, if you type in the word “panel” It will start saying different keywords, obviously 12 Volts, regulator It’s extending the search for you It’s giving, what we call, longer tally of keywords And if we can do something else, let’s say the word “dog” It’ll come out – dog bed And let’s say you’ve got on let’s say “dog clothes”, you want to sell You can build on that So you type in dog clothes and it’s gonna show you other things that people put in there – dog clothes girl, dresses, summer etcetera Very very powerful tool and don’t underrate it. So just a quick video this week Please scroll on down and leave a comment If you’re watching this video anywhere else besides my blog NeilWaterhouse.com please come on over for more eBay and Amazon hints and tips, If you think this video might help somebody else, please give a Share from the links below. Until next week, list more sell more, this is Neil Waterhouse.