*Pop Music playing* Hey guys what’s up and welcome to my channel today’s video is going to be something that i’ve never done on my channel because i just discovered this i Was on ebay and they have these mystery beauty boxes so basically you, pay a certain rate and then you get a box filled with beauty products and they also have different ones like mystery stuff which I will open one of those my vlog channel, laura lee vlogs if you haven’t subscribe to that channel subscribe i bought a beauty one this one was 50 bucks oh my gosh and it just came in this and Ty opened the side of it and Yeah, he peeked inside so he may know something’s inside i promise yall’s honor i did not peek inside this box So I don’t know what’s in it so we’re gonna open it in find out what’s inside and see these boxes are worth the while i mean they’re obviously Not all the same but That’s what we’re gonna do today okay i’m excited like what if there’s some good stuff in here that i need in my life there could be you never know so without further ado we’re gonna sing the subscribe song and then we’re gonna jump right into this video Be sure and subscribe to her channel before you leave subscribe now let’s jump right into the video. *Music Playing* Tab’s already popped oh my god it’s like, look guys it’s like fill to the top Oops we lost something okay shall we begin the first item i am pulling out I don’t know what this is and oh it’s a it’s a head wrap it’s a head wrap like this Workout girl and then you also got a little twist tie to hold your Hair back while you’re doing makeup which i will actually use that and i think that that one’s kind of simple but cute you get some hyaluronic acid it Is an aloe oh it’s an eye cream with hyaluronic acid in it i am not familiar with this brand i will try to look it up and see It’s any good or any reviews then we got some more randoms korean red ginseng pure extract road to health what is this i mean i’m still in the mystery phase cuz i still don’t know what these products Exactly are or do let’s open it up 100% pure extract oh it’s in the little glass jar let’s give this sniff aru’s e; There is a protect seal looks like caca oh stinks okay i won’t use that probably oh my gosh i just pulled out oh this is cool electronic foot file. This is kinda cute. I like it okay it comes with a charger the cover a cleaning brush and then? The roller so basically it is a brush to clean the dead skin off your feet oh it’s rough Like it’s super rough wow i’m assuming it takes batteries but we’ll turn it on to give it *Foot Scrub makes noises* Girl you already know! wow look at that i like it yeah girl okay I think big batteries are included in it oh my gosh okay that’s cool and it comes with oh? it’s charged no, her so there’s no battery so it’s already charged and it comes with the two rollers I like it next we got some O from the body shop which is a brand that i’m aware of some vitamin e Moisturizing cream maybe we can put these on my put this on my tootsies oh there’s revlon in here okay i have this already? But it is a revlon mascara and it’s still in its package so that’s cool so it looks like we got from origins which is a brand i’m aware of but it this just box looks old but that’s just me i don’t know that it is actually old but it says it is a mix mixing mask a hydrating one and like a clay mask so you mix them together let’s open it up shall we clear an improvement one is activated charcoal to clear pores and other is an overnight skiin Quenching mask oh look you get two of them that’s nice origins is a nice and brand and i will use this so that’s cool so hydrating i like that next up we got a doll a beauty liquid matte lipstick it is this maroon shade right here Mystery box have any of you guys ever done a mystery box okay not, so bad oh Its a little streaky but it’s not that bad nothing nothing crazy So that is our lip color from doll of beauty this is in the shade “Joy” and then we got oh a buck cream this box is all about scaly feet oh my gosh i wear socks every day and like i don’t know if that helps that my feet are pretty pretty soft as it is but now, i got some foot stuff so i don’t really have like foot stuff but anyways i don’t know this brand you guys might know this brand But I’ll hold it up but and it’s a little bit dirty but that’s okay it conditions, rejuvenates, removes callused skin? It’s natural and clean wow callus remover so i think it’s cool they put this in the box see where it’s a little dirty but oh well it’s it’s closed or if it’s sealed? It’s sealed so we’re good we’re good but So you could probably maybe put this on your foot first and then use the scrubber which i think that that’s pretty cool so that’s That’s fair this is like the brand’s logo right there naturally thirty it’s the brand and you guys know this brand Maybe you guys tried this out cuz please let me know so i know like how to use it and what i mean there’s directions but you know I like to talk to my subscribers okay and the last thing in the box is from the body shop which again i know that brands this exciting and everything is sealed Which i liked that and i like the little foot scrubby that thing’s cute i want to look want To ebay like how much that’s worth maybe or like amazon or something i got this off ebay but We’ll see okay so this is a lip and cheek stain so it’s like a jelly in here Good jelly and then it’s stain so we’re gonna okay And the color is again it’s from the body shop this color is “01” alrighty you leave this on and then once you wipe it away yep Can you guys see that it’s stained? right there it’s pretty cool so it works interesting okay and that’s all that’s in my box okay review i Like the liquid lipstick i like the jelly i like the body cream Haven’t tried this but i’m interested the mascara i will try let’s open it up and oh! open it up so i can show you the wand on it it’s the big fluffy one i like that everything was sealed and I thought it was pretty cool okay and then we git the eye cream i didn’t open so let’s just open it up for you know
to have a peek at it i really like the foot callus remover oh it’s like fancy the Packaging if i do say so myself my godness! Eye Cream looks like a moisturizer like a thick nice and moisturizer so i like that feels good actually my try this out pretty excited about the only product really out of the whole entire box that i’m like Girl I just oh that smells weird anyways i’m just kind of like is this love the event let’s google it shall we obviously a foreign brand i don’t know oh apparently that is like a Root, of some sort and it’s just like pure root it says them, to dissolve one spoon Including package so you put it in hot or cold water for better taste girl is this food it boosts the immune System it’s a root They gave me a root okay i need you guys to tell me more about this because i’ve got food I think it’s supposed to make you pretty on the inside I don’t know i probably won’t try it i don’t know you guys can tell me what this is But yeah that’s it for this video hilarious thank you for watching if you guys want me to buy like a more expensive one like buy like a crazy expensive one and open it i think we could do it like that was fun Let me know in the comment section what you guys want to see i love you guys thank you so much for being here Watching this video was fun and funny actually i’m gonna smell this little cream to you oh it smells nice i really like this Hmm okay Yeah, i be sure and subscribe to my channel also i’m doing musically so my name is lauraadle on musically you haven’t added me you can easily add me you can see me lip-sync, some stuff, okay i love you guys and i will see you all in my next video Okay you know that wait okay i’ll go this way